free will

Moral Intuition of Moral Theorists

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I just happen to have reviewed or double-checked this particular poem, too, while doing rechecking/reviewing of my entries lat time.  And I noticed a misspelled word in one of the hashtags (i.e. #presuposition, incorrectly input).  Thus, I thought for a while that just would retain that misspelled hashtag after all.  I would do that and then add the correct word (i.e. "presupposition", neither mistyped nor misspelled this time) so that anyone who mistypes a hashtag for "presupposition", just in case, would still find his/her way to a page in PostPoems that contain the correct hashtag which he/she meant to type/input (which is #presupposition).  Thank you for reading on.

Free Will [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse
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thoughts surrounding that fourth leaf breaking off

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thinkin about " free will" and just how powerful that statement really is. But I don't think it's really free. There has to be an exchange of some sort. The universe likes gratitude it seems.

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The choice of free will and the desire to hold onto humanity

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