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Huxley, Iowa, USA

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Drumming, Sound Design and Sound Tech work for Theatres and Concerts, writing songs...which is mostly what this site consists of...sleeping is important, and spending time with friends and the love of my life!

I am Joel, I live up in Iowa in the middle of a whole lot of corn fields. I love writing songs, most of them sad because that is how I, like you, release anger or frustrations. I hate liars and I hate cheaters. I love cheese, playing the drums, and living life to it's fullest! Life seems to be going my way now days, although my poems may tell you different. Don't take all of them to heart...I love to use metaphors and I always make references to things that have happened in the past, so please don't take every word I say for how it is...there is usually so much more to it than that.

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Deep dark hole with swirly brown hair...mysteries lie inny..

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''You never know how far you can go...until you try going too far...''


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