Fellow American


Fellow American




A time to throwback


The time to relive


Not for the shadow lives


For the whole and soul of


Life , liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Genesis of America


A gift of labor in harmony of


Those hands of light and shadow lives.


A thought of Abraham’s I have a dream


Realized true few decades ago,


Recent lived Obama’s stay at  Whitehouse


Glorified the dream I have a dream.


American dream urged for labor


Let not shadow hands live as Ralph’s Invisible man


It is not a time for live life of horse - and – buggy


It is time to live in harmony dear fellow American












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Relating to present racial situations, need for harmony!!!!!

The King´s Fight

Long time ago when the animals lived in peace and harmony, the Lions and the Tigers used to rule the earth as a team, and all the other Little and big animals respected them.
One day a disease killed the lion king, everyone was concerned, specially the tiger king, because the lion king was his closest friend, so the lion king’s son took the charge of the new lion king, but he was young and immature.
After few weeks the little king decided to go for a walk, when suddenly a big ugly black bird intercepted him in the middle of the way.
- Hello my king. The bird said. I’ve heard tigers talking about you my king…
- Yea? What were they saying? The little king asked.
- Oh my king, I’m not sure if I should tell you... the bird said. I don’t want to cause any trouble. But I’ve heard they were talking, and I heard them say that they weren’t sure about your leadership my king, and that you were weak and immature.
- Them? Who? Who said that bird!
- The tigers my king, they think you are still a child, and that you should not be in the position you are, they even said that you could destroy our kingdom!
Without thinking the lion went with his friends and told them what was happening, so they made a plan to go and challenge the tigers
But they were also influenced by the manipulating ideas of the bird, who told the tigers that the lions were making a conspiracy lead by the new lion king to rule the whole kingdom by themselves, and that they were coming to fight them.
So the lions and tigers started a fight without even talking about it, they destroyed trees, plants, and everything that crossed their way. The other animals without the leadership of the kings, didn’t knew what to do and the chaos started.
At the end of the fight everything was ruined, there was no kingdom to fight for, and all the animals were gone, because the tigers and lions never stopped…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Abraham Herrera
Diana Gonzalez

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