Martrys of Freedom

I've never met you

But I can taste your blood.

Feel your burnt skin.

I want to know your pain.

I am not form your tribe

But this tragedy is universal.

Did you hear the roar?

Was there enough time to see

The nose of that beast?

Was there time to pray?

Like how we pray for you now.

Many wish they could be with you

Or at least switch places.

These are noble thoughts

But I'm sure you would reject

Such foolish notions and thoughts.

You know you have no choice.

It was just a bet lost

By the gamblers of the cosmos

And your time was up.

But others will continue the crusade

To make you a martyr

For this new war.

While you probably just wish

You had been sick that day

Or that you woke up late.

Any one of those would have done.

You will never understand my actions

Nor will you accept my prayers.

I'm your demon, your boogeyman.

I hide within your land.

And yet I'm flesh and blood

But nothing but monster to you.

You will never hear my tribulations.

My people have been here

Since the dawn of mankind.

And yet respect is lacking

Because my people are backwards.

Involents of the present.

All because my beliefs are not yours.

My country, my beloved people

Have seen such atrocities

By the hand of those not born here.

The people of this world

Are in need of out resources.

So much so they become feral.

Starving mongrel dogs.

Our leaders fall to their knees

In the wake of your politics.

So when you ask yourself

Why we have done what we did?

Know that this did not have to happen.

In the words of your book

"Love thigh neighbor".

And yet you've shown none to us.

So when a man sees nothing

But the enemy in front of him

And the ever present wall behind;

Know that I did not want this.

This could have been avoided.

In my death a hundred will rise.

I will know then

My sacrifices were true and just.

My people will rise again.

And the dust sprung free by

Marching feet will block out the sun

And clog the world's throat.

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