Monthly Archive for June 2002

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
[] لغز الماء Poem asaihati Jun 1st
الشاعر000والاقصى000والامير Poem fares Jun 1st
كم أنت عظيمة يا أم ألشهيد Poem fares Jun 1st
Ghost in the Ashes Poem Irockpoker Jun 1st
Jacob's Ladder Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 1st
Dissect Me Poem hushbaby 2 Jun 1st
Untitled 3 Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 1st
Unspoken Retort Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 1st
Untitled 5 Poem hushbaby 1 Jun 1st
Untitled 6 Poem hushbaby 2 Jun 1st
Flowering Youth Poem pendersnatch 2 Sexual Jun 1st
The Outskirts of Heaven Poem nomes2riches Being Loved Jun 1st
"Meanwhile" ~ Poem ontheverge choices Jun 1st
FIRST DAY IN THE CLASS Poem pangan_l_l Short Story Jun 1st
Haiku--METAMORPHOSIS Poem pangan_l_l Change/Transition Jun 1st
CRESCENT GARDEN Poem pangan_l_l Beauty Jun 1st
FLASH FLOODS Poem pangan_l_l 1 Angst Jun 1st
your hair Poem raina_3 2 Jun 1st
too much to ask for Poem raina_3 Jun 1st
this is me. Poem raina_3 1 Jun 1st
perfect in my head Poem raina_3 2 Jun 1st
Gray Grace Poem saiom Jun 1st
Eating Grace Poem saiom Jun 1st
Paths to Healing Poem saiom 1 Jun 1st
Storming Poem tweety_32 Jun 1st
Some One save me from these monsters!!! Poem tweety_32 Jun 1st
[] أ أنا من يبحث عنك ؟ Poem asaihati Jun 2nd
Life After Beth Poem eltrue 1 dreams Jun 2nd
Desires Poem maybethepoet Passion Jun 2nd
Prince Charming Blues Poem maybethepoet Jun 2nd
Need and Greed Poem maybethepoet inspiration Jun 2nd
1991 Poem maybethepoet Memories Jun 2nd
Sometimes Poem maybethepoet 1 confusion Jun 2nd
She Poem maybethepoet sadness Jun 2nd
For Layne Poem maybethepoet 1 In Memory Jun 2nd
A Dream Poem maybethepoet Jun 2nd
Relationships Can Be Hard Poem maybethepoet 2 Jun 2nd
Watching the Clouds Go By Poem maybethepoet Jun 2nd
Thank You Poem maybethepoet 1 Angels Jun 2nd
Tracks in the Snow Poem maybethepoet 1 jealousy Jun 2nd
C-N-B Poem maybethepoet love Jun 2nd
Girl in the Wilderness Poem maybethepoet Jun 2nd
Heart Broken Poem mystikal 1 Goodbye Jun 2nd
Help me understand Poem oh_so_odd Jun 2nd
"Beautiful Thing" Poem DaddyO Beauty Jun 2nd
"Those Three Words" Poem DaddyO Being Loved Jun 2nd
Trees Are Wed To Rain Poem saiom Jun 2nd
Samskaras Erased Poem saiom Jun 2nd
Trust Poem saiom Jun 2nd
Cats. Listeria to Wisteria, Paradox 1, Paradox 2, Paradox 3 Poem saiom broken heart, drill, lightning, listeria, thunder, wisteria, woodpecker Jun 2nd
I Will Love You Forever Poem starlite 2 love Jun 2nd
The Ides of March Poem sweet_saturn 3 Bizarre Jun 2nd
Absence Poem adamrice 4 love Jun 3rd
Her Presence - A Prelude to Night Poem adamrice 4 Beauty Jun 3rd
Goodbye Goodbyes Poem adamrice 2 Goodbye Jun 3rd
2. Boot Camp Poem bluecollarclay 2 War Jun 3rd
3. True (pt. 1) Poem bluecollarclay 1 War Jun 3rd
4. True (pt. 2) Poem bluecollarclay 1 War Jun 3rd
5. Too Many, Too Much Poem bluecollarclay 1 War Jun 3rd
6. Bloody Hell Poem bluecollarclay 2 War Jun 3rd
1. Slaughtered Lamb Poem bluecollarclay 3 War Jun 3rd
Bartimaeus Poem blumentopf 3 Prayer Jun 3rd
Alternative Wisdom Poem blumentopf 1 religion Jun 3rd
My Lovely Brunette Poem maybethepoet love Jun 3rd
Be With Me Soon Poem maybethepoet 1 love Jun 3rd
Roller Coaster Week Poem maybethepoet 2 Change/Transition Jun 3rd
Fear Poem maybethepoet confusion Jun 3rd
The Hole that Can't Be Filled Poem maybethepoet regret Jun 3rd
Faith in Us Poem maybethepoet Faith Jun 3rd
Father above all (for Daddy, Rev. Godwin Nwaekpe) Poem odengalasi 1 Jun 3rd
You Gave Me A Reason Poem onelilartist 5 Jun 3rd
When It's Over Poem hccgirl04 Jun 3rd
Ready Or Not Poem hccgirl04 Jun 3rd
Blackened Dreams Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
I Found You, You Found Me, We Found Each Other Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
From Me To You Poem hccgirl04 2 Jun 3rd
Let It Be Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
I Don't Wanna Stop Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
Next Time Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
Sometimes Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
Once In A Lifetime Poem hccgirl04 Jun 3rd
In My Heart Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 3rd
all was said and done Poem raina_3 Jun 3rd
Beautiful Poem snmiller 3 Passion Jun 3rd
Broken Poem snmiller 3 Bizarre Jun 3rd
Uncertainty Poem solpemachaco Jun 3rd
Time Poem dis_konnected Jun 4th
Control Poem gwennalockafer Jun 4th
Analogy Poem kat 2 Jun 4th
**I Did, Did You? Poem kat 3 Jun 4th
The Wind In The Hills Poem kat 1 Jun 4th
FACING THE VALLEY Poem odengalasi Jun 4th
ONE TEAR Poem onetear2007 Acceptance Jun 4th
The Ghost Of A Man Poem onetear2007 Being Loved Jun 4th
Murderd Youth Poem onetear2007 death Jun 4th
LOVES GRAVE Poem onetear2007 6 love Jun 4th
NOW AND LATERS Poem onetear2007 2 Comedy/Humor Jun 4th
Fadded Memorie Poem onetear2007 choices Jun 4th
"She ain't the last Coca- Cola in the desert." Poem onetear2007 Jun 4th
THE JUVENILE'S PRAYER, Poem onetear2007 Jun 4th
ONE YEAR TODAY Poem onetear2007 death Jun 4th
"Mizz Pratt's Love Child" Poem DaddyO Jane Magazine, Jane Pratt Jun 4th
Comforter Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 4th
Sleep And Dreams Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 4th
Cafe Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 4th
Goodnight Sweet Child Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 4th
Ahhh!! Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 4th
Friend Ships Poem hccgirl04 Jun 4th
I Love You Poem tom-hook 2 Jun 4th
Random Thoughts of the Lonely Poem tom-hook Jun 4th
Transition: From Love to Alone Poem tom-hook Jun 4th
INDIFFERENCE Poem serene 2 Unrequited Love Jun 4th
REMEMBER THIS Poem serene death Jun 4th
I FLY FOR YOU Poem serene Pain/Sorrow Jun 4th
UNEXPECTED Poem serene 1 romance Jun 4th
THOUGHTS OF A HOPELESS ROMANTIC Poem serene 1 Soul mates Jun 4th
WORDS Poem serene 1 Jun 4th
THE PROMISE Poem serene 1 Jun 4th
SHORT POEMS COMPILATION Poem serene 2 Poetry/Writing Jun 4th
Everyone Poem solpemachaco Jun 4th
Life Poem solpemachaco Jun 4th
Losing Poem solpemachaco Jun 4th
Except In My Dreams Poem solpemachaco Jun 4th
I Blame Myself Poem starlite Jun 4th
I Am Alone Poem starlite Jun 4th
Ice Princess Poem starlite_angel 5 Jun 4th
Way to Go(You've done it now) Poem starlite_angel 4 Jun 4th
Just a Memory Poem adamrice 2 Memories Jun 5th
Friends Poem adamrice 2 friendship Jun 5th
LA VRAIE ULLUSION Poem aziz 1 Angels Jun 5th
Never Been Poem bazs_kitten 1 Jun 5th
No where to go... Poem beiyin Spirituality Jun 5th
Transition Poem beiyin 1 Change/Transition Jun 5th
Understanding? Poem beiyin Reality Jun 5th
Love Poem missmichelle 2 Jun 5th
The Softer Scent Of Plastic Flowers Poem cameca8 Loneliness Jun 5th
To my friend... i love you... i'm so sorry Poem dangerous_addiction Jun 5th
Next! Poem Irockpoker Jun 5th
Unsatisfied Poem Irockpoker Jun 5th
-Oh! Computers Poem kat 2 Jun 5th
The Wind Will Not Blow Poem kat 1 Jun 5th
The Fencing Master Poem kat 1 Jun 5th
With You Poem maybethepoet love Jun 5th
Tears Poem mystikal 1 Depression Jun 5th
Your Savior I Can't Be Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Jun 5th
Thrown Away Poem nirvana_owns Devastation Jun 5th
HEAL ME MY LOVE; for Ijeoma Nwagbo. Poem odengalasi 1 Jun 5th
Boyz II Men Poem hccgirl04 2 Jun 5th
What Happened To Us Mom Poem hccgirl04 Jun 5th
Ice Cubes Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 5th
Prayer Circle Poem hccgirl04 Jun 5th
Forever Together Poem hccgirl04 Jun 5th
Let You Go Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 5th
Wickets Vanquished Poem saiom Jun 5th
Eddies of Diamond Poem saiom Jun 5th
Wingscript Unfurling, Ice Mutation Poem saiom Jun 5th
Lovecraft, Nature's Meditation Poem saiom Jun 5th
MYSELF Poem serene 1 Imagery Jun 5th
Happiness Ain't! Poem taleteller Happiness Jun 5th
An Inward Look Poem taleteller 1 Change/Transition Jun 5th
Death Of A Poet Poem taleteller 2 Hope Jun 5th
Good Intentions Poem taleteller 1 Bittersweet Jun 5th
Heartaches Poem taleteller Acceptance Jun 5th
How Well You Could Poem taleteller obsession Jun 5th
Could You? 6-5-02 Poem tangleddreams Loneliness Jun 5th
Beauty In Things Poem TREXPATTON Jun 5th
Dare in the Trying, Die in the Daring Poem TREXPATTON 1 Jun 5th
Felicity... May 31, 1999 - June 1, 2002 Poem tweety_32 1 Jun 5th
Our own Poem tweety_32 Jun 5th
Reflections on a rainy day Poem beiyin Change/Transition Jun 6th
i'll Poem brokenalive 1 Jun 6th
truths*a poem Poem christopher_ryan 4 Jun 6th
hidden motive* Poem christopher_ryan 2 Jun 6th
(i'm so fucking good) Poem christopher_ryan 1 Jun 6th
( ... ) Poem christopher_ryan 1 Jun 6th
another drink Poem dis_konnected 1 Escapism Jun 6th
The Girl Next Door Poem eltrue 1 dreams Jun 6th
Got to get away Poem Irockpoker 1 Jun 6th
Born now... Poem moser Acceptance Jun 6th
Truthful Freedoms Poem mythers Devotion Jun 6th
Sugar Isn't Always Sweet Poem hccgirl04 Jun 6th
Circles Poem hccgirl04 2 Jun 6th
Something Is Missing Poem hccgirl04 1 Jun 6th
Divine Light Poem hccgirl04 2 Jun 6th
When I Think Of You Poem hccgirl04 Jun 6th
Sag Gemini Dialogue Poem saiom Jun 6th
Thuy's Poem (which wasn't written by thuy, but i already have 1 titled thuy so yeah) Poem sirknight 1 love Jun 6th
Slanted Poem starlite Jun 6th
My Eyes Adore The Sculpture Of Your Frame Poem TREXPATTON 1 Jun 6th
NIKKI Poem TREXPATTON 1 Acceptance Jun 6th
I Am The Wind Of The Hills Poem TREXPATTON 2 dreams Jun 6th
Question: "I Did, Did You?". Answer: "I Will: I Have!" Poem TREXPATTON 1 Tanka Jun 6th
Mon Tresor, et Ma Raison Poem TREXPATTON 1 Jun 6th
Lost But Not Forgotten Poem adamrice Change/Transition Jun 7th
[] العــالم و البحــار Poem asaihati Jun 7th
**A New Chapter Poem aspiringangel 5 Acceptance Jun 7th
The Maid of Orleans Poem blumentopf Betrayal Jun 7th
Riding Fireflies Poem cameca8 2 Escapism Jun 7th
Be Right Back! Poem Irockpoker Jun 7th
Getting Better Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
I Like You Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
The Future Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
A Friend Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
These Feelings Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
To Love Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
Our Anniversary Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
Teachers Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
Her, I Think Of Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
Us Poem Superdadx0100 Jun 7th
Look at me Poem oh_so_odd Jun 7th
"Absent" Poem DaddyO Lost love Jun 7th
Spirit Wind, Healers Poem saiom 1 healer, powers, quiver, river, shiver, sliver, spirit, wind Jun 7th
Moving On (A graduates thoughts) Poem starlite_angel 4 Jun 7th
LEAVING TOURANE, Viet Nam, 1968. Poem TREXPATTON 1 Jun 7th
August 15, '70 Poem TREXPATTON 1 Jun 7th
Shades of Gray Poem adamrice 2 Imagery Jun 8th
Homeless Nomore Poem bluecollarclay 2 Faith Jun 8th
In The Blink of an Eye Poem bluecollarclay 3 Faith Jun 8th
Do You really Wanna Know Revised Poem djtj Rejection Jun 8th
Sullen Music Fibers Poem djtj Jun 8th
Lines from Literature Poem djtj Jun 8th
Hoping for death.. Poem jpstheophany Hate Jun 8th
Hoping Poem kat 1 Jun 8th
PMT (post marriage trauma) Poem mhippychick 1 Acceptance Jun 8th
Agrian Elegies Poem nikola 1 Mythology Jun 8th
Agrian Elegies (II) Poem nikola 2 Mythology Jun 8th
Agrian Elegies (III) Poem nikola 2 Mythology Jun 8th
BWARI RAINS Poem odengalasi 1 Jun 8th
30 Hunting And Fishing Dangers To Hunters, Residents, Children, Animals Poem saiom alcohol, bystander casualties, fishing, hunting, murder disguised, Tripping Jun 8th
Workaholic Black Widow Poem saiom 1 Jun 8th
Easter Basket Poem saiom Jun 8th
Baba's Green Robe Poem saiom Jun 8th
The Unnecessary Word "So" Poem saiom Jun 8th
Vegan B12, Mount Holyoke Poem saiom Jun 8th
Slips Toward Ocean Deeps Poem saiom Jun 8th
* Poems Of Hinduism II Poem saiom Meditation/Zen Jun 8th
Avoid Marshmallows Poem saiom Jun 8th
* Poems Of Belief Poem saiom Change/Transition Jun 8th
They Don't Bomb Poppies Poem saiom Jun 8th
Real Love Poem starlite Jun 8th
SEA OF SILENT DREAMS Poem terry Escapism Jun 8th
To Tinsley, re: HOPING Poem TREXPATTON Jun 8th
The Prefect Family Poem chick20a00dee 1 love Jun 9th
Don't have a Clue Poem gwennalockafer 1 Jun 9th
Black Soul Poem haylz Jun 9th