Monthly Archive for May 2002

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
[] وهذا طبعنا احيان Poem asaihati May 1st
On The Third Day Poem cameca8 1 Depression May 1st
Worthless Poem dangerous_addiction 1 May 1st
Next time Poem dis_konnected May 1st
Derrida might have been right Poem dis_konnected Book Review NonPoetry May 1st
ما أطول تلك الأيام العرجاء/الى:نعيمة عماشة Poem esmat11211 Angels May 1st
متاهة الروح Poem esmat11211 2 Acrostic May 1st
هذيان اللوجوس/نص مواز Poem esmat11211 May 1st
ز ...يتنزه على قوس قزح Poem esmat11211 1 May 1st
ص/د*و.ع ()نص Poem esmat11211 Comedy/Humor May 1st
عصــر يـزيـد Poem fares May 1st
قبلتها Poem fares 1 May 1st
What's Inside? Poem gwennalockafer 1 May 1st
A Romantic Walk In Your Mind Poem kenneth_ameigh love May 1st
A Question Of Love Poem kenneth_ameigh love May 1st
A Poem About Not Writing A Poem Poem kenneth_ameigh 2 Poetry/Writing May 1st
DAISY HAIKU. Poem kiwi 9 Haiku May 1st
Still A Stranger, Now A Perfect Friend... Poem SoulKritiC Acceptance May 1st
`Annabelle` Poem mack619 1 May 1st
It's Not Alright Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Other May 1st
Gone and Dead Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 4 May 1st
Wonder Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 May 1st
Jealous Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 May 1st
Twenty-two More Days Poem onelilartist 1 May 1st
Our Hearts Beat as One Poem sparkythedog721 May 1st
A Reason for Living Poem starlite 1 love May 1st
Slumber Poem starlite 1 May 1st
Paperdoll Poem sweetdreams 3 Anger NonViolent May 1st
Follow the Bouncing Ball Poem taoist 1 Angst May 1st
Angelic Pain Poem taoist Devastation May 1st
social dilemma Poem taoist 1 Culture/Society May 1st
She Loves Austin Poem TREXPATTON 1 Acceptance May 1st
Epitaph Poem ugonna 22 Bittersweet, dirge, diversity, emotions, expression, Hope, humankind, love, Pain, personal, Thoughts, Tolerance, truth May 1st
Ode To Sparrows Poem blumentopf 1 Life/Living May 2nd
Hollywood Heroes Poem brooklynspice 1 May 2nd
My Angel Poem brooklynspice 1 May 2nd
Spring Time Poem brooklynspice 1 May 2nd
بحثت عنك Poem fares May 2nd
صوت من الأعماق ناداني Poem fares May 2nd
فلسطين Poem fares May 2nd
انه عصر الخيانة Poem fares May 2nd
Drivers Poem hhickson 5 Comedy/Humor May 2nd
A Poem Of Love Poem kenneth_ameigh 2 love May 2nd
A Seasons' Death Poem kenneth_ameigh Nature/Environment May 2nd
Blossoming Love Poem kenneth_ameigh love May 2nd
Zero Poem lillep 1 Acceptance May 2nd
Memory Poem lillep 1 Being Loved May 2nd
Giving In Poem lillep 2 Abuse May 2nd
Life's Book Poem lillep Goodbye May 2nd
Deed Poem lillep 1 Depression May 2nd
Oncoming Poem lillep 1 Abuse May 2nd
Reclusion Poem lillep 1 Acceptance May 2nd
My Reflection Poem mystikal 1 Depression May 2nd
Sorrowful Eyes Poem mythers 1 friendship May 2nd
من أنت Poem Noor 2 Unrequited Love May 2nd
اهداء: د. ألأرز Poem Noor May 2nd
The Natives are Restless Poem ndtewarie 2 Abuse May 2nd
I Am Sorry Poem ndtewarie May 2nd
Tribute to Barbara Frum Poem ndtewarie May 2nd
YOUR FACE Poem odengalasi 1 May 2nd
Summer's Treasure Poem onelilartist 1 May 2nd
EMBITTERED Poem pangan_l_l Pain/Sorrow May 2nd
I SAW STARS Poem pangan_l_l 2 Comedy/Humor May 2nd
Amazed Poem starlite_angel 4 May 2nd
Three Simple Words Poem starlite_angel 2 May 2nd
Coffee House Blues Poem taoist 1 May 2nd
day to day to day to day Poem taoist May 2nd
Harriet Olson Poem TREXPATTON Haiku May 2nd
Breakdown Poem milaamo 1 Depression May 2nd
BY A SIMPLE POEM Poem chick20a00dee friendship May 3rd
NOT JUST A COUSIN Poem chick20a00dee love May 3rd
ويح حكام العرب Poem fares 1 May 3rd
i always do this Poem hushbaby 1 May 3rd
Fuel Poem hushbaby May 3rd
Untitled 17 Poem hushbaby 1 May 3rd
`Billy Smith` Poem mack619 May 3rd
Night Drawings Poem mythers 1 love May 3rd
dot dot dot . . . Poem oh_so_odd May 3rd
GROWING UP Poem pangan_l_l 1 Angst May 3rd
PICTURESQUE GLANCES Poem pangan_l_l Hidden Love May 3rd
Not Knowing What's to Be Poem pudnsis1 1 Poetry/Writing May 3rd
Fee Nix Phoenix Poem saiom May 3rd
to Her Self Poem saiom May 3rd
Third Eye Has No Lid Poem saiom inspiration May 3rd
Angels of the Sky Poem starlite_angel 1 May 3rd
A CROSS FOR DOROTHEA Poem terry Existential May 3rd
Vincent Knew This Well - Haiku Poem terry Haiku May 3rd
[] حجر كريم Poem asaihati May 4th
Automatic tears Poem running_with_rabbits 10 May 4th
An echo's whisper Poem running_with_rabbits 4 love May 4th
The Way I See You Poem jezzabel confusion May 4th
Wonderment Poem pudnsis1 1 Sonnets May 4th
your love Poem shadowdragonfly 1 May 4th
Puzzle Box Poem sirknight love May 4th
Fate or Man? Poem starlite May 4th
[] خـــاطـــره (2) Poem asaihati 2 May 5th
[] أيها الخل المواسى Poem asaihati May 5th
[] نــــور ضــــيـــاكـــي Poem asaihati May 5th
Oceans Apart Poem dragon 1 long distance May 5th
Freedom Poem dragon 1 Hope May 5th
Family Poem fallenangel78 1 family May 5th
WILD ROSE HAIKU Poem kiwi 4 Haiku May 5th
The Shadow Overhead Poem mrmetal_53 3 Other May 5th
Already Dead Poem mrmetal_53 1 Other May 5th
Memories of a Suicidal Poem mrmetal_53 1 Other May 5th
Garden's Beauty Poem mythers 3 Beauty May 5th
Killer In The Midst Poem necifallen 1 Anger Violent May 5th
Hypocrisy Poem necifallen Irony May 5th
Upon Haunt Poem necifallen May 5th
Erythema Solare Poem necifallen May 5th
Sordid Lark Poem necifallen May 5th
The Seventeenth Parallel Poem necifallen War May 5th
Pukak Poem necifallen 1 May 5th
Let Go Poem starlite Goodbye May 5th
Truth in Her Heart Poem starlite 1 May 5th
Body's Slumber Poem starlite 1 May 5th
I Want... 5-5-02 Poem tangleddreams 1 Apathy, sadness, want May 5th
[] نور السمات Poem asaihati May 6th
[] ليت ما كان مؤمل Poem asaihati May 6th
[] ألي ما يجعلك ربح Poem asaihati May 6th
Vision Poem bigpdub May 6th
Used? Poem missmichelle 2 May 6th
Primitive Vestiges & Anal Therapy Poem davidwalters Articles May 6th
Pain Poem fallenangel78 1 love May 6th
Afraid Poem hushbaby 1 May 6th
Perfect Stranger.. Poem SoulKritiC Change/Transition May 6th
Rambling Stranger.. Poem SoulKritiC Change/Transition May 6th
Perfect Match... Poem SoulKritiC Change/Transition May 6th
A Perfect Death... Poem SoulKritiC 1 Change/Transition May 6th
`My Dad` Poem mack619 2 May 6th
`My Mam` Poem mack619 May 6th
When Poem michael 2 May 6th
The Skate Park Poem michael 2 May 6th
Those Old Boots Poem michael 2 May 6th
Anger Poem moser Other May 6th
Modern Slavery Poem ndtewarie 1 Betrayal May 6th
Conform Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 3 May 6th
I'll Support You Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 May 6th
Lost Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 May 6th
In Your Hands Poem nomes2riches love May 6th
AKU Poem odengalasi 1 May 6th
I Never Knew What I Had Missed Poem onelilartist 1 May 6th
"Wise Man Said" Poem ontheverge 4 Apathy May 6th
Nepal Rhododendron Poem saiom May 6th
Straight The Way Home Poem saiom May 6th
Magnetism Poem saiom May 6th
Palm Tree Palmistry Poem saiom May 6th
What We Think Together Becomes Critical Mass Poem saiom May 6th
Dogwood Butterflies Poem saiom May 6th
Sun Came out To Play Poem saiom 1 May 6th
Tulips Poem saiom May 6th
* Poems To Catholics Poem saiom May 6th
Children Poem sirknight Other May 6th
Pointless Poem starlite May 6th
No reason to go on* Poem sweetiepeachy May 6th
Rabbit Speaking.( A Parody). Poem taffy 1 Anger NonViolent May 6th
Highway. (Cinquaine) Poem taffy 1 Danger May 6th
Settle for it Poem taoist 1 Beauty May 6th
Shaun Poem tibult 1 Suicide May 6th
Eddie Poem tweety_32 1 May 6th
Just love me Poem tweety_32 1 May 6th
Dream Poem tweety_32 3 May 6th
Preacher Poem bellesims 2 Faith May 7th
Innocents Poem chick20a00dee 1 May 7th
Untitled -- 4.6.2002 Poem chick20a00dee 1 Depression May 7th
بقين فى الحداثة من كسر الرخام /عامية Poem esmat11211 May 7th
Chase the Dragon Poem mrmetal_53 1 Drugs May 7th
We All Cry Together Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 May 7th
We're Hurting Us Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 May 7th
Yet Another List - Part Two Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 May 7th
Mr. Washington Poem onelilartist 1 May 7th
The Cliffs Show No Mercy Poem pudnsis1 1 PostPoems May 7th
Tidal Pool And Sapphire Jewel Poem saiom May 7th
* Poems Of Silence 49 Poem saiom May 7th
* Poems Of Emptiness Poem saiom May 7th
Lupins Believe Poem saiom May 7th
Thumbprint of Allah Poem saiom May 7th
Nonpreaching Peach, Inevitable Victory Of Love And Light Poem saiom May 7th
Trespasser Poem saiom 2 May 7th
O Lord We Are Always Worthy Poem saiom May 7th
Friends Poem singmoriah 1 May 7th
Lady of the Night Poem starlite 1 May 7th
One last taste * Poem sweetiepeachy May 7th
[] يا جنتي....أنتِ Poem asaihati May 8th
[] أيتها الأنثى Poem asaihati May 8th
YOUTH of TODAY Poem barbiegogo 2 May 8th
Life BEGINS at 40????? Poem barbiegogo 4 Other May 8th
OUT in the OPEN? Poem barbiegogo 2 Abuse May 8th
Women 40plus Poem barbiegogo 1 May 8th
Mater Misericordiae Poem blumentopf Spirituality May 8th
American Spectator Poem jpwatts 2 May 8th
SLEEK BUCKETS OF CURIOSITY. Poem raina_3 1 May 8th
inside Poem raina_3 1 May 8th
dead end infatuation...? Poem raina_3 1 May 8th
Please... Poem shadowdragonfly love May 8th
......Please Help.........* Poem sweetiepeachy May 8th
Nurse Edith Cavell. Poem taffy Betrayal May 8th
The Call Poem adamrice 1 choices May 9th
[] علمينى كيف اصقـل الحرف Poem asaihati May 9th
[] ســـامـــحينـــي Poem asaihati May 9th
northern lights Poem hardgal 2 Fate/Destiny May 9th
Strange Ressurection...Perfect Liberation... Poem SoulKritiC Acceptance May 9th
Civilization Poem ndtewarie 1 Anger Violent May 9th
That night...our night Poem oh_so_odd May 9th
Kinda Strange Poem oh_so_odd May 9th
UNTOLD MIRAGE OF YOU Poem pangan_l_l 1 Beauty May 9th
MY EPITAPH Poem pangan_l_l 1 death May 9th
dialogue Poem raina_3 2 May 9th
hole Poem raina_3 1 May 9th
gray Poem raina_3 May 9th
Needle Bows Poem saiom May 9th
Pea Pod Poem saiom May 9th
Ponds and Hearts Poem saiom May 9th
Circumscribed Raindrops Poem saiom 1 May 9th
Reminder To Myself Poem saiom May 9th
Favorite Lines Of Poets 87 Poem saiom 1 May 9th
THE TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE Poem skyland 3 inspiration May 9th
At My Will Poem starlite_angel 3 May 9th
GOOD bye * Poem sweetiepeachy May 9th
MEN-A-PAUSE Poem barbiegogo 3 May 10th
Goddess Moon Poem bazs_kitten May 10th
What is this... Poem beiyin Existence May 10th
Four Tanka Poem beiyin Tanka May 10th
untitled #2 Poem catclo15 2 confusion May 10th
The Phoenix Rises Poem gentle 2 Imagery May 10th
Fishing Poem ndtewarie Acceptance May 10th
Just Wanted To Say Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 May 10th
A Cold Winter Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 4 May 10th
Don't Just Tell Me What I Want To Hear. Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 4 May 10th
Slip Away Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 May 10th
JAGGED TRUTH Poem pangan_l_l Dark Love May 10th
BLISS OR SANITY? Poem pangan_l_l 2 Depression May 10th
EAT MY MATH Poem pangan_l_l 2 Anger NonViolent May 10th
ONLINE STORIES Poem pangan_l_l Bittersweet May 10th
i'm too sexy for my hat. Poem raina_3 1 May 10th
Fly Rights And Other Poems Poem saiom May 10th
Cherry Tree: Flag of India Poem saiom May 10th
Scarlet Veins and Other Poems Poem saiom May 10th
Stellium Of Trillium Poem saiom May 10th
Jeru Salem Poem saiom May 10th
Face Unknown Poem starlite May 10th
Believe Poem starlite 3 May 10th
The fears of Having a Crush Poem starlite 1 May 10th
Our Manifest Destiny Poem andshedied 1 Fate/Destiny May 11th
*A House ~ Or A Home? Poem aspiringangel 7 Acceptance May 11th
Sometimes You Scare Me Poem dragongreeneyes 1 Being Loved May 11th
Tell Me Poem gwennalockafer 1 confusion May 11th
Wish Poem gwennalockafer 2 sadness May 11th
Something Poem gwennalockafer 3 May 11th
Only If Poem gwennalockafer 1 May 11th