Lost Abortion

Teenage Chronicals

A child is formed not fully developed

His life is about to change

And he can't yell for help

His mother can't care for him

As so as she says

She doesn't relize

It gives her un born child pain

Oh they can't feel it everyone says

Once it is done she will regret what she did]

I can't stand it it makes me so sick

All these kids care about is sex

Not of the child there about to make see

It's just a lack a responsibility

They say use protection or a Birthcontrol

Pill If that doesn't work

you can have your un born child killed

Sick Minded i think it makes me so sick

Having to deal with abortion so quick

But don't take my opinion just chuck it out

The door don't you relize your bringing a

Child into our world

Get rid of abortion oh please as i say

It's a diffrent story if the person is raped

And thats why i want my opinion to stay

Abortion say no pro choice is not a question

It is an excuse just have the damn baby let

Him set loose once he is born he will

Remeber for all like almost having an

Abortion and making it his fault

As he grows up you know you made a good call

He will be running around having a ball.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had 3 friends get pregent and they all had an abortion because they didn't want the child and chose not to use protection. I hope this poem does not affend anyone in any way if it does i am sorry. No wait i don't because it's murder murder. Sincerely Elliot Bush

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Naomi Angeline's picture

i agree with this poem wholeheartedly...

Caleb Rentz's picture

it doesnt rhyme, i wrote a poem about abortion its probably not that great its actually a song i wrote called formally known as death go to my page and look at that and tell me if it was any good, great poem, thing, though it would be completely stunning if it rhymed more...


starlite_angel's picture

Babies havin babies.. it's really sad when people use abortion as birth control, if they didn't want the child, then they should have bagged it. Plain and simple. Nice, I like it.