Children Know Things

There are certain things
That all children know -
Flowers bloom in spring
When all the birds sing
The sun helps things grow
And melts the fresh snow
Rain washes things clean
And helps with gardening
The good times - playing
And bed time for praying
The very best balloons
Big ‘n round as full moons
And without any strings
Moving as the wind blows
Yep - children know things
Like - don’t step on toes
The moon is Swiss cheese
Leprechauns wear green
And all angels have wings
Yep – children know things

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Here I stand, Statues


I see,


I watch.


I hear,


I listen.


I sniff,


I smell.


I stay,


I stand.




This is the life I live,


I do not move and I do not talk,


Yet I know more about this world


Than you could ever imagine.




I’ve seen heartbreak and despair,


I’ve seen love and rejoice.


But most of all I have seen you,


All of you walking by,


Living your busy lives,


Doing your busy things,


Never stopping to say hi.




It is okay,


I am not offended,


Although I would like to be noticed,


I am fine just being here,









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A Breeze of Memory

A graveyard of dead trees

Fallen leaves of vast red and orange seas

Squirrels scurry before winter strikes

As children play while others pass on bikes


harmony of the trees an the wind come together and sing

As a bird chirps then stops to clean it's wing

Children shrieking and screaming as they play

Angry armies of cars roar past, then fly away


Memories start of when I was a kid

Only broken away by time an what it did

Sitting still only in question

Of who I am and to what is my impression


I laughed . . . I played here

I was happy unknown of fear

But then reality again breaks memory's connection

Only to be lost again, still unknown of my reflection


Author's Notes/Comments: 

annnd, here you have yet another class assignment that I did way back.




Watching you

watching me

Bathed in a shaft

of perfect peppered sunshine

I always wanted an hero

 who was only mine

The heavens were kind to me

 you came home



Written on

January 4, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Eli (Seven). It didnt last but it still was for him.

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