Monthly Archive for August 2007

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
One Day In Counting Poem babe1233 Acceptance Aug 1st
The Fight. Poem bendergender 1 Aug 1st
Downtown Poem booblack Aug 1st
Purging the Sneeze Poem RainerBukowski 1 Aug 1st
Perfect Square Poem cynosure 1 sadness Aug 1st
For Annie Poem fighter4life friendship Aug 1st
If I Don't Speak Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Vanished Forever? Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Im not here Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Rip Out The Truth Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
I Could Have Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Havent Found My Cure Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Just A Joke Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
No Matter How Hard I Try Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
The Brightest Star Poem gothic_fairy_ 1 Aug 1st
Her Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Do You? Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
I Still Love You Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
I will always stand Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
What Its Worth Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
The Only Difference Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Forget You Never Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Oblivious Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Do You Know? Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Long Road Poem gothic_fairy_ Addiction Aug 1st
Fear Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
If I Was Not Me Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
Still Not Over You Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
My Goodbye Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
A dream that will never come true Poem gothic_fairy_ Aug 1st
What I am not Poem gothic_fairy_ Pain/Sorrow Aug 1st
pangs Poem grahf Aug 1st
When the storm gets loud Poem grahf Aug 1st
Spring of Winter Day (Revised) Poem greenmeadow 2 Nature/Environment Aug 1st
Spring In Winter Day Poem greenmeadow Nature/Environment Aug 1st
UNSPOKEN Poem Shellysweetness Aug 1st
i HAD NO ONE Poem Shellysweetness Aug 1st
MENTAL HOSPiTAL Poem Shellysweetness Aug 1st
Hasser Poem jgupta Commentary Aug 1st
Freundschaft Poem jgupta friendship Aug 1st
Pretty Things Poem life_used_to_be... 3 Aug 1st
Out of contexts Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 1st
Happy birthday Daphne! Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 1st
Stalker and Stalkee Poem peculiar_poet 1 Comedy/Humor Aug 1st
Bumble Bee Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Aug 1st
Petrified Poem strangelittleboy Aug 1st
Fear Poem xvrainvx Aug 1st
سامحني Poem yaramo Aug 1st
Got To Go Poem amazingmrdonut 1 Anger NonViolent Aug 2nd
Mommy Poem babe1233 Being Loved Aug 2nd
Aringadingdingdingtingwingbing, beep. Poem bendergender 4 Aug 2nd
Ode To Reed - Dad's Guide to Life Poem buchanac family Aug 2nd
The Garden Poem RainerBukowski 1 Aug 2nd
Bryant's has Burned Down Poem RainerBukowski 2 Aug 2nd
Proud Rain Scream Poem RainerBukowski Aug 2nd
The Winter Heat 1981 Poem RainerBukowski 1 Aug 2nd
Rain Poem faerie_ophelia Other Aug 2nd
Distance Poem geministar Haiku Aug 2nd
She Smiled! Poem geministar 1 Imagery Aug 2nd
The Pursuit of Happiness Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 2nd
Excuses Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 2nd
Love Life 102 [My Search Is Over] Poem iceblocker2003 Aug 2nd
A Moments Realization Poem indigo_kid007 Aug 2nd
I'm Here Poem indigo_kid007 1 Aug 2nd
*Uxoricide Poem kyoksil CRIME, death, Murder Aug 2nd
Serial Poem kyoksil Aug 2nd
Dead Man Poem life_used_to_be... Aug 2nd
THROUGH THE VEIL OF ASSOCIATION Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 2nd
THE PRESENT Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 2nd
THE LORD'S LIVING LANDSCAPE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 2nd
REJUVENATION Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 2nd
REVAMPING HAPPINESS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 2nd
I'm Eric Cartman's father Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Aug 2nd
to know Poem still_singing Aug 2nd
Every Good Thing Poem tullia_mays family Aug 2nd
Holy Spirit Poem unseen_treasure Aug 2nd
Oh Poor Me! Poem unseen_treasure Aug 2nd
It Was Me Poem unseen_treasure Aug 2nd
The Wall Poem unseen_treasure Aug 2nd
Tears Poem unseen_treasure Aug 2nd
Wouldn't I Poem unseen_treasure Aug 2nd
Instant Message Poem unseen_treasure 1 Aug 2nd
Palladium Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 3rd
CRYING ON THE INSIDE Poem archipelago_soul Aug 3rd
The Sweetest Monster You'll Ever Know Poem cozzy20000 Aug 3rd
The Love You've Shown Poem Bluecordpoet Lost love Aug 3rd
wild kiss like your flower Poem gemboy 1 Sensualality Aug 3rd
Baby Oil Poem geministar 2 Fantasies Aug 3rd
An Autistic Smile Poem grahf Aug 3rd
True Love (In My Own Definition) Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Aug 3rd
poem_183_To_Adoor Poem h1s4k0 Abstract Aug 3rd
poem_182_Like_Velvet_Chocolate Poem h1s4k0 Addiction Aug 3rd
Children of Innocence Poem humanpulse Aug 3rd
A Seedling's Discourse Poem angeljerlin 1 Being Loved Aug 3rd
An Ode to Trouble Poem lostblonde72 Pets/Animals Aug 3rd
Rush Poem lovenbloved Aug 3rd
When Time Halts Poem DarkStatic Bizarre Aug 3rd
The Dawning Light Poem DarkStatic Awakening Aug 3rd
My thoughts are with you Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 3rd
I thought it was going to be Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 3rd
I voted against Phil Bredesen Poem randyjohnson Political Aug 3rd
Band Jam Melee Melody Poem Sivus Abstract Aug 3rd
The Valley Poem soulive2213 Aug 3rd
The Victim Poem soulive2213 Aug 3rd
Joe Poem soulive2213 Aug 3rd
Pretty Weapons Poem soulive2213 Aug 3rd
Pillars of Faith Poem soulive2213 Aug 3rd
Out Of The Box Poem strangelittleboy Aug 3rd
Age of Grace Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 3rd
I keep thinking Poem yardesspoetess Breaking Up Aug 3rd
Every Time You Need Me (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave 1 Aug 4th
Ignorance Is Not Wisdom! Poem bluewave 1 Aug 4th
Hanabi (Fireworks) [Music Lyrics] Poem bluewave 1 Aug 4th
'Til The End Poem calculigirl03 Aug 4th
Always Us Poem calculigirl03 Aug 4th
Never Let You Go Poem exquisite_dysfu... Aug 4th
summer plums Poem gemboy Lust Aug 4th
Split Personality Poem Briana518 Aug 4th
The world at this Moment - My observations Poem lostblonde72 Political Aug 4th
time. Poem lovenbloved Aug 4th
His final breath Poem randyjohnson sadness Aug 4th
Gardian Angel Poem snickers0079p Aug 4th
Martrys of Freedom Poem soulive2213 Aug 4th
The New Wave Inferno Poem soulive2213 Aug 4th
not how Poem thecrazypalekid 1 Aug 4th
As much as I love you Poem thecrazypalekid Aug 4th
Heaven And Hell Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 4th
Death Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Looking Upon Myself Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Sacrifice of Life Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
He is Like the Ocean Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
It's Over Now Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Changing Quickly Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Choosing Between Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Seeing the Future Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Their First Kiss Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Dreams I Don't Want Poem wolfangel87 Aug 4th
Addicition Poem digital_sunrise Addiction Aug 5th
A Man Poem digital_sunrise death Aug 5th
City in Flames Poem digital_sunrise 1 Hate Aug 5th
IS THIS LOVE? Poem emmenay 1 love Aug 5th
Business of Love Poem jgupta 1 love Aug 5th
for ferlinghetti Poem moltarlava Aug 5th
Untitled -- 8.5.2007 Poem nighthawk21 Aug 5th
THE SILENT WAR Poem Poeticallyloved 2 Abuse Aug 5th
Hope Poem rottie155 Hope Aug 5th
Invisible Wounds Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
The Farm Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Moments in the Middle Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Scapegoats Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
I Am Bridge Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
The Maiden of Social Dominoes Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
The Actor Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Born to Soon Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
The Infinate Rerun Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Envy Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Scavenger of Memories Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Popular Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Nicotine Air Poem soulive2213 Aug 5th
Are We Doing Our Best? Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 5th
Praise You Poem unseen_treasure Aug 5th
A Cold Hearted Bitch Poem wookie_eeyore Aug 5th
"THANK YOU" Poem anthony28 1 family Aug 6th
THE PLAYGROUND OF A LONELY CHILD Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
the happy *high* Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
IN THE WAKE OF HEARTBREAK Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
A SIMPLE REQUEST Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT NEED TO HEAR IT (my eternal war) Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
Cotton Candy Cloud Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
BROKEN WINGS Poem archipelago_soul Aug 6th
I'LL BE HOME Poem chris Song Lyrics Aug 6th
Popiphany book of lyrics Poem coldaugust Aug 6th
Goodnight Poem digital_sunrise Addiction Aug 6th
my name in a poem Poem evilone confusion Aug 6th
Maria's Death Scene Poem faerie_ophelia Plays Aug 6th
artesian Poem gemboy Word Play Aug 6th
You're not fit to wear that badge Poem randyjohnson Other Aug 6th
You're not invited yet Poem ruth_x_less Aug 6th
Hole in the Fence Poem van Aug 6th
A History's Story Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Happily Never Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
No Trust to Find Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Desolate Soul Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
I Can Wait Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Eternal Nightmare Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Want of Escape Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
The Coming of Spring Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
My Knight Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
I Can't Believe Your Not Returning Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Fate of Death Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Nothing is Right Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
My Fantasy Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Living Regrets Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Abandoned Hope Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 6th
Seeing Your Future Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Seeing Your Dreams Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
A Life Springs Forth Poem wolfangel87 Aug 6th
Crap Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Aug 7th
Suicidal Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 7th
Working for crumbs Poem grahf Aug 7th
poem_184_Buddha Poem h1s4k0 Spirituality Aug 7th
How Can You Be So Sure Poem jpstheophany Spirituality Aug 7th
ENCOURAGEMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 7th
GOD'S GHOST Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 7th
IN SHAKESPEARIAN TONGUE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 7th
JUST ONE SOMEONE Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 7th
THE CATCH 22 LIMBO Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 7th
THE BRITTLE TRUTH Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 7th
Hedgehog's Prayer Poem poetatheart Aug 7th
Snoop Poem poetatheart Aug 7th
Joy From Above Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 7th
Refusing, Needing Running Poem wishful_thinking Aug 7th
أنا التائهة Poem yaramo Aug 7th
ALL I WANTED Poem archipelago_soul Aug 8th
Pure Bliss Poem cam Being Loved Aug 8th
Balance Poem cynosure 1 Human Nature Aug 8th
Sometimes 7-8-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Aug 8th
Break out 4-3-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 1 Aug 8th
Another day goes by 5-24-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Aug 8th
December Card 12-13-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Aug 8th
World so cold 3-4-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Aug 8th
Never noticed till gone 4-23-04 Poem Deathscompanion8 Aug 8th
Recovering Drug Addict Poem ghostwriter_1900 Aug 8th
Untitled -- 8.7.2007 Poem justfortoday Individuality Aug 8th
Unbalanced Poem misschickeypom Aug 8th
scott Poem nighthawk21 Aug 8th
Demons chasing Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 8th
Nothing’s ever good enough Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 8th
I Have Found YOU Oh My Rock!!! Poem prboggs 1 Aug 8th
Who Can I Run To Besides YOU Oh Lord??? Poem prboggs Spirituality Aug 8th
Apple pie Poem randyjohnson Food Aug 8th
True Love Part 2 Poem sammiiboo love Aug 8th
A ONE-TIME WONDROUS VISION Poem trivking64 Soul mates Aug 8th
HEADS YOU WIN,TAILS I LOSE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Aug 8th
Morning Praise Poem unseen_treasure Aug 8th
Coffee Poem unseen_treasure Aug 8th
Hole in the Fence 2 Poem van Aug 8th
One God Poem wisdomscry Aug 8th
Father Poem wisdomscry Aug 8th
Rhode Island Wishes Poem amazingmrdonut love Aug 9th
Pyre of the Saints Poem Juliet8 Aug 9th
Sweet Seduction Poem geministar 1 Lust Aug 9th
Let Me ...My Story of the Creation Poem greenmeadow Nature/Environment Aug 9th
YOUR TWO FACED Poem Shellysweetness Aug 9th
I Just Wanted You To Know Poem joelcarter_86 Aug 9th
Hope Poem kyoksil Aug 9th
i think... Poem LosingMyself Aug 9th
love Poem mfernau Aug 9th
Constant Playing Movie Poem mfernau 1 Aug 9th