The Maiden of Social Dominoes

One slip from this fractured

Mind and the social dominoes

Will fall.

One after another, colliding

Memories into each other

Until they all blended into

One cataclysmic mess.

The ashes will settle leaving

The synaptic survivors to wallow

In a disconnected abyss

Of self-contaminated bereavement.

The fallout will be the slow

Decent into personal madness.

The past will pass and shatter

Like a fine china, becoming

Fairy-taled fragments.

And she will watch feeding

The decline with venomous paws.

She will glide though stagnant air

Like a ghost

Haunting this tenant

With her selfish mouth.

Spreading fake pity down his belly.

Carcinogen candies filled with

A sharp bite of make-believe


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