My Advice


why should a person care when it really does not matter

your just pretending like  when you were child

don't fall through life like a rain drop spatter.

you act to fast but your way to mild

thoughts go through your head and you don't know

where it came from and where it was going

don't hide . let your feelings show.

life won't go smooth if you have nothing showing

express your opinions about the world we share

make sure you know what your going to say.

got to be sure where your going and how to get there

life is not a playground and you can't let people play

and as time passes on by like a cheetah on crack

you'll have to be aware of stuff

walk staright forward and never look back

the trip is gonna be hard it's gonna be tough.

take these easy words of love and use them good

rules are for breaking  and you'll see me again.

but do things the way you know that you should

because you know i'll be here i'll always be a friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is so messed up! i rember writing it up when iw as younger and iw as a little crazy.. and  wild. i don't know what to say..

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