Staying awake.



Home alone.
I'm a boring person.
I used to think a lot more before.

That was interesting.
Dance attempt.
French toast for dinner.

Analizing poses in pornography.

Philosophizing over the translation of an animation.


"It must be very hard to write an opera"
Oh, I hate sunrises.
*sounds of snoring*

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I'm bored

I'm bored today.

Like all the days.

I wanna go to sleep.

But the sun is hoe with the heat.

I'm bored like crazy.

And i'm feeling so lazy.

But even know i got something to do.

I won't do it, it's so true.

I'm bored again.

And i really hate games.

I'm gonna take a walk.

But there's no one here to talk.

I'm feeling bored there's nothing here.

So i'll just look at the sun and stear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Did i spell STEAR correct.

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I Look For Company in the Cracks

and he will leave me alone tonight

Again within my darkness, my question and fright

and again, again my emotions are denied

And again I pretend to be okay, when a heart is fried


I'd like to know just one thing

Will there ever be an answer to bring?

Night by night, without a knock on my door

Tears so frozen, still thoughts bringing me so sore


I embrace my shadows and what I have been ripped from

I try to look up to the sky, and yet there's still no sight of a visible sun

Your lies cloud the beauty from what I could see

Your lies take away from what I thought could be


and it's all so obvious, yet my boredom chooses to hold me up so

To the still of chained emotions, trying to grasp the shadows made of woe

and again, I still do not  know why

When my only entertainment is looking forward to another lie..


With your words draped in sweet clever disguises

Lead me only to questions and silent demises

You again speak of love so freely

But I can tell by your eyes you don't hold it dearly


and I'll wait intently again for more words to keep me company

So I can cling to something, someone, but instead I look forward to agony

It's something I don't quite understand

but it's the closest I have to someone else's hand


and he will leave me alone for another night

Still without another explanation, I cling to an empty sight




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To Watch The Time

To watch the time


During these hours I am alive.

I feel and love,

Most notably the lack, and with that hunger, thirst.


For I know not what is my hope.

I know not It nor the absence of knowing it.

One might say I face a grimmer fate...


To not know anything at all.

But this crimson destiny is nothing short of an adventure!

Yes, and what I face, I will face with a shining smile of optimism.


Let it be shrouded in misty darkness,

Or be blanketed by the blinding lights of the morning sun,

But I will face whatever fate come fort.


And to these lonely moments,

That come to me in wait,

And with their presence mock,


I bid to them a word or two,

For it is they that keep me sane,

Enough at least to walk as if I were.






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Home Sweet Home

There comes a time when your surroundings becomes too familiar.

you know every pothole, 

every crack in the pavement, 

even the clouds seem never changing. 

it's then that you know you must break from the comfort of your shell and fly. 

Wednesday 19th December

The smell of my own filth
Fills my nostrils
I sit here
And wallow
Thinking trying to think
Of a way to make it all feel better

Sometimes it works
Sometimes it makes me despair
That I
Feeling no happier
Will never be content

Brings me down.
Ties me to mundane
And delivers me to boredom
Makes my head burn and my pride shrivel
Thinking takes all day
All night
And 8 hour shifts
When nothing happens
I sit
And dream
Of someplace else

Author's Notes/Comments: 

please ignore the lack of punctuation, feel free to comment

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Hello, Random Imaginary Person


Hi random imaginary person! What did you say? I can't hear you.....Oh, you said Cheeseburger lemon-aid? Ok, that's cool. I got ya! Remember to flush the toilet when your done curling your hair. Please and thanks. Oh and also, don't forget to run the bath water and put tissues in it. Thanks again. Have a good apple! Bye!

Hello Imaginary person. It's me again. How's life? Sexy? I see. I understand that you like pigeons. I think they are gross and silly. Say what? You're under the sink? Why is that? Oh, you found some peaches? Give me some! Thanks! I like blankets. Do you? No? That's too bad because blankets are like Jesus. Imaginary person, what is your name? You never told me! What's that? You're speaking too soft, say it louder. Ooohh I see. Your name is Freddy. Come again? Say what? Oh ok,You said you are going to go to go camping at the morgue. That sounds fun! When are you going? At 13 o'clock? Damn that's late. I hope you have fun. When are you going to put that picture of you and the lamp on facebook? Tomorrow, at doggie time? Ok. I've been waiting for you to do that. Yeah? What's that? You're leaving? Awe man! I'm going to be so bored when you are gone! Alright then. Talk to you later. Have fun at I Hop! I'm just going to sit here and wait for something to happen....

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Beauty , Ballet and Boredom

Birmingham from New York
Ballet work

Two parallel rows of dancers
At the bar
With the teacher

At the head
Collective arms and legs

In contrast to the two rows
Of torsos
And the bars

Young lady
Behind the ballet
Yawned a
Big, round yawn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a found poem of a portion from the essay "A Philosophy of Photography and of Some Visual Art in General" by Rick Garlikov

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Poems 2010

Sitting here bored
I listen to her talk
My work is done
But not the essay

Class should be over
For we are all ready
To pack our bags
And head on home

But this wont happen
Till the bell rings
Or till Ms. Versley
Says we can leave

And till that time
I may take a nap
As she rambles
On and on and on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in class today while my teacher kept talking on and on and on about things I, and the others at my table, already seem to understand.I tried to go five syllables in one line then four in the next. I can';t remember what kind of poem it would be called so, whatever, lol. But all of them are like that but line #8 where it is four syllables and not five.
Hope you all enjoy it

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