Holy Spirit

He's Still Alive

Nails driven into your hands,

thorns placed onto your head,

broken legs,

but a will that still stands strong

despite the torment,

despite the hatred: 


a spirit that will not be conquered

a worm that will not die,

a fire that will continue to burn:

a man that will  not be buried for long,

a sun that will only set for a time,

a king that cannot be dethroned

a god who is above all,

a man who will not die

a man that is still alive. 



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Discovering the Holy Spirit in Me




Oh, what a revelation!

Jesus’ gifts are not from this earth.

They are an

uncontrollable quintessence

that radiates into my soul.

God’s love dresses my mind

with golden skyscrapers

that pierce His heavens.

There is no need to own things in His home.

I look deeper into His treasures

and see what I need.

Spiritual waters—the Holy Spirit—take me to Him.

Gold has no value in heaven,

nor do diamonds.

They are just trinkets that sparkle.




and His presence are what’s there.

My mind cannot confirm this,

only my Faith accepts what’s there.

There is no need for words.

There is no need for thoughts.



and spiritual gifts are there,

and I have just arrived.












Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my book, entering the Holy Spirit.

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Psalm 63:4


PSALM  63:4*


     To praise You as long as I live

     is my unfolding path of eternal love.

     To do something forever

     shows loyalty, faithfulness, character,

     patience, endurance, respect, truth,

     and todah**—the lifting of hands—

     gives praise and worship to Jesus.

     He is worthy.

     Everything I offer Him

     is nothing in comparison

     to what He does for me.

     He hears if I praise Him.

     He sees if I worship Him.

     Praying and worshipping are my true gifts to Him.

     Do I bring Him into my life?

Will I pass His test?

Will I sanctify Him forever?

Will I be at His side?

Will I pray?
Will todah be part of my life?

     There are Divine gifts,

     rewards, and miracles

     that only God can give.

     Do I notice these gifts when they occur,

     or is it my doings that make them happen?

     Is God’s existence self-begot or not?

     Is death ending or not?

     Jesus is here for many reasons.

     How do I honor Him?


       *I will praise You as long as I live
       and in Your name I will lift up my hands.


       **Hebrew for an extension of the hand.

       A choir of worshippers.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my book of poetry, entering the Holy Spirit.

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Love Never Fails


What is love?

Love is obedience.
Love is "givenness" to another.
Love is sacrifice.
Love is hearing.
Love is listening.
Love is searching.
And love is found.

Love is quiet wistfulness,
a peace when one is near a friend.

Love is fierce selflessness,
a resolve to give one's life.

Love is resolute patience,
in trying times of another's selfishness.

Love is sometimes "tough love,"
but it never seeks anything but good.

Love is hard to give and hard to find,
but both pursuits are worthwhile.

And love is often overlooked or not appreciated,
but love should not cease.
Love ought to endure forever.

True love is pure gold,
and most of us only possess the alloy,
the impure, incomplete.

And God's Word says this,
that "love is patient, love is kind.
it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with truth.
it always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love never fails..."

Perhaps it is we, who fail to love?
Because if God is love, then love is divine.

And we can only love this fully
by the power of God.

In all honesty...

Listen. Look inwardly, and just listen very carefully. And look intently at who you are, look deeply into yourself - beyond what is superficial, beyond what is obvious and take account of what lies beyond that. Your soul.

Are you doing well? Are you hurting? Is their bitterness at God, or at a friend, or even an enemy? Are you really okay, right now, and could you be content if this moment was your very last on this earth?

If you see something you don’t like (and this will come to be), then you have a human condition known as brokenness, and you are in good company. Well, “good” would be perhaps the wrong way to put it - we are very bad at being “good” to each other and to ourselves and to God. Often, we fail at this. The room gets dark, moods go south, and ever so deeply we know that something isn’t right. We sin - we step out of light into darkness, we walk from life to death, our words do not bless but rather curse.

So, what is the meaning of it all, that somethings be judged as sinful, and others anything but? How can there be such a Law without a Lawgiver? Jump off a cliff, and by gravity you will fall to your death; and so does the sum of our curse words, our jealousies and hate, and our many other damaging ways lead to no other end than death. That’s a serious claim, but really think about it. Search your heart. Do you feel the need to be changed, the need to be delivered?

So listen. Really try, and pray to God you see clearly - God’s on your side, and wants to help you. In fact, He’s got an answer for these problems - Jesus Christ died so you won’t face death (I’m not talking about a physical death). We need to learn to humbly take Jesus Christ as Lord (as Master, for whom our life is given to) and Savior (as the one who atones for our sins by himself dying, though we ourselves should feel the consequence).

I know this isn’t popular or pleasant to hear. But I care enough about you that I want you to know it. This is the Good News of the Christians, that you find new life and are in fact a new man, not doomed to the weightiness of death. Though the entire world run against you, will you trust Jesus Christ to have conquered death? And do you want more than a mission to live on earth and make gains, only to lose them when you die? Are you willing to accept the adoption into God’s family? Are you okay with God being with you everyday to encourage you, His indwelling Spirit living in you?

I’m telling you, as one who struggles with life many days, its worth everything to me.

Living Water, Part II


May your words rush over me like water,
a fresh, new source of life.

Poured over aching wounds of sin,
may it be your knowing words that
ease my conscience,
rest my heart and
heal a shattered soul, once bent.

I do not have the words to offer,
in portion to your goodness;
for what good phrase can go beyond
the grace that You have given
or the love that You have shown.

Peace is now my state of mind
and in this peace I rest;
adopted by the King of Kings
and counted with the blest.

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…Are you listening?
…Will you obey?
…Do you trust Me?
…Do you love Me?
…Will you praise Me?
…Will you live for Me?
…Will you accept all things from Me?
…Can you live with MY plan for you?
…Will you allow my Holy Spirit to lead you in every area of your life?
I AM always seeking you-even now.
I AM with you-forever.
I AM present at your point of need-FOREVER.
“I AM”
Cheryl Rehaume Togashi©
November 13, 2011

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Living Water


In midst' the raging sea of hatred, turbid waters,
God's hand suddenly interposes;
Only by Christ, you will take it -
And gain so freely, Living Water.

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