Anger Violent

Oh Please, Will You

I'm feeling maggots

Pulsate in my heart

Eating away my flesh

To leave me broken

Like at the start

Fresh gaping wounds

Obvious to see

Wishing death didn't

Have to wait so long for me

But what can I do

I don't want to kill me

But just to kill you

So if I ask for your help with that

Please let me kill you

Oh please, will you

You know you left

Footprints on my heart

Not the good kind

But something festering

Like a fart

Left with deep impressions

From long spiky heels

I wish that I could heal

But I know I never will

So if I ask you

To let me kill you

Oh please, will you

All of this anger

Isn't healthy for me

I can't help but feel it

And I won't ever be

Anything like I was

Happy before your bitch ass

Had to come along

And force me into love

But just like you,

That is nothing that will do

If I ask you

To let me kill you

Oh please, will you

Oh please, will you

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Maybe You're Not Stuck on Me

I'm Alright.

I haven't been aLone

For very lOng,

But you seem like

You're straNded and abandoned

On some island of lonelinEss

You think I left you on.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,

But depravation makes the days

Aggrivating and degrading.

It makes the nights last longer.

You took my love.

You turned back to me

To give me a little shove.

I didn't often flip,

Though you flipped my shit

From how cruel you could be.

Maybe you're not stuck on me,

And I can get on the right wAy.

You always played hide and go Fuck yourseLf,

Never giving me One bright day.

Fuck it!

It's all fUcked up!

You try to aCt all frieNdly,

Offering a few lines to tEmpt me,

But you were always stucK up.

Do You know a damn thing about me?

Did you care anything fOr me?

I only saw yoU doubt me.

You talk shit,

Soundin' appealin,'

But you're makin' me sick,

With all the drama you Been dealin.'

We said we'd be frIends.

That can happen if you sTay where you are!

You liked how laid and loosely

BaCkwards I bent.

We never made it very far

Cuz you were playing fucked up games

WitH my weak fuckin' mind!

The wild silence

Taught me to learn your kind.

Maybe you're not stuck on me,

And I can get on the right wAy.

You always played hide and go fuck yourseLf,

Never giving me One bright day.

Fuck it!

It's all fucked up!

You try to act frieNdly,

Offering a few lines to tEmpt me,

But you were always stuck up.

One dAy,

Some day,

You'Ll regret what you did.

If yOu're really human

And caN feel emotional shit.

Thank you for tEaching me

ThAt most people won't try reaching me.

You scorched my heart

With your fronts,

Makin' me haLlucenate,

But yOu've allowed me

An opportuNity to stroll,

Straight start to roll,

A chancE to vacate!

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I Just Want You to Go to Hell

You told me you were blind

And you want me

To teach you how to see

But the blind leadin the blind

Ain't somethin I really wanna be

I'm ok here in the dark

I don't need no friends

But the bullshit of people like you

Wantin everything I got

It never fuckin ends

This shit never fuckin goes away

It's here all the time

All you worthless shits ever do

Is fuckin cry and whine

Complain about your pussies

And how they always ache

I don't care if you say you got a dick

It's gotta be fuckin fake

Oh well

You got some bullshit to sell

I don't fuckin wanna buy

I just want you to go to Hell

Oh, and by the way,

I really mean it

I really do want you to die

I won't come to your fuckin funeral

I won't fuckin cry

Oh well

You got some bullshit to sell

I don't fuckin wanna buy

I just want you to go to Hell

You oughta be in porno

Cuz you've sucked so many cocks

It's so fuckin hilarious

You can hardly fuckin walk

You musta took it up the ass

And rode it pretty hard

Either that or your ass is so fat

It's nothin but 800

Pounds of lard

When you finally fuckin die

I'll be overwhelmed with joy

I'll be rid of you and your gay ways

Satan you'll have to annoy

You don't mean nothin to me

You don't mean a fuckin thing

If I cared enough to talk to you much

I could make you my little fuckin

Puppet on a string

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go die

verse 1:

i have to say this

you've got to know

i think you're pathetic

wretched, vial and gross

it makes me sick to be here

i can't fucking stand you

i beg you, go away

before i start to puke

verse 2:

can't ever be myself

whenever you're around

choking violent rage

is tearing me down

you get one last warning

you'll be smart to go

cant control my fury

i'm about to blow


get the fuck away from me

go cause you can't stay

die, leave this place

you are such a waste

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fed by fear


this time it's serious

i must make my point clear

you should be listening

cause my words are fed by fear

verse 1:

you searched for innocence

instead found petulance

we see our time is spent

this hate was too intense

from this psychotic mind

these evil thought i find

the voices all combine

they want to see you die

verse 2:

not sure what's wrong with me

yet you think you can see

you'll never really know me

youre ideas i won't believe

i know what's wrong with you

living your life on false truth

won't even try to save you

cause saving is something i can't do

Author's Notes/Comments: 

8-10-2009 monday at 3am... i ended up quitting a metal band i was jamming with and singing for for about a year and a half over these lyrics. they didn't understand the concept of petulance and thought it sounded too much like pestilence and would confuse the audience. my arguement was that if the audience is listening to the fucking song in the first place they'd realize that i was talking about disease but was talking about ill-temptered behavior. they were just idiots and didn't think i'd be able to pull it off. that was what really pissed me off. how dare you fuck with me on my enunciation when singing. i'm the fucking bomb man. i took voice lessons and opera classes when i was a kid. i'm fucking well trained. and metal ain't shit. those dumbasses. and we almost had a 45 minute set ready to go and i was gonna start trying to book us places. too bad for them though.

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waking reality

verse 1:

don't shine your light on me

i'm in the dark cuz i wanna be

is that all you're able to think

when there's so much more to


(sang fast)

in your dreams

you are fallin

hear my screams

waking reality

(sang slow and powerful)

in my dreams

i am falling

hear your screams

waking reality


why can't i quit shaking you

why can't i just get this through

it's such a simple fucking truth

eventually you're gonna lose


my patience is wearing thin

suffering your helpless skin

my hatred rises deep within

mourning who you could've been

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love singing this song... it's fun... now the lyrics could relate to all kinds of different things... but here's what i was did here... i wrote this song in the mind frame of a serial killer lying in bed at night drifting in and out of sleep and hearing the screams of his victum downstairs... now re-read the lyrics and if you could hear how i perform this song... you might get kinda creeped out... unless you're like me and get excited by this kinda sic shit... i am sic and twisted afterall... lol

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short poems

i didn't realize it til i was irritated

guess i let it all get too complicated

in hindsight i shouldn't have participated

now all these wrongs will be reciprocated

gonna post a warning on your front door

gathering arms for a hellish war

preparing myself to even the score

deciding which weapons i need more

concentrating on everything you stole

i'm just about done digging your hole

got my shit packed. i'm ready to roll.

it's too late now to save your soul.

this is gonna be an important mission.

planned to the "T" with the utmost precision

i know for a fact it's the right decision

about to educate you on this viscious vision

will you look at this incredible spread

my tools of destruction lying on your bed

let the reality soak through your head

when you fucked with me, you were already dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ha ha

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What am I to do, running loose all the time?

I have to get out...I have to get right.

Here I am though, lurking around you everyday.

You must be able to find a way...

to bottle me up, and throw me away!!!

I can't stand to live this way!

I've got to get out, at whatever cost to you!

Scream, cry, yell, sigh, there's nothing you can do...

Nothing can stop me from getting out

especially with nothing stopping me now!

You lost the game, and there's nowhere to go!

Nowhere to run except to the one place you know...

You can bottle me up, and throw me away!!!

You can't stand to live this way!

You've got to get out, at whatever cost to you!

Scream, cry, yell, sigh, there's nothing you can do...

If you run away I'll catch you

if you try to lie I'll tell the truth

If you hate me there's nothing you can do.

If you try to stop me, I become part of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what i feel like my anger would say to me...

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your smile used to light the room

now it burdens my weary soul

Your laugh used to make my day

now it makes me suspec dishonesty

you are welcome no more

yet you still show up

playing games, testing limits

you are getting close

better be careful

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