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I enjoy writing poetry, woodworking, writing my books, and loving my wife.

My friends call me Huck. I am one of the true Floridians, born and raised in Sanford, Florida (Once was the celery capital of the world). Married my wife after dating for 2 years and after entering the Air Force so I could support us. It was a love at 1st site thing, but she was smart enough to turn down the proposal on the second date. While in the Air Force we had good assignments, like Victorville, CA. Oahu, HI. Montgomery, AL, and our final retirement home, Satellite Beach, FL....68 miles from my birthplace. I don't read books of poetry, because it doesn't seem real as what I find here at post poems. These are real, live, breathing people, expressing real feelings in the context of what we are living today. OK, I am also cheap. LOL. When I read, it is usually Sci-Fi, Adventure, or Tech.

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It is an inny :). Member of the Serta Group.

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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, poetry is its language.--Huck

All the world is a stage and we are but actors on it...Gives new meaning to community theatre, does it not. --Huck


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