Cumberland, Cumberland

Where have you gone, my friend

For progress, you were rearranged

Now, I wish that you could mend

The silent trains no longer run

Your streets were ripped apart

Strange places fill old spaces

Someone tore out your heart

Friends have moved or passed away

There remain so very few

The stores once chic on main streets

Are now unknown and new

The town as I once knew it

Has lost that familiar touch

It's sad to say my Cumberland

Is gone.....I miss it much

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cumberland, Maryland, just isn't what it used to be!

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Changes .

A common re-occurring universal theme

. Changes relates mostly to the balance of life.

through good and the bad .

The resistance .

Only done with the will of the thousands .

Yet can be done by a single body .

From just staying No, All the way to war of the nations .

Changes .

Let us live in the joy of change

for the good because without change

there will be no Evolve . No "getting better"

So let us rejoice in the pleasure of nostalgia .

Look forward .

Adapt and the changes through forth time .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Changes .

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Shadowed chrysalis

My Shadowed chrysalis is leaving a legacy under the lunar sky,

Stars where her only companion as i slept through change,

Cry's muffled out by silk and cocoon

I am but an insect trapped beneath the rotting wood,

Gazing upon her silhouette

Wishing for the wings of a moth

To chase and follow her into the open sky's

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Can A Broken Heart Still Love

Could this be love

Or am I just dreaming

I've been there before

These feelings can be deceiving

They say to jump in with both feet

But I'm afraid to go under

What if its too deep

Its hard not to wonder

I'm not sure I can love again

My heart is still weak

My walls are too tall

Not sure I can take that leap

I'd love to let you in

But I don't know where to start

Where to possibly begin

How to open up my heart

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One Step From Eden

This poem makes references to two of my other poems. It may help if you read these two first.

"Erebus and Hyperion"

"The Chains of Myself"


I forget
just how long
and just how far
I have journeyed
It matters not though
For I am here
Though tired and weary,
I have reached
my destination;
my own Eden,
filled with promise,
with hope, and life
And yet....
I stop
just for a moment
Slowly, I turn back
and I gaze upon
all the destruction,
the devastation,
and the filth
that blanket
the lifeless landscape
that is now before me
I exhale
a deep and heavy breath
For so many years,
this barren wasteland,
I called my home
I exiled myself
to remain here
in its decay
This land was
my punishment,
my prison,
and more than anything
this land was
of my own doing
I created this place
I, alone, crafted the wind
that blew fiercely
and with it, it carried
the potent stench of my
malicious demeanor
The sinister clouds
that circled above
violently stormed
rain, lightning, and thunder
The physical manifestation
of my manipulation
Infesting the landscape
are magniloquent trees
Of these trees;
each one arose
from a single seed
that began
as a single lie
but soon grew;
one lie branching off
into more twisted branches
composed of more lies
Crows by the thousands
fly from the treetops
feeding upon any
remorse and wickedness
that they may find
And for any that is left,
It is quickly torn apart
and viciously devoured
by the malevolent wolves
that diligently
scour the land
In the distance
A once strong and secure
fort, now lie in ruins
Brick and stone
scattered about like
leaves in the fall
What is left to still stand
is overgrown by
vines of deceit
And in the midst
of this chaos,
lies a body,
bloody, beaten,
face-down in mud
The lifeless carcass
is bound by iron chains
They wrap around the legs
the arms, the wrists,
the ankles, and the waist
Standing vigilantly above the corpse
is a shadow
Deep, dark, and powerful
The shadow stands secure
gazing upon me
watching me closely
It does not move
It does not chase
I stand where I am
one step from Eden
I stare into the shadow intently
and declare

- May 22 / 2010

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Since birth,

being set up for failure.


expecting me to fall.


me to lose it all.

Waiting on the sidelines

just for kicks.

My failure being their drug.

Hope they got their fix.

My head is held high.

Neither looking left,

nor right.


just in spite.

No need for revenge

or anger.

I'd rather you see me smile.

New lifestyle.

The worst revenge

is to succeed.

Now they follow

while I lead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you see whose just a spectator in your life, you need to remove them and be you. Succeed and watch as they fall.

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Blue Rook Spring

Tangling Twines and Rosebud bushes
through the forest, we keep on looking.
Searching for the image laid best upon my eyes,
grazing across by the blue rook spring

What I thought I saw, What I see in minds eye
A delicate image of a girl, only thighs high
By only reflection, I saw her glistening cry
tears slowly dripping into the blue crystal lie

I thought I saw my future laying there by the pool
a sort of distant memory yet to undo
The step I take disturbs her, she vacates her wooden stool
and like a whisper, dissipates, a memory I do accrue

I have to come see her, through the bushes and the vines
It's not enough to see her in the sands of memories' mind
She may not know the secret of being lost within her eyes
Love of a stranger, love of her that I am entwined.


The mob have seen a creature tumble into this abode
though clearly it's unbreakable, armored, slowed
They saw the heathen travel down the sprial road
Towards the Rook Spring, where my love was first bestowed

Passing pass the spring, I watch the dew glow,
just before it settles and feeds the grass below.
I walk toward the stump, it was damp and low
was she even real? This I need to know.

The rustling from the bushes excite me even more,
until the exceeds me to realise it was just a bore.
My heart feels heavy, butterflies and whats more,
the deafening shreek of the beast-creature's Roar.

Unsheathing my sword as one tear blesses the ground,
I headed back through the forest, I danced toward the sound.
He was scorned and defensive, the beast swung himself around,
For love's perpetual presence, to this destiny I was bound.

I lept up onto his stomach, slicing my sword through his arm,
balancing and maneuvering, in a manner I am calm
the mob tie up his legs, as I stay in the wake of his alarm
but in moment of glory, he bats me off no time to rearm

What's left of the struggle? when I come to.
a bandage a health drink, and a woman too.
A woman? yes her, as I lay in rook blue,
I can't believe she's tending to me, it feels so untrue.

Twenty-four years ago, I saw her by the spring.
Unknown the happiness each other would bring.
I banded 17 men, to help slay the beast-thing
Not a man survived, just the woman and the spring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

30March2010 13:10

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Moving Forward

It's time to let go

Of the little things

Travel a new road

The past was getting old

Had to move fast

before I grew too cold

What the future has to offer

Is beyond my control

I just hope for better

There's nothing left back there

I need to move forward

And get away from here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written Summer '06.

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An Observation

emotions on paper

With a moment of truth,

Comes a lifetime of silence,

Have I burned my bridges,

Cleared myself a path to no where,

Not knowingly taken away the light from my day,

With all hopes aside,

I still wish her by my side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes its better to just keep your mouth shut!!  Learn!!!

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