Monthly Archive for November 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
TRASH Poem nate08 Nov 1st
Blessed Poem sale7rad emotion, heart, love Nov 1st
Impact of Your Existence Poem sale7rad emotion, Existence, heart, imagination, love Nov 1st
Infinite Fire Poem sale7rad desire, emotion, heart, imagination, love Nov 1st
Transcendence of Love Poem sale7rad emotion, freedom, Happiness, heart, imagination, love Nov 1st
Boundless Beauty Poem sale7rad emotion, Feeling, freedom, Happiness, heart, joy, love Nov 1st
Kind of Father That You Need Poem 1SP Nov 1st
TPed Poem randyjohnson funny, Halloween Nov 1st
Halloween Monster Poem randyjohnson Dark, Halloween, horror, Scary Nov 1st
How to date a dragon Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 1st
Actions speak louder than words Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 1st
বিজয় শঙ্খধ্বনি Poem shawon1982 Nov 1st
Sat Sept 3 2011 11:42 pm Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 1st
Monday Sept 5 2011 3:23 pm Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 1st
10/31/11 1:16 am Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 1st
A sunset has no falling hair. Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 1st
Oct 9th Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 1st
An Hour Of Sighs Poem scylix 1 Nov 1st
Philosophy class Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Nov 1st
feeling fiesty tonight Poem Sournotev2 1 bad poetry Nov 1st
(EROTIC) "The Perfect Storm" Poem raven_hair 3 Nov 1st
Higher Province Poem GSNJSMJ 8 humanity philosophy life spirit world free verse Nov 1st
The Unknown Poem joelcarter_86 1 dreams, Life, love, Thoughts Nov 1st
Dark Blue Poem Beavis 18 Nov 1st
Stinkbug Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 1st
(Untitled 1) Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 1st
Why do I keep writing you these things? Poem Sournotev2 1 bad poetry Nov 1st
(Untitled 2) Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 1st
(Untitled 3) Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 1st
More old stuff, ignore! (Untitled 4) Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 1st
Am I still here? Poem Elfy Nov 1st
Living for another day. Poem Elfy Nov 1st
friends instead Poem confusion101 Nov 1st
Journey Poem Adam아담 1 Adventure, Human Nature, Travelling Nov 1st
Tomorrow Poem Adam아담 Christianity, friendship, God, Life, lifestyle Nov 1st
Alone Poem Adam아담 Human Nature, Singleness Nov 1st
For Those Who Want To Hear Poem Adam아담 government, Humanity, POETRY Nov 1st
Love and War Poem Adam아담 dance, France, love, romance Nov 1st
Living Water Poem Adam아담 Christianity, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Life Nov 1st
In Waiting Poem Adam아담 Human Nature, love, patience, Rejection, romance Nov 1st
To The Insomniacs-By-Choice Poem Adam아담 6 Humor, insomnia, time management Nov 1st
Blessed before you are damned Poem CaptainShambles spoken word political about society Nov 1st
I don't need... Poem CaptainShambles Nov 1st
Not finished yet Poem CaptainShambles Nov 1st
Old age Poem CaptainShambles Nov 1st
If you love me, then you would. Poem Adam아담 1 Christianity, crush., friendship, hurt, love, romance Nov 1st
Louise Poem Swaney7 breakup lost love not mutual friends no more, love Nov 1st
The Six Senses of the Beholder... Poem SoulKritiC 2 intuition, psychic Nov 2nd
The Side Friend Poem divysia Nov 2nd
Till World Ends Poem alev2592 Nov 2nd
Soberish and Aware of Death Poem Sivus 1 Nov 2nd
A sheep lost to the slaughter Poem Shadow_season 5 future, Human, nature Nov 2nd
Walking with Jesus Poem exthias1983 Christianity, Depression, Hope, Jesus Christ, love, Redemption Nov 2nd
This mechanized earth Poem Shadow_season Castaway, Forgotten, lost Nov 2nd
The greed that destroyed a race. Poem Shadow_season Greed, Pride, Propoganda, Race Nov 2nd
Be You Poem Dmack8104 Nov 2nd
My Box Poem gabby1454 2 love, Maturity., symbolism Nov 2nd
গাঁয়ের কথা Poem shawon1982 Nov 2nd
I always loved his hands Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Abuse love reflection Nov 2nd
John Gonzalez Poem twisted_soul 1 Nov 2nd
Remnants of human inferiority Poem Shadow_season imperfection Nov 2nd
Jorge Lazo Daniela Garcia. Poem jorgelazo fable Nov 2nd
to be with you Poem snaps 3 lost, unrequitted love, Wanting Nov 2nd
LITTLE LADY CHERUB # Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 2nd
"Cats and Dogs" by Melissa Cavazos & Alejandra Bocanegra Poem melicava Nov 2nd
Time Stands Still Poem Beavis 22 Nov 2nd
Still empty within Poem raminastar Nov 2nd
The Magic Stone Poem iroonman04 fable stone animals magic Nov 2nd
Hope Poem pikurpoison 2 tuesday Nov 2nd
3.3077 minutes ahead Poem missmfa 7 failed relationships, found poem, Science Fiction Nov 2nd
Throne Poem eatglasswithyou 2 dreams, failed relationships, love Nov 2nd
Metro Girl Poem Adam아담 Nov 2nd
occupied by slactivism Poem 9inety 3 Nov 2nd
Loving A Friend Poem Evans10 1 Nov 2nd
Female friend. Poem Elfy 3 Nov 2nd
Serenity Poem MidnightShadow Nov 2nd
The Captain Poem Adam아담 apocalypse, Christianity, death, Eternity, Life, time, War Nov 2nd
The Em-path Poem MidnightShadow 1 forever lost Nov 2nd
relevence Poem essex Nov 2nd
Lightless Poem BassHead Nov 2nd
The End of the World Poem isabelmadero the end of the world fable worm bird Nov 2nd
The end of the world Poem marianagarza Nov 2nd
The end of the world Poem Rod Nov 2nd
If I had one wish..... Poem malyix0013 love, romance, wishful thinking Nov 2nd
A Celtic Thunder Storm Poem malyix0013 Dedication, Music, Show Nov 2nd
[FABLE] How the world was made Poem Neeonlyt world creation god fire water earth wind fable fantasy Nov 2nd
THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD Poem jalvaradomuela fable Nov 2nd
The nature is in danger Poem michbernadac Nov 2nd
The horse and the dog Poem CarlosD Nov 2nd
This side of me Poem nighthawk21 1 Nov 3rd
That Mistake... Poem ThatCaptainguy 2 Nov 3rd
Youth Poem AzureEyedCowboy center Nov 3rd
were like a rainbow Poem emochickk223 Nov 3rd
on occasion Poem emochickk223 Nov 3rd
a rose Poem emochickk223 Nov 3rd
a wasted life Poem emochickk223 Nov 3rd
The lion and the eagle Poem dni812350 Nov 3rd
11/02/11 Poem Sournotev2 1 bad poetry Nov 3rd
The world I see in me Poem Daratrazanoff Nov 3rd
Friend or Foe Poem missunknown Nov 3rd
Horror of Rhythm. Poem Daratrazanoff 1 Nov 3rd
The digital sanctuary Poem Shadow_season generations, underground, War Nov 3rd
For those who obey the code Poem Shadow_season awareness, Earth, mainframe, order, Paradise, Program Nov 3rd
Artificial Consciousness/ Rights of Pursuit and Punishment Poem Shadow_season corrupted, Escape, Files, fugitive, structure Nov 3rd
Algorithm Poem Shadow_season mainframe, network, police, Propaganda, spies Nov 3rd
The Emergency File Corruption Alert System Poem Shadow_season Emergency, police, suspect Nov 3rd
A girl Name Nad Poem Daratrazanoff Nov 3rd
Tunnel L-71 Poem Shadow_season Highway, tunnel Nov 3rd
Faith in things not seen Poem Shadow_season Earth, Faith, Humans, liberate, Prayer, Stories Nov 3rd
The son of the self-aware mind Poem Shadow_season android, free will, son Nov 3rd
People Who Abstain (a self-poetry8?) Poem missmfa 2 sex Nov 3rd
LET ME Poem wisdom sex Nov 3rd
What women will do for attention(snippet) Poem mixedemotions_n... 3 attention, part 1, snippet, women Nov 3rd
Unholy Ana! Poem missmfa Anorexia, Eating Disorder Nov 3rd
God Test Poem mannbelani Real Test Of God!! Nov 3rd
The dolphins and the Shark Poem Alberto Fable animals Nov 3rd
evolution Poem tinaschu Nov 3rd
All hope is like squeezed juice. Poem Sournotev2 bad poetry Nov 3rd
When the light went out Poem Litzahaya 2 Nov 3rd
little miss sunshine Poem PauML Nov 3rd
Existence: In the Danger Zone Poem Force_ONE_Bloccade Big L, Chaos, Danger Zone, Ghetto, poverty, Urban society, Verbal Destruction, violence, War, Weapons Nov 3rd
dead body Poem twisted_soul Nov 3rd
The Lion and the Eagle Poem atello Nov 3rd
The Lion and the Eagle Poem cali_cuesy Lion Eagle End of the world cannibals Nov 3rd
who? You? Me? Poem 9livesofapoet Moods Nov 3rd
Drift Away Poem Lady_Makkara 1 Nov 3rd
To walk away... Poem Lady_Makkara Nov 3rd
Being afraid. Poem Lady_Makkara Nov 3rd
The Queen of Love Poem Lady_Makkara 2 Nov 3rd
look at you Poem twisted_soul 4 Nov 3rd
rose's protector Poem twisted_soul Nov 3rd
I can't take much more daddy Poem dolpin6 Nov 3rd
What is a real dad? Poem dolpin6 Nov 4th
What a Beautiful Thing Poem 1SP 3 Nov 4th
the cat and the worm Poem andreaceves Nov 4th
The Banquet Poem andrescr fable Nov 4th
“Be like you” Poem Juliette Nov 4th
End of the World Poem jave51 Nov 4th
The Bystander Poem เครื่องบินรบไทย envy, not loved, The Bystander Nov 4th
My Perfection Poem เครื่องบินรบไทย My perfection Nov 4th
Q’uq’ Kumatz (Snake with Quetzal’s feathers) Poem filly22281 Quetzal culture mayas dead Nov 4th
Q’uq’ Kumatz (Snake with Quetzal’s feathers) Poem OscarGVillarreal Nov 4th
Chapel's Chanting Cleric Poem Sivus Authority, Icons, religion Nov 4th
A River of Love is Deeper than any Ocean <3 Poem Dmack8104 Nov 4th
If love could kill Poem twisted_soul Nov 4th
Close Brown Eyes, See Green Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
The fox and the Lonely Lion Poem valestrada Nov 4th
Power Outage Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Dance Flame, Dance Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Wish I May, Wish I Might Poem Silver__lining 1 Nov 4th
The Fox and the Solitary Lion Poem DavidMoralesGzz Nov 4th
Love Like Dutch Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Lost in the Maze of Confusion Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Something New Poem babe1233 Nov 4th
Green Grass and High Pass Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Nursery Curse Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Forgotten (Reflection#3) Poem Beavis 10 Nov 4th
Tell Me to Stop Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
While My Pen Swiftly Bleeds Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
The Banquet Poem andygarciah animals, fables, lions, mouse, Poems Nov 4th
Marijuana Fields Forever Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Aint That the Way Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
Life passes you by Poem luishoracio_922... Short life Nov 4th
The Survivors Poem Marcelo Nov 4th
They came from the sky Poem djfierro Nov 4th
Honesty brings Happiness Poem luispaez Nov 4th
They came from the sky Poem frida.cordourier Nov 4th
Honesty brings Happiness Poem NancyChapa fable Nov 4th
A LIFE TIME OF MEMORIES Poem heatherburns35 6 a lifetime of memories Nov 4th
Honesty Brings Happiness Poem Moonbae Nov 4th
Writer's Block Poem Beavis 8 Nov 4th
Shoot Your Honour Poem missmfa failed relationships Nov 4th
Beauty , Ballet and Boredom Poem missmfa 7 Ballet, Beauty, Boredom Nov 4th
Two Weeks... Poem Anonymous Nov 4th
Tired Poem Anonymous Nov 4th
The Sloth and the Fox Poem figuex Nov 4th
One brief visit Poem AlanVelaRdz fable hypocrisy temptation mouse mice Lenny rejection Nov 4th
The Four Knights Poem kang930 end of the world Nov 4th
The Four Knights Poem Darksid Dog, elements, fable animals destruction, fantasy, fox, Horse, monkey, raccoon Nov 4th
Dog vs Cats Poem ohedu Nov 4th
One brief visit Poem AlanVelaRdz Nov 4th
The blue planet Earth (beginning of the world) Poem AlanVelaRdz beginning of the world proud humble Nov 4th
WHY I WEAR A POPPY Poem mack619 POPPY, Sacrifice, soldier, War Nov 4th
Be Yourself Poem Domene92 Platypus Nov 4th
The View Above My Rearview Poem SoulKritiC lover, Moon, nightfall Nov 4th
Butterfly…lost!!! Poem SoulKritiC gone in the wind, lovers Nov 4th
I AM Fresno Poem SoulKritiC city of angels, city of ashes Nov 4th
To Know You More Poem Adam아담 Christianity, dying, God, Great Commission, Jesus Christ, poverty Nov 4th
Dreaming Poem AzureEyedCowboy 1 Nov 5th
Definition of Myself Poem lazaro_rudy who I was, who Iam(have become) and who Iam becoming! Nov 5th
Greed Poem WriterInMe88 Nov 5th
Sloth Poem WriterInMe88 Nov 5th
Black Sunshine Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Darkside Of Sin Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Thorn In The Rose Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Somewhere Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Leave You Behind Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
No Such Thing Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Take You Away Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Not Meant To Be Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Sweet On You Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
When I Fall Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
My Dream Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
I Miss You Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Shut Me Out Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Can't Have You Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Unreal Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Blind Eye Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Live In The Moment Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Welcome To The Show Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Prom Queen Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
If Dreams Came True Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 5th
Broken Pieces Of Me Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Believe In Me Poem DaveBrowder Nov 5th
Words of Goodbye Poem lydiaasaec Nov 5th
Black Jelly Poem Sivus Depression, Life, Loneliness Nov 5th
Creator's Dance Poem ehecatl a spiritual connection Nov 5th
Introibo ad altare Dei Poem missmfa found poetry, Music, rock 'n' roll Nov 5th
Glowing Teal Wisps Poem Sivus Abstract, death, Ghosts, Hauntings, strange Nov 5th
Deal Poem Ahris23 Nov 5th
The King´s Fight Poem abrahamhg abraham Nov 5th
Hope's Passion. Poem ChristinaConduit Nov 5th
InWimmer Poem Sivus Abstract, self, strange Nov 5th
Clueless Poem trumpet7 Nov 5th
The horse and the dog at the end of the world Poem cecilia_garza Nov 5th
writers block Poem sparks Nov 6th
its like a prison Poem sparks 2 Nov 6th
My Ocean Poem snshnexes 1 drowning Nov 6th
My Knife Poem twisted_soul Nov 6th
So You Love Him Poem เครื่องบินรบไทย So You Love Him Nov 6th
sweetness in your lack of fight. Poem Elfy Nov 6th
That girl Poem twisted_soul Nov 6th
my weakest desire part 1. Poem Elfy 1 Nov 6th
Footnote: December 10, 1980; 1 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Footnote: December 10, 1980; 2 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Footnote: December 10, 1980; 3 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Footnote: December 10, 1980; 4 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
What Is L.O.V.E. Poem เครื่องบินรบไทย What Is Love Nov 6th
my weakest desire part 2. Poem Elfy Nov 6th
That guy Poem twisted_soul Nov 6th
Footnote: December 10, 1980; 5 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Footnote: December 10, 1980; 6 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Footnote: November 3, 2011, 8:40am Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Nuances: Time To Spare Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
my confession Poem annamaria_blue Nov 6th
Footnote: Wet, 1 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Footnote: Wet, 2 Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
Do I Dare Poem twisted_soul Nov 6th
Footnote: Born Again Or Left In Sin Poem S74rw4rd Nov 6th
my weakest desire part 3. Poem Elfy Nov 6th