The tires on the road,

kicking dirt up as we go.


Passing the Mississippi,

I feel like a fuckin hippie.

We arrive at Shangra La,

standing with open jaws.

Dancing, eating, slackline,

because here there's no time.


The tires on the road,

Makes time go so slow


There's a whole world to see,

as we come up on New York City.

buildings, babes, and booze,

get time to kick off our shoes

before we have to leave,

I have a plan, trust me.


The tires on the road, 

I hope one doesn't blow.


With passports in order,

we get to cross the border.

Canada is a hit,

and I mark it off our list.

Then I look to you and say,

"Well, where to next.. ey?"

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March, 11th 2015

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The ship sways but I pay no mind

from Trinidad to Cuba...

We sing songs and shanties,

but time just expands...

Like the cold water beneath our boots.

My mates will think of Anne Bonny

but I walways dream of mermaids...

Oh, how it would be...

To swim alive in Davy Jone's locker.

Her and I would have a goats jig,

and I would arise to the surface,

with a large toothless grin...

I would fire my mortars into the air,

and when the night closed in,

me and my hearties would celebrate...

By plundering vast ships,

and counting our loot.

Our prisioners in shackels

and our enemys as shark bait.

I will sail the Caribbean,

sea to bloody sea.

With flintlock in hand,

a pirates life for me.

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September 15th, 2014

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You know my past
all that i have done
but none of it matters
in the long run

you support my thoughts
as you hold my clenched hand
but im trying my best
to really understand

why the winter she..
takes everything away
rips my heart out
and leaves me to decay

but when your here
standing by my side
i cant help but smile
as my fears subside

you can make daisys grow
up between the cracks of snow
and you make the sun shine
like there is never night time

I cant be without you
my Mystery dear
because when Im with you
There is nothing to fear.

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November 22, 2011

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The room narrows,
It colapses around us.,
You are dressed too formalfor sleep.,
Your lips are so tempting,
When you lay on top of me.,
Your body sways and I close my eyes.,
I am calm.,
Our legs are tangled.,
I imagine us melting.,
Im moving through you,
and we become one person.,
Please just whisper,
Say that youll stay here,
Forever in this bed.,
Like a bittersweet lullaby.,
Im fragine without this,
and I need you so much.,

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September 21, 2011

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12 bucks


even a wise man could tell you lies.,
and you take it as such a big surprise..

tell me all the things you can.,
i will help you understand.,

im logical, but your strong...
im the brain and your the brawn.

you and I together could be,
everything they dont want to see.,

move forward, just keep moving.
you will see people slowly approving.,

sleep well, please sleep well.
because as far as i can tell,

im the one not sleeping,
as this nervousness is creeping.,

to ask a simple question.,
scared for rejection...

i will bet you 12 bucks,
that im pressing my luck.,

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July 5, 2011

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Remember Me


Remember me.,

When the waves crash along the shoreline.,

Remember me.,

When the moon shows its face.,

Remember me.,

When the flowers bloom in the spring.,

Remember me.,

When he says I love you.,

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November 30, 2010

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She doesn't know everything.,
But she knows about the moon and stars.,
Shes scared of the boogieman.,
The dark and driving.,
But not of living.,
Dealing and losing.,
Her clumsiness is cute.,
Her smile is beautiful.,
And the things she tells me.,
I believe every word.,

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December 30, 2010

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Will you?


Will you think of me,
When the moon is full?
Will you comfort me,
When I am left all alone?
Will you come back to me,
When you are all done?
Will you stop me,
Before I run?

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December 03, 2010

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I have no understanding what so ever.,

My thoughts are simple.,

My words are pointless.,

It's all lies.,

But my eyes scream the truth.,

Oh, Wont you look into them.,

For just a second.,

Before you turn away.,

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December 03, 2010

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