I Am Not Giving My Black Back

Let me say

As I begin

I am proud of the skin

That I am in

Be it caramel, mocha, chocolate, or black

Be we small, medium or large, tall skinny or fat

I am proud of my heritage

And “I am not giving my black back”

Not to the white man, nor the pale man

Not to anyone in fact

I won’t let anyone get me down, put me down, take away my self-esteem or push me around “I am not giving my black back”

Who has inspired you to persevere thus far

I’m inspired by my birthright

By my heritage

Above all Our God

As I have said When I began

I am proud of the skin that I am in

I won’t let prejudice or negativity hold me back

I am solid, strong, poised, focused and proud, always keeping self worth intact

I am not,  I repeat  I am not giving my black back

There are many ways

You can give it back

If you don’t hold to your values

Remain focus and intact

For Example:  

Rising high, Persevering

You have become a star

Putting your past behind you

Hiding who you truly are

To satisfy a mission, On the road to stardom and fame

You gave up your black

For a recyclable paper check

With a stroke of a pen in hand

As you are molded, bent, twisted and spent

To the way of how they want you to be

That’s just another way in our modern day

To willingly give in to slavery

It’s one thing to be focused; yet things are not clear

It’s another to willingly give up, what is so precious and dear

The memories of you past

Family values your parents instilled

They are proud of where they came from, so why aren’t you

Can you feel their pain, can you see their tears

It is good to persevere

Just remember to keep your self worth and values intact

Don’t let anyone cloud your mind, or slow you down

Don’t let anyone hold you back

Be honored and proud of who you are

And never, I do mean never give your black back

I am proud of who I am

And the color of our skin

The way we use our minds

And with stand the test of time

Yes! I can proudly say yes!

I am proud to be black

I would never trade my color or heritage

I am not giving my black back

Back to the people who enslaved us

So many centuries ago

Back to the people who tried to control us

Who wouldn’t let us build as a family and grow

No! I am not giving up; I’m not standing still

I am building a strong foundation in fact

Our memories, our wisdom, our ways, our heart and soul

This they could never take away, god kept our inner essence in tact

Standing firm upon my beliefs, I am not,

I am not giving my black back.

By: Ebony Blessings


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ramonathompsont's picture

I love this! Strong and

I love this! Strong and powerful! 

ThatSingerSongwritergirl's picture

Wow that was really inspiring

Wow that was really inspiring to read as I am black myself!! I am very proud to be black too and especially in today's world it is more important than ever to embrace our beautiful back skin and heritage. I sincerely hope that you continue to write more relatable, touching and heartwarming poetry. I have to say that being a songwriter myself that this would make for a very pro black positive song about loving the skin you're in which is a very common theme nowadays I guess. This poem is great for this month of February which is black history month! Well I truly enjoted feading your brilliant poetry and if you wouldn't mind kindly taking a look at some of my song and giving me some review that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.