Short life

Life is Too Short

Life like Arthur Rimbaud,

And Sukanta Bhattacharya is short too,

As Sylvia Plath it perishes rather quickly,

Like the wind life is whimsical so.



Life is like the smile,

On the cheeks of the newly born,

Life is seen in the moonlight,

And by the river in the morn.


Life is beautiful like the flowers,


Life is diverse like the universe!

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Numbered Days

Our days are numbered,

Each daylight is special,

Every so often, we smile,

While, in some other moments, we go red.


Like Napoleon, some of us try harder to attain,

Something that will make us eternal,

In this world, mortal,

Few others are not in a hurry to, anything, gain.


Yet, the days get subtracted like seconds,

 Oh God! Let us leave our footprints before death descends.  

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Life is short

Life is flying, rushing by

If only we took some time to si

I want nothing but to enjoy the day

Sitting, playing in the sunshine ray


Life is short with minutes left

It might be years before we regret

The time we had and took for granted

Never let that feeling make you frantic


Life is precious with all its sights

Take the time to learn all its­­­ beauty

The moments we enjoy will feel like a lifetime

Life is short make it worth the timeline

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Life passes you by

Once upon a time in a jungle there was sloth. The sloth as always was hanging from a tree sleeping and dreaming. Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted his dreams. He woke up and fell to the ground. When he finally recovered from the fall, he looked around and saw a fox. He was so surprised and scared to see him standing there. He thought of climbing back to his tree, but his feet didn’t respond because of the fear.
Then the fox said “Hi there, what were you doing up there?”
The sloth didn’t respond.
“Hey, are you okay?”
Finally, the sloth gathered some courage and said “Yes” and tried to get to the nearest tree. The fox quickly approach the sloth, but the sloth thought he was being attack and he climbed the tree that was next to him.
After this the fox seem really surprised. But he was also confused; he didn’t understand why the sloth had run away and he asked “Why are you running?” The sloth, who was still scared, answered “I’m going to go back to sleep”. Then he hung from a branch and pretended to sleep, hoping the fox to get bored and leave. But this didn’t happen and when the sloth opened his eyes to see if the fox was still in there, he found the fox right in the same place just staring at him. What’s the matter the sloth said? , nothing , the fox said , but your attitude kind of depresses me. The sloth didn’t understand what was he referring to , and closed his eyes again and tried to sleep. The fox , climbed the tree and yell at his ear. The sloth was getting pretty annoy by the fox , and ask him what was he looking for. The fox answered , I am looking at an animal waste his life , instead of running around these precious forests and swim in those gorgeous lakes , I really don’t understand if nature is beautiful and life is awesome , what are you doing asleep. The sloth got the idea of what the fox was saying , and stood up. After he stood up , he climbed down the tree and went to look for another place to rest. The fox threw at him rocks until he got up and really angry asked him what is his deal. The fox said you are going to regret when you are old what you lost in your young hood. The sloth didn’t care and went to sleep , one day he realize he was with his wife sloth , and many little sloths , he was becoming old , and then realize that he didn’t enjoy his life , because he was always sleeping. The fox was right said the sloth , when he realized he was already a grandfather and had little time to live. I should have enjoyed more my past years.

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