Monthly Archive for July 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
For all tha bad things Poem tibult Jul 1st
Kansas Life Poem hushbaby Reality Jul 1st
Only The Few Poem giajl Military/Patriotism Jul 1st
Blank Page Poem giajl 2 inspiration Jul 1st
Time for Tea. Poem taffy Apathy Jul 1st
Walk in a Sunken Lane. Poem taffy Bittersweet Jul 2nd
Gun Control - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Jul 2nd
HAPPINESS IN A BOX - A Modern Day Fairy Tale Poem terry Irony Jul 2nd
Untitled 22 Poem running_with_rabbits death Jul 2nd
the one to look out for Poem fanniesson Addiction Jul 2nd
on the death of my father Poem fanniesson death Jul 2nd
"Counting Prose for Meredith" Poem DaddyO counting crows, Meredith Salenger, Tributes Jul 2nd
"Motivation to Wake" Poem DaddyO Depression Jul 2nd
The Eagle Soars Tonight Poem ugonna enchantment, freedom, Hope, inspiration, living, nature, wisdom, wonder Jul 3rd
The New American Way Poem jpwatts Jul 3rd
What I See Poem ecw 1 Lost love Jul 3rd
Tiarra Poem ecw friendship Jul 3rd
Words from a Deaf Boy Poem shilpa 2 Dark Jul 3rd
My Immortal Saga Poem shilpa 5 Devotion Jul 3rd
Insane Poem oh_so_odd 1 Jul 3rd
Benjamin as mirror Poem karlmcallister # Horror # Monster # Death # Carnage # Violence, In memory # %23racism Jul 4th
Love is a Gift Poem starlite_angel friendship Jul 4th
My Reflection Poem starlite_angel Acceptance Jul 4th
Lifes Pressures Poem starlite_angel confusion Jul 4th
Do you like the rain? Poem running_with_rabbits Acceptance Jul 4th
Over You Poem starlite_angel Acceptance Jul 4th
on the witches of Salem Poem karlmcallister 1 religion Jul 4th
Mirrors Eyes Poem dhicks01 Imagery Jul 5th
Holding on while letting go Poem qibr 11 Change/Transition Jul 5th
Victim Poem dhicks01 love Jul 5th
Mistaken Poem dhicks01 Lost love Jul 5th
The End Poem dhicks01 Depression Jul 5th
Can He Ever Repair Insane Poem dhicks01 Pain/Sorrow Jul 5th
The moment Poem dhicks01 Lost love Jul 5th
The Curse of the Cat People Poem gentle 8 Children Jul 5th
You are Poem bettieblue 1 love Jul 5th
This is me Poem bettieblue 1 Jul 5th
Never Stopped Loving You Poem hhickson 4 Lost love Jul 5th
INA Poem gentle Culture/Society Jul 5th
Rejected Poem oh_so_odd Jul 5th
The Birth and Death of Joe Raindrop Poem dragonzite 1 Change/Transition Jul 6th
Words Poem bettieblue Lost love Jul 6th
Imagine your dreams Poem bettieblue love Jul 6th
SUN SET Poem kiwi_jiwi 2 Song Lyrics Jul 6th
Pipe dream Poem bettieblue Bittersweet Jul 6th
Run away Poem bettieblue 1 Acceptance Jul 6th
Candy-Rain Poem kiwi_jiwi Song Lyrics Jul 6th
Bedtime Poem bettieblue Being Loved Jul 6th
My Advice Poem kiwi_jiwi 1 Bizarre Jul 6th
The chain Poem bettieblue Acceptance Jul 6th
pretend Poem bettieblue Acceptance Jul 6th
SUN SET (couplet Francais) Poem kiwi_jiwi Song Lyrics Jul 6th
Grampy Poem elusivepoet death Jul 6th
unspeakable thoughts Poem elusivepoet 1 Depression Jul 6th
Crossing the Sound (07/03-04/76) Poem pudnsis1 Holidays Jul 6th
Catch Me, Hold Me Poem pudnsis1 8 Other Jul 6th
more pain Poem brokenalive Jul 6th
The Girl Chronicle Poem kiwi_jiwi Acceptance Jul 6th
Typical Poem oh_so_odd Jul 6th
alone and afraid Poem elusivepoet Depression Jul 6th
Inner Turmoil’s Poem Sasha_J Angst Jul 6th
Tony Poem sparkythedog721 Jul 7th
Sleep Poem clarinetpsycho 2 Suicide Jul 7th
Love Poem sparkythedog721 Jul 7th
Its a Bugger! Poem pluguan Anger NonViolent Jul 7th
The Solid Wall Poem bettieblue Lost love Jul 7th
5 minute lovers Poem mellow 3 Abuse Jul 7th
the effect of someone with a beautiful face Poem raina_3 Jul 8th
Ready Poem hushbaby death Jul 8th
Love Poem hushbaby Being Loved Jul 8th
untitled Poem raina_3 Jul 8th
lalalalala Poem raina_3 Jul 8th
broken Poem raina_3 1 Abuse Jul 8th
~Simply~ Poem suzysunshine love Jul 8th
Differences Poem sparkythedog721 Jul 8th
My True Hate Poem lillep Anger Violent Jul 8th
"MNO" Poem DaddyO Depression, dreams, Nightmare Jul 8th
Despair Poem lillep 1 Dark Jul 8th
empty Poem raina_3 1 Jul 8th
??? Poem raina_3 Jul 8th
Dreams Poem lillep 3 Lost love Jul 8th
Once and Never Again Poem choirgrrl Acceptance Jul 8th
holding on Poem choirgrrl 1 Apathy Jul 8th
(YOU) (me) Poem choirgrrl 1 Acceptance Jul 8th
Disgust and Denial Poem choirgrrl 2 Change/Transition Jul 8th
lucious wishes Poem choirgrrl Angst Jul 8th
my name is toe Poem choirgrrl 3 Other Jul 8th
DAUGHTER Poem choirgrrl Abuse Jul 8th
Sadnesss Comfort Poem milaamo Depression Jul 9th
Forgotten Poem oh_so_odd Jul 9th
Tears in My Brown eyes Poem oh_so_odd 1 Jul 9th
Like A Tear Poem godsjewel Angst Jul 9th
Closer Poem godsjewel 1 religion Jul 9th
NEVER FORGOTTEN Poem giajl 2 death Jul 10th
Pat Poem sparkythedog721 1 Jul 10th
Lucky Poem hushbaby jealousy Jul 10th
House of Darkness Poem pkpbc1950 5 Dark Jul 10th
The Last Night of Hannakah Poem sparkythedog721 Jul 10th
Down Poem oh_so_odd Jul 10th
Free Poem hushbaby Depression Jul 10th
A Nobody Poem hushbaby 2 Loneliness Jul 10th
Him Poem potato_gurl Being Loved Jul 10th
Restrained Poem hushbaby 1 Hidden Love Jul 10th
Flitting Poem hushbaby 1 Other Jul 10th
Im Sorry Poem hushbaby confusion Jul 10th
Missed Out Poem hushbaby Missing You Jul 10th
EYES OF MORROW Poem mwhatim choices Jul 11th
New Cowboy Poem eltrue 1 Music/Musician Jul 11th
This Is For Tina Poem eltrue 6 Angst Jul 11th
Let It Grow.....Let it Bloom Poem ladydp2000 1 friendship Jul 11th
Today And Yesterday Poem ladydp2000 love Jul 11th
Many Pictures Of Love Poem ladydp2000 1 Fantasies Jul 11th
you Poem potato_gurl friendship Jul 12th
If You Poem starlite_angel Being Loved Jul 12th
ELEGY WRITTEN ON AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON Poem emmenay 1 Seasons Jul 12th
puppet Poem raina_3 Reality Jul 12th
The Elderly in Revolt. Poem taffy 2 Anger NonViolent Jul 12th
afraid to die Poem jpwatts 3 Jul 12th
life Poem potato_gurl Change/Transition Jul 12th
head in the clouds Poem bettieblue dreams Jul 12th
a poem Poem bettieblue 2 love Jul 12th
Falling Poem suzysunshine 2 love Jul 13th
The Day of Recreation Poem shilpa 5 Nature/Environment Jul 13th
Why Cant I? Poem imager Jul 13th
Home Poem imager Jul 13th
Life Or Death Poem hawksquaw99 Drugs Jul 13th
THE UNCONQUERABLE SOUL Poem serene 3 Endurance Jul 13th
Possibilities Poem pluguan 3 Change/Transition Jul 13th
words of acid Poem hawksquaw99 9 Anger NonViolent Jul 13th
The Wrong Kind of substance Poem sparkythedog721 Jul 13th
~^Daddy^~ Poem suzysunshine In Memory Jul 13th
The Greatest Sacrifice Poem shilpa 4 Short Story Jul 13th
~Special Friend~ Poem suzysunshine friendship Jul 13th
Rain Poem imager Jul 13th
AMERICAN GIRL IN ITALY Poem hawksquaw99 dreams Jul 13th
SOULS IN THE WIND Poem hawksquaw99 9 Other Jul 13th
Sailing Poem imager family Jul 14th
RED WHITE AND BLUE Poem ebonyblessings Culture/Society Jul 14th
Blessed Be The Child Poem ebonyblessings 1 Prayer Jul 14th
What Our God Did Poem ebonyblessings religion Jul 14th
My Door Is Always Open Poem ebonyblessings friendship Jul 14th
HE WILL FIX IT Poem ebonyblessings 1 death Jul 14th
To Know Love Poem ebonyblessings Being Loved Jul 14th
God Didn’t Say Poem ebonyblessings Reality Jul 14th
WHAT IS A MARRIAGE? Poem ebonyblessings Being Loved Jul 14th
Mrs. Inka and Me Poem ebonyblessings Short Story Jul 14th
THE MEANING OF EBONY BLESSINGS Poem ebonyblessings inspiration Jul 14th
IM A LITTLE SQUIRREL Poem ebonyblessings Short Story Jul 14th
Notice Me By My Ways Poem ebonyblessings choices Jul 14th
I Am Not Giving My Black Back Poem ebonyblessings 2 History/Past Jul 14th
A WOMAN LIKE NO OTHER Poem ebonyblessings Bittersweet Jul 14th
IM A STRONG BLACK WOMAN! Poem ebonyblessings Endurance Jul 14th
MAKING NEW FRIENDS Poem ebonyblessings Short Story Jul 14th
I MADE IT HOME Poem ebonyblessings death Jul 14th
Promise Poem bettieblue love Jul 15th
sunshine Poem bettieblue 1 Change/Transition Jul 15th
Precious Time - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Jul 15th
My Wall Poem that_one_girl Jul 15th
Little Ones Woes Poem pudnsis1 1 friendship Jul 15th
Angels Eyes Poem ecw Beauty Jul 15th
untitled5 Poem raina_3 1 Jul 15th
adria Poem raina_3 2 Jul 15th
Dream lover Poem bettieblue 1 dreams Jul 15th
The feeling Poem starlite_angel 2 Other Jul 16th
heartbreaker Poem bettieblue Being Loved Jul 16th
Nights Like This Poem hushbaby Loneliness Jul 16th
child Poem bettieblue Being Loved Jul 16th
When you Poem bettieblue 1 love Jul 16th
Boats Poem bettieblue Acceptance Jul 16th
the same Poem andshedied Apathy Jul 16th
hear me Poem bettieblue Bittersweet Jul 16th
Life in Modern Times - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Jul 16th
The Greatest Show on Earth. Poem taffy Beauty Jul 16th
Butterfly kisses Poem bettieblue love Jul 16th
The Real Me Poem starlite_angel 3 Abuse Jul 16th
your cards Poem bettieblue 1 Change/Transition Jul 16th
Longing Poem ecw love Jul 16th
His kind Poem starlite_angel Anger NonViolent Jul 16th
The Greatest Pain Poem starlite_angel 1 family Jul 16th
One Night of Fun Poem starlite_angel 9 dreams Jul 16th
Alone Poem starlite_angel 9 Betrayal Jul 16th
The Missing Part Poem starlite_angel Change/Transition Jul 16th
Where can I go? Poem andshedied 2 Escapism Jul 16th
Nothing Poem starlite_angel 1 Goodbye Jul 16th
SICK Poem starlite_angel Anger NonViolent Jul 16th
The Material Things Poem starlite_angel confusion Jul 16th
New! Poem andshedied 1 Apathy Jul 16th
Missing you Poem starlite_angel Missing You Jul 16th
THE WORDS I COULDNT SAY Poem starlite_angel Hidden Love Jul 16th
A Special Day for Everyone Poem pudnsis1 4 Other Jul 17th
*Dreams* Poem suzysunshine 5 love Jul 17th
Goodbye Opa Poem starlite_angel Anger NonViolent Jul 17th
what have i become Poem raina_3 Jul 17th
im sorry Poem raina_3 Jul 17th
The Visions In My Head Poem zippo Jul 18th
Enchanted Dream Poem Valhjim 1 love Jul 18th
Death Poem clarinetpsycho death Jul 18th
Game of Life - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Jul 18th
Never Mind Poem pluguan 1 Acceptance Jul 18th
Help Poem hushbaby confusion Jul 18th
Patriarchal Friendship Poem choirgrrl Acceptance Jul 18th
Afraid To Let You In Poem starlite_angel choices Jul 18th
Wherefore Poem pluguan Bittersweet Jul 18th
AMONG THE POTTERS FIELD Poem vjochum Bizarre Jul 18th
QUICKSILVER MOON Poem terry 2 Beauty Jul 19th
Yes? Poem zippo Being Loved Jul 19th
In His Last Days Poem shilpa 5 Dark Jul 19th
When Forever Is Over Poem dhicks01 love Jul 19th
Spring is Near Poem chick20a00dee Other Jul 19th
Soft loving Poem angelcrane love Jul 19th
SCAREDY CAT Poem terry Pets/Animals Jul 19th
Despair Poem giajl 1 marriage Jul 20th
Just Sign Poem dhicks01 Pain/Sorrow Jul 20th
Depression - Haiku Poem terry 1 Haiku Jul 20th
If I could turn back the hands of time Poem dhicks01 1 Jul 20th
For Get Me Not Poem giajl 1 Military/Patriotism Jul 20th
Napoleon and Me Poem giajl Other Jul 20th
Hammock by The Sea Poem dhicks01 1 love Jul 20th
Well Done Poem dhicks01 Jul 20th
The Colors of My Love Poem dhicks01 Jul 20th
The Love of a Child Poem dhicks01 Jul 20th
Come with me, run with me Poem dhicks01 3 Jul 20th
Tell me, Are you there? Poem dhicks01 Jul 20th
Appart From the Morass Poem pluguan 1 Acceptance Jul 20th
Best Friend Poem suzysunshine 1 friendship Jul 20th
Smoke and Mirrors Poem dhicks01 1 Poetry/Writing Jul 20th
THERE WAS AN OLD LADY Poem ebonyblessings Comedy/Humor Jul 21st
The Other Mans Girl Poem eltrue 3 Endurance Jul 21st
GIFTS FROM THE HAWK Poem hawksquaw99 Other Jul 21st
oh noble one Poem hawksquaw99 Fantasies Jul 21st
BREATHS OF AIR Poem hawksquaw99 Other Jul 21st
She Was A Fashion Bomb Poem hawksquaw99 5 Comedy/Humor Jul 21st
LIFE SUCKS Poem hawksquaw99 confusion Jul 21st
The Lady Deborah Russell Poem hawksquaw99 6 Tributes/Odes Jul 21st
Who Was It That Shared Our Bed Last night?... Poem ebonyblessings 3 Goodbye Jul 21st
The Key To My Heart Poem suzysunshine love Jul 22nd
Nothing Left Poem suzysunshine love Jul 22nd
Too Tired To Fight Poem suzysunshine love Jul 22nd
atrophy Poem raina_3 Jul 22nd
Dis Ap Point Poem angelcrane Betrayal Jul 22nd
My Love For You Poem suzysunshine love Jul 22nd
Entropy Poem fenrislupusgrey Jul 23rd
To A True Romeo Poem lil_rose Jul 23rd
Dirty Bathwater Poem hushbaby 2 jealousy Jul 23rd
Slice of Life Poem netter2_98 Change/Transition Jul 23rd
The Dance Poem netter2_98 Unrequited Love Jul 23rd
to haunt you Poem zippo Jul 23rd
Can I Think of Something? Poem mizzscarlett 1 love Jul 23rd
B.Meadows Poem fenrislupusgrey Jul 23rd
bullying Poem potato_gurl 1 Acceptance Jul 24th