Monthly Archive for September 2002

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
When I Feel You Poem cuddledumplin love Sep 1st
The Courage To Go On Poem asianaggie2001 Poetry/Writing Sep 1st
Thoughts Have Wings Poem cuddledumplin 1 dreams Sep 1st
{Empty title} Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 1st
The Dabbler Poem aspiringangel 3 Sep 1st
2 Poem Nicole.J.Burgess Sep 1st
secret hidden piano(underlined) Poem oh_so_odd Sep 1st
Madelynne Poem chubbsmahone 1 Sep 1st
3 Poem Nicole.J.Burgess Sep 1st
1 Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 1st
The "Almost" perfect Poem Poem imager Sep 1st
I Broke My Arm, You Broke My Heart Poem maybethepoet 3 Pain/Sorrow Sep 1st
Mama's Boy Poem synonymtwist Angels Sep 1st
I Wish I Was An Artist Poem maybethepoet 1 Sep 1st
If I Could Just Be A Fucking Asshole Poem maybethepoet 2 Sep 1st
Free to be Poem phil_carcione Nature/Environment Sep 1st
no's SUPERVISOR !!!! Poem ubis13 Sep 1st
Just Stop Poem missmichelle 2 Sep 1st
God Sleeps With One Eye Open Poem cuddledumplin Spirituality Sep 1st
sapphire Poem vilbe 2 Sep 1st
The King Poem phil_carcione Tributes/Odes Sep 1st
Too Many Emotions Poem maybethepoet 1 Pain/Sorrow Sep 1st
Eyes of Pain Poem maybethepoet Sep 1st
SUCCESS IS... Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Sep 1st
"On The Run" Poem ubis13 1 Song Lyrics Sep 1st
IT HURTS. Poem thaheem 2 Dark Love Sep 2nd
Caitlin(8-23-02) Poem branbran Sep 2nd
To Cat (8-29-02) Poem branbran Sep 2nd
Apology (Part 2) Poem thapoet Sep 2nd
To Caitlin (9-1-02) Poem branbran Sep 2nd
To Caitlin2 (8-29-02) Poem branbran Sep 2nd
Paw Paw's Barn Poem onelilartist 3 Sep 2nd
I Dare You Poem thatgirlfromphilly Sexual Sep 2nd
A Red, Red Rose Poem thaheem 1 Dark Love Sep 2nd
THE FAIR Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 2nd
joker Poem gemboy Poetry/Writing Sep 2nd
the 10 years i have been attracted to you is so small in time Poem gemboy 1 Poetry/Writing Sep 2nd
The Rain Poem starlite Sep 2nd
Phenomenon Poem dragon 1 Beauty Sep 2nd
Finished Symphony? Poem dragon 1 Existence Sep 2nd
Soul Riders Poem dragon 1 Addiction Sep 2nd
Don't Let It Stop Poem dragon 1 Being Loved Sep 2nd
We are the Unsung Heroes Poem hhickson 4 Tributes/Odes Sep 2nd
Your heart beat Poem sweetiepeachy 1 Sep 2nd
How Frindship becomes love (spanish) Poem zoyara 2 Fate/Destiny Sep 2nd
and the winter marches on Poem ubis13 1 Seasons Sep 2nd
Burning Poem ubis13 3 Sep 2nd
Betrayal & Revenge Poem anothersquirrel 1 Sep 2nd
4 Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 2nd
5 Poem Nicole.J.Burgess Sep 2nd
Serious Poem ubis13 Apathy Sep 2nd
Only You Poem bitgit love Sep 2nd
Without You Poem twilight_stranger 2 Loneliness Sep 2nd
Vigil Poem bitgit love Sep 2nd
Because Poem bitgit 1 love Sep 2nd
Haiku--DECAPITATED HEAD IV Poem pangan_l_l dreams Sep 3rd
Haiku--DECAPITATED HEAD III Poem pangan_l_l inspiration Sep 3rd
د.مصطفى عوض الكريم : أنا ذاك Poem sudan Strength/Courage Sep 3rd
LESSER THAN ZERO Poem pangan_l_l Cancer/Illness Sep 3rd
مصطفي سند : الكمنجات الضائعة Poem sudan 1 Comedy/Humor Sep 3rd
Still Not Over You Poem teresa 1 Depression Sep 3rd
Tarot Reading Poem teresa 2 Sep 3rd
Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Icecream Poem teresa 2 Sep 3rd
LITTLE BRAINS Poem pangan_l_l Children Sep 3rd
BEWILDERED Poem pangan_l_l Bizarre Sep 3rd
Haiku--DECAPITATED HEAD I Poem pangan_l_l 1 Fate/Destiny Sep 3rd
Haiku--DECAPITATED HEAD II Poem pangan_l_l Betrayal Sep 3rd
Fathers Day Poem atspro 1 family Sep 3rd
A SLIT IN BETWEEN Poem pangan_l_l 1 Lust Sep 3rd
This Time Around Poem asianaggie2001 Poetry/Writing Sep 3rd
Gone Poem suzy86 Goodbye Sep 3rd
Love,Lust & Death Poem giajl marriage Sep 3rd
Cardinals Poem onelilartist 1 Sep 3rd
Beliefs of a Troubled Mind Poem hatter 1 Sep 3rd
HIDE AND SEEK Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 3rd
THE SWING Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 3rd
أزهري محمد علي :وضاحة Poem sudan Addiction Sep 3rd
THE INHERITANCE Poem ladydp2000 Satire Sep 3rd
محمد المهدي المجذوب Poem sudan 1 Haiku Sep 3rd
صلاح أحمد ابراهيم - ليت لي ازْميل Poem sudan صلاح أحمد ابراهيم - ليت لي ازْميل Sep 3rd
Cyber Poem ubis13 Lust Sep 3rd
محمد مفتاح رجب الفيتورى : من أغانى أفريقيا Poem sudan Hope Sep 3rd
محى الدين فارس : لأول مره Poem sudan Happiness Sep 3rd
بدرالدين محمد دفع الله : سليمة بائعة اللبن Poem sudan Abuse Sep 3rd
التجاني يوسف بشير : قطرات من الندى رقراقه Poem sudan Haiku Sep 3rd
عصام عيسى رجب : الخـروج قبـلَ الأخيـر Poem sudan Tributes/Odes Sep 3rd
عالم عباس محمد نور : يوم أهلت سيدة اللوعة Poem sudan Pain/Sorrow Sep 3rd
Over Poem suzy86 2 Breaking Up Sep 3rd
شرق القلب Poem esmat11211 1 Sep 3rd
Workout Poem thatgirlfromphilly Sexual Sep 3rd
The Aftermath aka The Cigarette Poem thatgirlfromphilly Sexual Sep 3rd
obscure Poem raina_3 1 Sep 3rd
Fire Burns Within Poem hccgirl04 Sep 3rd
I'm An American Poem onelilartist 4 Sep 3rd
A Blessing Through You Poem thatgirlfromphilly inspiration Sep 3rd
My Du'a Poem thatgirlfromphilly inspiration Sep 3rd
Music Poem bitgit Music/Musician Sep 3rd
Statue of Liberty Lifejackets Poem saiom Sep 3rd
Why Do Caged Birds Sing? Poem hccgirl04 6 Sep 3rd
I Double Dare You Poem thatgirlfromphilly 1 Sexual Sep 3rd
Change Poem bitgit Lost love Sep 3rd
things fall apart Poem raina_3 1 Sep 3rd
The One That Got Away Poem onelilartist 4 Sep 3rd
Wonderland Poem hccgirl04 Sep 3rd
escape Poem raina_3 1 Sep 3rd
I WRITE A POEM Poem serene 1 Poetry/Writing Sep 4th
A Dream Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
Shattered Youth Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
"For the Man I Never Knew Who Taught Me to Know Myself" Poem DaddyO Peter McWilliams Sep 4th
Crystal Castles Poem abob1717 1 Sep 4th
To Hold Back Poem Mom2three 1 Hidden Love Sep 4th
A FRONT OF HOLY Poem pangan_l_l Cancer/Illness Sep 4th
Puzzle of Love Poem Mom2three 2 marriage Sep 4th
ADULT TALK Poem ladydp2000 2 Children Sep 4th
Friendly Things Poem Mom2three 1 friendship Sep 4th
Tonight, A Woman Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
INTERMINABLE DISAPPEARANCE Poem pangan_l_l death Sep 4th
Ending to a Never Beginning Poem starlite 1 Sep 4th
Donkerman Poem onelilartist 3 Sep 4th
The Dancing Flame Poem dragon 3 Fantasies Sep 4th
Alone Poem abob1717 1 Sep 4th
sleep? Poem ubis13 inspiration Sep 4th
Why Trust? Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
For Jacob With Love Poem aspiringangel 3 Sep 4th
Tribute to Floyd - nearly Haiku Poem bitgit love Sep 4th
Hoping, Not Expecting Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
Milkshakes and Dreams Poem abob1717 1 Sep 4th
What Is True Love Poem bitgit love Sep 4th
Once Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Sep 4th
MASTER OF THE AIR Poem terry Technology Sep 4th
OFFERINGS Poem terry Technology Sep 4th
*Sukdev* Poem poetvg 2 Sep 4th
Higher Calling Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
Hot Lap Heaven - senryu Poem bitgit Haiku Sep 4th
I want to feel love Poem biggie Sep 4th
Tears Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
Falling In... Poem abob1717 Sep 4th
FAIRYLAND Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 5th
BEAUTIFUL FAERIE Poem ladydp2000 1 Children Sep 5th
Bethlehem's Secret Poem onelilartist 1 Sep 5th
Ex Boyfriend Bashing Poem Mom2three 1 Breaking Up Sep 5th
Why? Poem hushbaby Sep 5th
Remember I Poem bitgit love Sep 5th
Big Dipper Poem hushbaby Sep 5th
George, Why? Poem bitgit 1 Political Sep 5th
Thoughts Between Screams Poem mythers choices Sep 5th
Anticipated Kiss Poem bitgit love Sep 5th
ماعشت حبا Poem khalidasmar Sep 5th
Threads Poem bitgit love Sep 5th
Bloom Of Peach Poem saiom 1 Sep 5th
Random Poems 65: Arrows From the Rainbow And Other Poems Poem saiom Sep 5th
* Poems Grace Poem saiom 1 Sep 5th
وأعدنا ربط الحصان Poem khalidasmar 1 Sep 5th
Untitled 26 Poem hushbaby 1 Sep 5th
APPLE PIE Poem pangan_l_l 1 Food Sep 6th
God will never reject me Poem nomes2riches Acceptance Sep 6th
Haiku--DECAPITATED HEAD VI Poem pangan_l_l Apathy Sep 6th
CONCENTRATED TACKS Poem pangan_l_l Dark Sep 6th
IRRATIONAL FEAR Poem pangan_l_l Hidden Love Sep 6th
TRANQUILIZER Poem pangan_l_l Insomnia/Restless Sep 6th
Haiku--DECAPITATED HEAD V Poem pangan_l_l In Memory Sep 6th
IRREPARABLE IN HELL Poem pangan_l_l Parenthood Sep 6th
Wingless Earthlings Poem saiom 1 Sep 6th
'Cos it always seems I've been so sad Poem kelvin_j_patterson Sep 6th
Urgent - my muse Poem kelvin_j_patterson Dark Sep 6th
From Raptor to Rapture Poem saiom Sep 6th
Distant Illusion*Published* journal and Carved in Sand Mag Poem mendy 2 Sep 6th
FLICKER OF THE LIGHT Poem pangan_l_l 1 Existence Sep 6th
WASTELAND Poem pangan_l_l Danger Sep 6th
The Truth of War Poem mendy 1 Sep 6th
Crying Poem leevmebe 1 sadness Sep 6th
Yucky Romance Story Poem twilight_stranger 1 love Sep 6th
PERSONIFICATION Poem pangan_l_l Poetry/Writing Sep 6th
Lancelot Rises Poem bitgit 1 love Sep 6th
Jasper O'Farrel's Poem stustaub Sep 6th
Affair *PUBLISHED* In Skywriting by Gryphon Creative Enterprises Poem mendy 2 Sep 6th
Lost Abortion Poem elliot_jordan2003 3 Decisions Sep 7th
poetry on napkins... Poem gemboy 1 Kiss/Kissing Sep 7th
fallen angel of mercy Poem gemboy Cancer/Illness Sep 7th
George's Will Poem saiom Sep 7th
bad buddha Poem gemboy religion Sep 7th
Interlectual Psycho Matic Fiend Poem elliot_jordan2003 1 death Sep 7th
Song For Lindsey Poem elliot_jordan2003 3 friendship Sep 7th
Fighting In The Eyes Of A Dead Soldier Poem elliot_jordan2003 2 War Sep 7th
Scars Poem elliot_jordan2003 3 Abuse Sep 7th
Subliminal Message Poem elliot_jordan2003 3 Speeches Sep 7th
On Eagle's Wings.. Not In His Rapacious Beak Poem saiom 1 Sep 7th
Suffering Poem the2ndepic1 Sep 7th
Changing Poem the2ndepic1 Sep 7th
should i? Poem oh_so_odd 2 Sep 7th
Last Mile Poem solpemachaco 1 Sep 7th
A Single Pink Rose Poem kenneth_ameigh 3 love Sep 7th
Freshmint kiss Poem bitgit 1 love Sep 7th
For Walter Poem stustaub 5 Abuse Sep 7th
YOU WERE BORN TO SHINE Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Sep 7th
Rewind Poem Mom2three 7 confusion Sep 7th
A poet... ( Under construction, unfinished) Poem Mom2three 2 Poetry/Writing Sep 7th
A PAINTER'S EGO Poem serene 3 Passion Sep 7th
SCENTED PATHWAYS Poem serene Soul mates Sep 7th
THE EVIL GOBLIN Poem ladydp2000 Sep 7th
UNREQUITED LOVE Poem serene 2 Pain/Sorrow Sep 7th
TO LEAVE YOU Poem serene 1 Bittersweet Sep 7th
nothing much but something Poem stustaub family Sep 7th
Alone Poem anothersquirrel 1 Sep 7th
September 6, 2002 Poem anothersquirrel Sep 7th
Justified Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 3 Lost love Sep 7th
The Hole I Dug Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 3 Abuse Sep 7th
`I wish` Poem mack619 Sep 7th
YOU ARE MY LOVE Poem ladydp2000 love Sep 7th
I Love You , I Love You Not Poem Mom2three 1 Lust Sep 7th
What I Needed Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 Life/Living Sep 7th
SELF-HELP Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 7th
-These Two Trees Poem kat 4 Sep 7th
أيها الشعراء الآتون Poem esmat11211 Sep 7th
العزلة خورخي لويس بورخيس Poem esmat11211 Sep 7th
take me Poem vilbe 1 Sep 8th
A Window To My World Poem onelilartist 3 Sep 8th
Are You Ready Poem phil_carcione Life/Living Sep 8th
Can you feel this? Poem poeticdevastation Dark Love Sep 8th
No Message Poem kat Sep 8th
Dead I Will Be Poem anothersquirrel 1 Sep 8th
Waiting for the Daisys Poem kat 1 Sep 8th
A Lesson In Life Poem twilight_stranger jealousy Sep 8th
-The Oasis Poem kat 2 Sep 8th
We Are Alive! [Remix] Poem dragon 1 Life/Living Sep 8th
Labels Poem dolphin 1 Depression Sep 8th
The bedroom of a student Poem dolphin School Sep 8th
The Song of Ana Poem dolphin 2 Change/Transition Sep 8th
Creatures, Rainbows, and a Penguin Poem dolphin family Sep 8th
How I Feel Poem casper06 2 Poetry/Writing Sep 8th
Introduction to Love Poem nirvana_owns 4 Sep 8th
All Of Me Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
DAVID THE GNOME Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 9th
Awakening Poem hccgirl04 1 Sep 9th
When I Talk To You Poem hccgirl04 1 Sep 9th
Velvet Thorns Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
Please, Don't Speak Poem hccgirl04 1 Sep 9th
All I Want Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
Walk Me Home Poem hccgirl04 1 Sep 9th
One More Time Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
At Hebrews 12:1 [About My Besetting Sin] Poem Starward Faith Sep 9th
To Find Me Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
Pen To Dagger Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
Broken Chains Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
A Silent Battle Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
Echoes Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
Child Of The Mind Poem hccgirl04 Sep 9th
T'WAS HALLOWEEN NIGHT Poem ladydp2000 Children Sep 9th
A Higher Fire Poem saiom 1 Sep 9th
Regarding Gaia Poem bitgit Prayer Sep 9th