# Horror # Monster # Death # Carnage # Violence

New Flesh

A hell of wires

tvs, charging cables,



Suffocates the victim,

cascading around like snakes


Buried under mounds of obsolete



Begins the fusion of flesh

with metal


The junk takes over the host


The mind becomes lose screws

from the lack of disorder 


All the lose wires,

tangled up 


Creates the labyrinth of



As man and

machine become one


A new abomination 

is created out of the chaos


Neither living nor 


The new flesh replaces

the old


The heart fed by

the cathode


Electrical overstimulation:


A hell of wires 

that tightens around 

like a noose


The soul longs to be free

from the torture


But the rape continues 














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Unleash the Kraken

Monster inside,

anger has arrived


Kill, kill, kill:

them all


Unleash the kraken,

tentacles beware


No mercy,

satisfying screams!!!!


Pull , pull, pull them

into the sea!!!


Kill, kill, kill,

them all


Eat them,

pleasure yourself on their corpses!!!


Satisfy your bloodlust,

lash out with hate!!!

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Benjamin as mirror


I went to the mirror and saw with contempt
at my brother and sister - I must regret,
who in this public news-paper shrine
tar and feather the Nazi swine.
Emotionally decapitated in the thick of the fight
I stand aloof from both black and white.
Is there any real difference between their hate and mine?
Is it a matter of circumstance or only of time?


You went to the mirror and saw a saint,
lit a candle and bought a can of paint,
and then painted our heroe on the wall -
blacker than real life but then that says it all.
The picture betrays nationalism misplaced
for kids without a culture, a nigger without a face.
Makes me wonder from what abyss forlorn
that wish-child sprang all cold and still-born.
Lord save us from the enemy we cannot see -
both the nigger and the Nazi - set my people free!


We went to the mirror and saw a victim.
(Boy don't we really know how to pick 'em?)
A nation is woken from its slumber serene
so we take to the streets... or our TV screens.
In a bizarre rite of forgetfulness
we pay our prayers and we say our debts.
A social problem which we're immune to?
...but forget about me.  Let's talk about you.
VG, Dagbladet ... Oh for God sakes!
Information gives but it also takes.


We went to the mirror and as expected
saw our scapegoats killed but then resurrected.
A society divided and yet strangely consistent...
Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde's assistant-
What you see ain't always what you get.
Monkey see and then monkey forget.
Now you see me marching now you don't.  
We wanna change but we know we won't.
Well it's hocus pocus and filiocus...
we've seen the beast and it is us.


You went to the mirror and saw Nazis hidin' n the trees,
and though I may appreciate the poetry...
they won't be the ones who'll get you in the end;
You kiss your enemies and you wound your friends,
turn 'em around and do it again.
Once it starts it never ends.
In an urban jungle, the horror, the horror!
Get your knife get your gun, it's holy war...
but what rough (unnameable) beast
slouches toward the altar for the feast?


I went to the mirror shattered and broken.
Of old it is heard but seldom spoken-
for expecting I came and was not disappointed-
a child is born another lamb is annointed;
from amoungst us a place is now vacant,
From one amoung us a son is taken.
For the one who has eyes to see
that is his lonely victory.
That is his priceless sacrifice -
nothing more, nothing less will suffice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Benjamin was a 15 year old african/norwegian killed by Neo Nazis in Oslo Norway in february 2001.  These are my reflections on the events surrounding his death.  The similarity of the public response to that rasist murder is strikingly similar to the public protests playing themselves out in the United States now in 2020.

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