Silent no more

Silent no more

By JFarrell


All my life

I have been silent

I stutter,

People have always ridiculed me,

Talked over me

Finished my sentences for me;

Made me insignificant,



No more!

No-one has to listen to anything I say,

It makes no difference to me,

It’s not important;

But, I’m not staying silent any longer.

I will say what I want to say

I will shout if you try to silence me…

What gives you, or anyone, the right?


I give myself the right

To have a voice

To be heard

And if you don’t like

What I say

Or the way I say

Suck it up!

Shut your mouth

Show another human being respect.

All my life

You have treated me like you’re better than me;

You know what?

You ain’t!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am officially a biggob :)

Red Pill


The dawn of a night,

An eclipse of the sun.

Giant spectacles of power,

Here, where life has begun.


There's a hum to the world,

You can only feel in your heart.

An understanding and knowledge,

That will set you apart.


A drive to fulfill,

To learn all you can.

The mysterious, the unexplained,

Secrets hidden by man.


Like ashes of cloud burst,

Falling thick in your hands,

Lies the power of all heaven,

Made manifest in this land.


As night slowly lifts

The crow, on the hour

Comes the tempest, the winds,

Held tight by your power.

To unleash the unknown,

To set fevers a fire;

A revolution has come,

Our world, much too dire.


This calling resounds,

To those with the will

To come out of the shadows,

To take that Red Pill.


Like a beacon of light,

Drowned in a tempest's wild holler,

It seems almost hopeless,

Why should we bother?


I don't know about you,

But for myself, I'll agree

Sometimes it's easier,

To pretend you don't see.


But eyes be blind,

While ears don't hear.

Heart's can't lie,

And the mind breeds fear. 


I hold out my hands,

I put the call out.

Will I hear a reply?

I know without doubt.






I see the forebodeing coast
This storm is one i've seen coming longer than most
It will be a shock
The plot will manifest and soon the clock may stop
But not for us
Just the thought is ridiculous
They are the few, We are the many
How many willing hearts?
I see many
But no matter how challenging or slippery the steep
No matter how cold or warm the water's inner most deep
We are no longer afraid and asleep
Awaken we have
The Lion finally refuseing the path
We can see that
We're it leads
Its so shocking its almost funny
Killing one another over un-backed money
This Control System must end
It will
It has a finite life
Real life never ends
It doesnt need to hide or lie in order to pretend
It simply lives, breathes, and plays with anything it sees
Regardless of the quiet vices that hold us in subtlety
We are unique, wild, beautiful and free
The time is right to take it back
Thats what sounds good to me
But before I close my eyes and wait
For the gorgeous mystery of my dreamscape;
Just know its never too late
To take the eggshell of fear and give it a break
Literally of course is the course
Typing and speaking until my skin coarse and voice hoarse
Imprisonment or freedom?
We have the power
The choice is yours

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the night may have
a thousand eyes
all i need is one
and it can see
right through you
to the damage you have done ...

so tuck it in and hide away
if you think it'll
save your shame
but i can see
right through you
things will never be the same.

at times i've felt
i had no choice
but to listen to your lies
i can see so
clearly now
why do you seem surprised?

time has not been
kind to you
but now that i am wise
the layers fade to
shades of blue
and i see through your disguise ...

the night may have
a thousand eyes
all i need is one
and it can see
right through you
to the damage you have done ...

so tuck it in and hide away
if you think it'll
save your shame
but i can see
right through you
things will never be the same.

© Debbie Finlay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote parts of this a couple of years ago, but - as I often do! - thought it would be better with a little something else added in ... and maybe a little something taken away.

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Awaken Anew

Embrace this undying feeling in my heart,
to demolish this piece of picture perfect art,
to end a story without no start,
to ignore the distance that kept us apart,
to resist the force that links me to you,
to live in sin, rather than virtue,
to turn away from the bond that grew,
to not listen to your whispers of the wind that blew,
to start a life and awaken anew.

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Yestderday's News

Many doors shut loudly,
road blocks at every corner,
that path is ending.

Wrong decisions now ring bells,
right ones chime no angry tones,
a pendulum has been created.

Before, anything or anyone,
the holy one is contacted,
his power is supreme ruler.

Only love will reside in my heart,
hate and anger push it away,
no more lessons are necessary.

Having walked in the desert thirsty,
lost and alone for years,
seeking truth hidden in the ascetic records.

A powerful revelation has been revealed,
thoughts created our reality,
our words relay messages.

When doomsday arrives,
devastation shall be visible,
so I am creating heaven on earth.

Our deeds recorded in the hall of knowledge,
pure hearts showing wisdom to seek earnestly,
give up any earthly bondage and deny illusion.

This is all pretend and just a game,
the key is knowing how to play it,
hit a home run and move up the ladder.

Climb as high as possible in awareness,
push yourself to hear truth,
do not be deceived by the wicked one.

Time is drawing near as the clock ticks,
do you want to stay here and become a machine
or go home to the promised land?

Clones are now being made to replace you,
stand up for Jesus, love and heaven,
a paradise awaits all believers.

Save earth from being destroyed,
refuse to give into fear and hate,
let light shine within you.

The galaxy reaches out to every star,
soon we shall be able to astral travel,
a great awakening is coming.

Star wars is a moment away,
battle troops get out weapons,
mine is the refusal to deny truth.

Satan has had his day,
action plan placed in divine order,
get ready for Armageddon.

Keep the faith in a better life,
believe in the bible,
for every word is true.

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Cold Dawn

My Mahal



The skies are beaming changing hues,
     as daybreak triumphs over seas.
I savor watching the deeper blues,
      surrender free to morning peace.


A gentle breeze caress my eyes,
     then frozen tears begin to thaw.
 I smile as gladness start to rise,
     from the numb you've teased to withdraw.


Yesterday I heard dull laughters,
     from the hollow cheers inside my heart.
Today, colors, music, and tears,
     give life to joys that your beats shared.


New pigments suffuse my plain dawn,
      where gold alone tint my sunrise.
I welcome the cold I have not known,
      because I once felt heat from ice.



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My Story

Listen to the story I have to tell, I don't even know where to begin.
All I have left is this body filled with pain. When the broken thoughts of sanity
fell like rain onto my face.

I don't want to go on alone, I cant stop but to think of you.
Will this pain ever go away. I wake up and my soul is gone.

I'm trapped within a broken mirror, trying to put myself back together again.
As shallow hearts take their place among me, oh why must it be this way.

Now the story ends with your hands in your face, the further we get
the more you blame yourself. For letting go of me, to bad it's to late.


the whole world seems to be so blind
when justice is a dollar sign
and lies that flow through evil lips
do not speak the truth ~

when it's our gods that will collide
take your side and i will keep mine
while we both have solid proof
that neither should  be here ~

the lines that you so loosely speak
will soon be met with disbelief
by those you had hoped to sway
to see things as you do ~

so while you're on that downward slide
falling hard on all those lies
and no one stops to lend a hand ...
you'll know they've found the truth.

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