There isn't one reason under the sun

Why a young girl must carry a gun.

Apparently, there are in fact, five,

Why she must wage war to stay alive..

What do I know of synagogues?

Of desecrations and public flogs?

The fast decline of economic growth,

Destroying the lives and lands of both?

The smell of fear lies everywhere,

As sniper fire and machine guns flare.

Camps filled with deep poverty and pain.

Tiny faces washed in tears and rain.

Each unprovoked and fatal firing

Can burn a young heart live while bearing

An oozie hiding this broken wing

Its just a reprehensible thing.

What do I know of the Gaza Lands?

Of great Mosques and Mecca or the stands

Against the cry of "intifada?"

The shutdown of the Holy Qabaa?

Why do you tarnish this lovely pearl?

She is now your soldier, not our girl.

What skills has she learned since she has gone.

How to throw rocks and deadly firebombs.

In five years from now, she can come back.

But will she survive through each attack?

This is my prayer, oh God, please send

This sweet child back safely home again.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to a young girl I work with who went to Israel just to see her family & friends. Why is my question did this happen?
What do I know. I am just an outsider....

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