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New Orleans

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I'm a writer and a reader.

I'm 20 years young and from the city of New Orleans, and just doing my best to make it. If you have questions or just want to get to know "Tha Poet" a little bit better, than just let me know. I'm a thinker, so ideas are always in my head.

"Pain is Love and Love is Pain- To Live is to Suffer and to Suffer is to Gain."- Tha Poet

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

''To Live is to Suffer; To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.'' -DMX

''All alone is how I stand- It's the way that I live, And my thoughts are all I have- So that's all that I give.''- Tha Poet

''Life is short, Poetry is forever- Let it Live'' -Tha Poet

''If you walk through life in darkness, than in the end you're bound to see the light'' -Tha Poet

''A life without a friend, is really death without a witness'' - Unknown

''Pain is easier to deal with when it's ours not just yours.'' Earl Simmons


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