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Katy/Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

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Writing, poetry, singing, music, dancing, computers, movies, gore, blood, leather, motorcycles, basses (deep sounds), insturments, learning, science, Sci-Fi, meeting new people, freaking out people, playing pool, playing poker, trying new things. =)

Hmm... Im half-Okinawan and half-Caucasian(Cherokee mix). Bi-sexual, polyamorous, lover of life and music and simple and finer things. I'm open-minded with ANYTHING.

I play nine different instruments -

ELECTRIC: bass, violin, guitar, keyboard
ACCOUSTIC: violin, guitar, taiko, fue, ukulele

What else can I put in here... Well if you have any other questions...

YIM: h1s4k0
AIM: m3d1c4l 3x4m1n3r
MSN(also e-mail):kosen_rufu_email@hotmail.com
SKYPE: h1s4k0

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Clean... there... once upon a time nutritious

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The price of a writer is high; you must sell your heart and soul ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


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