is in the

balance of

a moment

I can’t control

three lives are

at a crossroads

which way

will it go?

madman behind

the wheel to

him red lights

a mere suggestion

at least that’s

how it seemed

The good

always punished

the evil they

get all the luck

rewarded for

stupidity oh

Darwin make

amends no longer

survival of the

fittest, for

intellect now’s

frowned upon

you’ll never be

a rich man with

one of them

Loss of our

humanity it

never stood a

chance greed

power and property

devil’s got the


intelligent design

now there’s a

w m d

climate change

no matter

look now who

is breeding

future has

been lost

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Timothy Christopher's picture

it's good. just so choppy it is almost unreadable.
work on spacing and punctuation a bit. otherwise
great work. "intelligent design
now there’s a
w m d" is the best line ever.