What happens to the bird,

That the magician sets free?

None actually cares,

Whether it's caged afterward.


Blessed we are with destiny,

Utter the religions,

Soft as cotton, hard as steel,

But otherwise the notion is in certain human psyche.


As is kept the fads on the move by nature’s gulp of air,

Be it a busy leaf, an idle piece of paper,

Or the tiny dusts,

In the hands of fate mere puppets we are!


The thoughts soon breathe their last,

Paving the way for the nascent ones to be born,

Hitherto abortive the brains remain like a dead machine,

In the endeavour to make out the route.    


Such vague and patent His modus operandi is,

Oedipus himself fell short to comprehend,

And like the Aesopian hare was beaten,

Yet saw he the best losing the corporal eyes.     


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Destined to Shine…

He is not adamant though sometimes gets angry,

The word fear can’t breathe and is dead,

In his dictionary,

And simplicity is his creed.  


He keeps doing,

Whatever he is good at,

With optimism and generosity like a friendly King,

Not to be defeated easily, not now, not yet.


Like Robert Frost he shall glow among the immortal changers,

Perhaps a wilaya destined to shine in the middle of dangers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Sufism, the sufis believe that there will always be a man who is the perfect channel of God's grace to man and he is in a state of 'wilaya', which means 'being under the protection of God'.

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The Idle Argument

The Idle Argument

What if at the end of it all

We’re merely crumbs on a small blue dejected ball

That just hangs in the cold vacuum of space

No way to avoid the end of the irrevocable race

Even before the journey did begin

Already knowing how it will end

Finding that I am only a barren shell

That has in the end been designed to fail

Left right or middle I go on merrily

In the end ending up where I’m suppose to be

Doggedly drawn to something I can not resist

Because life has turned me into a fatalist

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Within Ourselves..

Within Ourselves

Within ourselves
we are set free
here on earth
land or sea.
We have each other
to have and hold
to hang on tight
with mind and soul.
To see the sky
with all the beauty
it don't take much
just to touch..
For us together
be as one
just open up
have some fun..
We help each other
along the way
we will do it
that I say.
To have each other
the way we do
to have all
just follow through..

dm copyright 2010

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My Love

When you're with me, the sun will never set

when I'm with you you're never ever mad

This day shall have no end

The love I feel for you is too strong

sometimes I question whether I'm right for you

you seem too perfect for me

I would do or give anything for you

You're my world, my sun, my moon, my soul

I love you, i love you, i love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem when i thought i was in love, but then he broke my heart

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The One

Loneliness eats at me from inside

Happiness is nothing but swept aside

Depressing thoughts are so overwhelming

As I stand here begging

Begging for love, longing for acception

Wanting him to find me

The one who is meant to be

Searching for the truth

Wondering if there's an answer

I ask God if he is there, and never does he speak

And as for now I lay untouched and unloved

Longing for the one to walk into my life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written when I was sixteen.

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Morning's Shoulder

In the shoulder of the morning I,

Kissing her arms sweetly awake,

Find a cradle in her warming

Eyes, missing the drowning lake

For the dream-waters, sleep waning,

The sighs, this is what I take:

No lies, the listening birds spake

Of swamps becoming the bell,

Claiming a drake, taunts and promises

Coming to tell, saying of time's curious chaos,

A simple ache sated with kissed arms,

Hearts flaying sleep in scarred windy ash;

Morning's shoulder is the song of the non-

Abashed mystic, sandy-eyed joyful couples

Saying their goodmornings in silent crash.

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Why did it take so long- for her to see?

Why did it take so long for her to see...

That God gave her everything that she ever needed.

Today she see's God gave her so much.

He gave her parents to love her, it doesnt matter if they are not just hers. He gave her friends so they can support each other. He gave her somebody to stand by her, and someone to kiss her. God gave her a heart to love and care for someone. He gave her a soul to know whats wrong.But he didnt tell her how or why. Because he wants her to learn on her own. he gave her tears so she coul feel weak and then feel so strong afterwords. He gave her a mind so she could wonder. he gave her a voice to use to make others hear.  He gave her words to say aloud. God gave her a spirt to pick her up. He gave her a smile to make the world shine bright. God gave her a today,tomarrow,and forever- to live,love,learn,cry,think, laugh,and ask why.    GOd gave her everything she ever needed. :)

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Small Dark Empty Holes

Small Dark Empty Holes

You can't see them

You can't think of them

You can't believe them

But they're there

And they fill what's left

Of this broken heart

What happened to you?

Why did you leave?


Small Dark Empty Holes

Are always there

You can't get rid of them

They NEVER leave

They don't care

Small Dark Empty Holes

What is this life coming to?


Small Dark Empty Holes  

Have already killed One.

Whose N

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just found this one. Written when I was 12.

Probably about the confusion of the (non-recent) death of my father.

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