People are funny as they drive,

Prompting you to wonder how

They ever arrive alive.

They weave through traffic from here to there,

Actually believing they are getting somewhere.

In and out I watch them weave

Hurrying to someplace they don't want to be.

Some get so angry it comes to blows

All because someone is driving to slow.

We all smirk, but we have to be fair,

Cause at one time or another

We all have been there.

That old coot, having the time of his life

Shouldn't even be allowed to drive.

That old broad with blue hair and bobby sox

Must have gotten her license from

a Cracker Jacks box.

Those kids look to young to have a car,

If they would pay attention to driving we

may go far.

Now why oh why did those people have to crash,

Don't they realize if I am late it costs me cash.

Well, might as well take my time

I will be late, I have made up my mind.

Would you look at that nut!

He's driving like a maniac...what a butt.

What is going through his head?

He keeps driving like that he will wind up dead.

Hmmm...wasn't that just me?

Wow...I think I just stepped into reality.

Bye now, we are on the move so I can start to drive

Think I'll slow down, and at home I will arrive.

Goin' to take the day off and watch those maniacs drive.

Hahahahahahaha it is so good to be alive.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun.  Struck me coming to work watch a person weave across 3 lanes of traffic that were almost at a standstill.

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jgupta's picture

Hi Huck,
Somehow I would never like to drive, and I don't either. I never like to be in a hurry anymore. Your poem is a good lesson to keep alive.

Ray Tucker's picture

After reading some of you works I found this one that made me feel that there all others who see this. Why are there so many people like this that don't know that they are doing this? I guess we all have our own sack of rocks. In your other works I found that you had "been there" and "done that". There are a lot of others like us others never see. But we're there just waiting in the background in case we have have to save and defend their asses just one more time. Really enjoyed your works.

Violet Carolina's picture

i've slowed down over the years. 9/11 somehow helped my road rage, but so did my spiritual relationship w/God...
thanks for your thoughts. i realize i need to drive better some days. : )

Melvin Lee II's picture

hahaha, am i glad my Singapore roads aint as chaotic as yours, huck.
u described the scenes very vividly, and yes comically too.
good food for thought.
thanxs for posting this enjoyable one ~!~

onelilartist's picture

Very clever! This is one reason I never go to Atlanta if I can help it. I've never in my life seen such chaos as those interstate hiways merging and cars converging. LOL. This one's a keeper, Huck.