Where can I go?


Where can I go,

To follow these dreams,

To follow these thoughts,

Though I don't know their means?

Where can I go.

To the moon or to mars

Where can I go,

Far past the stars

To another moment,

With grass and trees,

And places to sit,

And recognize dreams,

To moments of wonder,

And feelings of bliss,

Where can I go,

Where I will not be missed,

Where can I go,

To be free from the changes

Free from the moments

Stuck in their ranges,

Where can I go,

Far past the oceans

The horizon of dreams,

Where feelings are kept

With secret and meaning?

No evil awaiting,

No ghost with those chills,

Just clear water purity,

For all eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted this to be a poem that gives you the chills just reading it, because you, too, are looking for this place...

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HI~ i think you are already there,reading i felt i was already there also,you have a good heart-mind and soul! i think you're very interesting L&Peace