Impact of Your Existence

Love Poems

The refurbishing grace of your resonating perfection eradicates of the chaotic origins of strain
Encompassing the depths of my ethereal form with a spiritual embodiment of pleasure and pain
Uplifting the standardized dogmas of all what may be perceived with an embrace invigorating to the origin of my being
Casting me unhindered and ascended throughout the formless plains of my untold passion, and igniting my innate crave for seeing

The boundless horizons of your incomprehensible mirage of existential fluidity
Derides the ingenuinely respects attachments to which our blindness be sustenance
And flawlessly diffuses into the landscapes of my uninformed convictions and fragile awakenings
Soaring throughout the shattered assembly of my mingled construction, offering a deleting deliverance

The encompassing warmth of your soothing touch disperses amongst the damaged beats of my torn heart
The sublime offerings of the priceless smiles you bring to life kindles the hidden realizations lost in the concealment of a mind’s guileful trickery
The mystifying absolution of the piercing divinity dancing amongst the rectifying rays soaring though and out of your alluring eyes, provokes a healing and innocent hope daring to sorrow as it is to the fatal chains of destiny

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