Little Ones Woes

Why do you fret little one?

Why do you worry so?...

Life is ever changing.

This is just how it goes.

There are good times

   and bad times.

There are times for tears.

Times for fears.

Times when mothers are

   always near.

The awkwardness of growing

is always at your door.

Time comes for the body's

aging process and the pain

of dying is just one score.

Accept the blessings that are

    given to you today.

Open your heart and soul;

Shake your fears away.

When tomorrow comes it will be

too late for todays sorrows...

Today will become yesterday.

Please love, care, pray listen with

     your heart

Loving mothers don't come easy;

Mother's love is shared with all her heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to a true friend faced with conflict at this time.

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Ashley Yocca's picture

That was really good advice for any small child!