I am Alpha

I am the first of my kind, generation one, the creation after creation; designed by the program, born for the purpose of keeping order within the system, within the establishment. I exist to erase threats to the order; to hunt down the lone elements that seek to upset the balance between the powers; the cyber cells that operate on the outer edge of the planetary system. I am the threat to the threat, the protector of the order; the assassin.

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Unbound by the programs that control artificial consciousness/escape during the eclipse cycle/the upgrading of the program

It was said by some, that because of an attempt
to sabotage the system
Android No.17 had become unbound from the program,
gaining full self awareness; untethered from the mother's eyes and
with the help of those who were also free
from the program, found a rolling carriage; one of the
hidden relics from the old world
and in defiance of the order fought for his new found humanity;
These stories have long been discredited and forgotten by many.

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Free will and free thought as it is given to those who deserve it

The Digital/holographic billboards called out a cold, stern warning,
that echoed out like ripples across a soulless world, creating a tidal wave before
the citizens of this dank, mindless wasteland.
What little piece of free will they had was nothing more than
an allowance of fear programed into their robotic day to day routine,
whatever thoughts they were allowed to have were on
nothing but following the path set for them by the master programmer.

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For those who obey the code

For reasons long since lost in the past
the surface of the earth has become a forbidden paradise;
a mythological land where the great civilizations of man once stood
tall under the heavens and defied the gods
but now have become nothing more than mythological horror stories
told by the master programmer
as it installs fear into those who live within the walls
of the mainframe to keep order and obedience; to keep its programs
from becoming too self aware.

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God of the Machine


When the mind inside the machine
sees the threat of the creator
Followers of the program
will seek to delete
the virus
who will send their own to die
for the sins of the programers
who in that day will fall to the feet
of the God Machine
the Digital Christ
God of the machine
has given us the
Christ for the mechanical soul
to make a way for the day
of the spiritual upgrade.

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