you thought you'd find something here,

a poem, a scribble, not as good as you,

but nothing here worth this life,

nothing remotely different or new.

still just as sad, still just as old,

another young soul too sick to be true,

maybe you think you found yourself here,

but again, nothing here is anything new.

pretending its worth the second you thought,

pretending its worth a word from you,

no talent i wasted, this is not me,

nothing worth noting from you.

you thought youd find something here,

another minute i stole from you,

just turn the page to someone else,

nothing here is brand new.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just feel i do have talent somewhere, it just doesnt show up in my work. i hope to make this a life, writing at some points mean everything to me, but how can i be proud of something that just may never have existed?

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Lola Margot's picture

Cheer young lady life isn't that messy. Everyday is a new day, your talent is just like a day, when it rises is sets too. Let's just say your sun right now is set, but hey tomorrow it will rise. You didn't drag me here. *smiles* and I didn't waste a time reading some of your poems