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Ibiza, Spain

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My hobby since 25 years is to build up an 'Intentional Spiritual Community', this needs nearly all my attention and energy. Beside this I love my animals (horse: 'Caobo'29 years old. Dog Kalinka and many cats) I also love people, but this is more complicate as we all know... And then of course I like very much to write. It is not only the possibility to express myself, what is important, but through my poetry I can connect, during the process of writing, with my source and so add the most essential to my life. With the hope, that this also might give something to the reader.
PS: My horse died a few months ago (he was 33 years old), since then my life has changed...

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A whole world is opening up... Isn't the belly button the sign for the first most dramatic happening in one's life? The separation from what was the most important? What gave us happiness and security? Didn't start the misery and confusion in this moment when we were cut off from the oneness? Into a cruel world.

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