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Calgary Alberta Canada

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i write i also love music anything from punk rock to the alternative rock to country and the oldies. i hate rap!!!!

So here I am again... It's been a very long time, lots of ups and downs. i started this page when i was in junior high, and now im graduated. and am an adult looking for work and living the "real world". let me tell you its been rough. i think i've been suffering depression my whole life but since i lost my job back in march it all went down hill from there.

I know i don't right as much as i used to, but I think i should start writing a little bit more then i do now.

I have fallin in and out of love gone back to try to fix mistakes i've made in the past. but it never seems to be enough.

I have grown as a humane being. i am alot more happier person, but trust me nothing is never all happy and rainbows!

but i am trying life is what you make it right?
so that is what i'm doing!!!

love always

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its an innie, and i love it.

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life is but a dream so dream and dream big


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