My Father's Fishing Rods

My father’s fishing rods were always part of my life in a way, either in the background when we lived in the city, or creating memories of three generations on one boat in the sea. By three generations I mean that the fishing rods for me, represent the union of the very little time my grandfather, my father and I were able to experience together, me in my younger years, and my grandfather in his last good ones, while my father got to experience the connection as the link between us. So strong was that meaning, that by the time I was old enough to own one, my father gave one to me as a birthday present, one which I will keep and cherish forever; it did not come soon enough though, for my grandfather grew old and sick, therefore unable to continue fishing with my father and I. Then life kept going on, as it usually does, and difficulties presented, as they usually do, so the amount of fishing time diminished up to the point where the fishing rods were there only as a memory of a simpler time, as opposed to one in which my grandfather lingers between life and death, and I moved on to a different stage in my own life, drifting apart from my father and leaving my younger brother his turn to experience those connections and make meaningful memories of his own. The most prominent memory that comes to mind of those glorious occasions was the three of us, in one of my grandfather’s latest trips, we did not fish anything at all, but we saw dolphins at the reach of the hand, in what always seems to be an infinite desert of salt water with treasures underneath, with the wind blowing and the waves crashing on the hull, and a sunrise as beautifully colored, it resembled a paint made with a fine brush guided by a melancholic heart, and the mighty ocean, oh the mighty ocean, that feels like that old friend you do not see in years but when you do is like nothing ever changed. Later in my life I came to the knowledge that I was the only grandson that went fishing with him, and that, being the first son of his first son, he was proud of being able to see me become a man, always remembering in contrast, those glorious adventures from years ago. When the inevitable moment that creeps in our future and comes for us all at some point finally arrives for my grandfather I know that at least he lived a thrilling life, one that I am glad I could be a part of.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my grandfather, who was in his last days when I wrote this, and know that I've uploaded it, has passed away.

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Age of the sun

Generation of generations, let not your heart be troubled
strive for the bettering of tommorow, fight for the life
you deserve to live; seek to stand tall under the sun
and shine your light for the age to come; bring enlightenment
to the day that is soon to be born.

"those parents" lyrics written by Sharee M. Givens for Jonn Jonn's Parents

verse 1
waking up one day.
maybe they had something to say.
they just had to express.
making love, gave it away.

those words in their lips.
with stars in their eyes.
melodies in their feet.
today that's what moves me.

chorus 1
those parents
had to create-
the most beautiful baby.
fantastic little boy.
giving innocent joy.
when he learned to walk.
confused young man.
finding his place.
trying to find shoes that fit.
now hes a polite man.
with patience to the left.
and compassion on the right.

verse 2
as their hearts still climb.
with passionate memories combined.
memories of yesterday.
sit on chairs in their minds.

wild in their dreams.
now passed down the line.
all those generations sprung forth.
their legacy enriched even more.

chorus 2
those parents,
came from heaven.
just like you.
three tiny twinkles.
confirmed by angels afar.
generous pride in these stars.
traveling hand in hand.
they find their places.
they wear compatible shoes.
spreading smiles through the world.
once a boy or girl.
now they are parents to eternity.

repeat verse 1 & chorus 1 till fading point.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

romantic feelings felt towards a man i'm in love with and thanks going to all parents who created loving children like him, us, and anyone else who feels this way.

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Hope after seperation/the shadow over tommorow


"In this is dark new world, we must come to face the reality,
which has been forced upon us;
Our generation will have to survive if we want make a new home for those to come after.
We have to find it, no matter where it is, and make it, in any way possible.
That is our purpose now."

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Fear of what cannot be seen/paranoia of everyone and the order that it brings

Within this dark, confined world,
the Algorithms ruled each sector of each city with no regard for mercy or compassion;
no free speech was allowed unless it was in praise of the master programmer,
no thought was allowed expression that was deemed a possible threat to the order that had been established long ago.
The price for so called safety and harmony, were the very freedoms, once enjoyed;
the free will that had been suppressed and controlled many generations long dead.
It was not guns or uniforms, but paranoia that inspired suppression;
no one dared speak freely.

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The digital sanctuary

Since dawn of Atom
many generations have lived in the underground sanctuary;
a vast expanse of cities and bunkers
of humans and A.C. citizens
who have never seen the light of the sun or felt the wind
on their faces.

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Smiling generations.

His smile stern,
barely seen,
so much pain,
so much love,
a world he’s felt,
so horrid,
so beautiful.

So innocent her smile stretches oceans,
bursting with joy,
so ignorant of evil,
so easy to love,
she makes you tear,
for your last love and hope.

She’s more skeptical,
it hurts,
she starts seeing the clues,
the little things,
the horror,
the trickery,
the human.

He could run circles around you,
he can jump up and down for hours,
with no rest,
he might fight you,
but in the end he’s going to hug you,
unconditionally love you.

Her smile subtle,
only he smiles less,
she’s seen,
she’s felt,
but she hopes,
she prays,
she believes,
she is.

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