The Infinate Rerun

Expect everything to be a rerun.

Never new as if born into syndication.

Watching the characters create

Fabricated paths for us day to day,

Never questioning,

No longer docile, weighed down.

This is out pain and we love it.

We follow a leader full of it.

Saluting the leeches of law

For stripping us naked.

Revealing out limp dicks,

Our flabby pussies, the beer

Bellies and wrinkled tits.

Crude lies deserve crude

Truths I say.

This is out legacy and

The pendulums of time

Will only reveal more of the same.

We love our pain.

Without it the wrath of

Contentment might spread

Like a pestilence over the nation.

No longer will our breaths

Be calculated.

Our movements will be

Lacking motivation of the

Independent kind.

But such freedom will fail us

For we fear the key that will

Unlock our prisons.

We've become institutionalized.

Living within the invisible walls

For to long.

Fear brings pain and the cycle


So I say we love our pain.

A perfected marriage,

A war that never will begin.

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