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Music lover......write lyrics to songs....will list mp3 access with the words and music and collaborater's name on the latest creation.

I love poems about the enviroment and nature. However, that good old biological function called, love affects many of my poems.
However, poetry is language to experiment with, freed from the restraints of general customs of syntax, where speech or writing is evaluated according to its conformity to grammatical rules. Poetry provides a place where you can more easily access that part of the brain where creative consciousness awaits. With that in mind the poet can experiment with thoughts and images, such as the way you view a room, landscape, glass of water or bowl of fruit etc. Much the same as the visual artist would capture the moment on canvas. If a person uses this desire and ability to change the way they see or do something it tends to change their perspective with a more independent view of all possibilities. As we grow older it seems,if we let it happen, that we become more habitual in the way we see or do something and we tend to lose the freshness of our perspective. Poetry becomes the vehicle for breaking away from the confines of conventional language, a way to let go of the grip of logic and enter the world of ecstatic creativity. The need to explore fully and honestly these avenues, never leaves the mind of the poetic thinker, seeking to develop his own poetics, his sense of what he's trying to do with language, and why. In this group I rest my heart as a down to earth but tender poet and lover of the craft as I see it unfold before me.

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Reality seldom bears the possibilities of imagination.


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