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Waterford, CT

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making poems, talking to people, playing games, playing guitar

i like to write. these days [some years sense the bulk of my writing] i find i don't sit down and actually just do it. so i should. convince me maybe? besides my livejournal this is probally the best history lesson you could get on my life. call me old fashioned but, unlike real life, its easy to just let the feelings flow. i guess you could call me new school poet? i don't sit down with a pen and paper and start to write, i sit behind this keyboard and just type.

i make music too, if you'd like, click here, feel free to download.

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sticks to the south, smooth skin up north. bones stick out in the sides. oh the joys of skeletonhood.

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''Come as you are''
''truth covered in security''


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