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I want a woman who I can share my darkest secrets with.

I want a woman who can conquer my deepest desires.

I want a woman who'll encourage me to be more like me.

And when things get too hot she can put out all the fires.

I need acceptance and trust and friendship and love.

Not some bullshit fairy tale type crap.

I need to feel like she's on the same wavelength as me.

Not like either one of us is caught in a trap.    

I want a lover who can overcome all kinds of obstacles.

I want a lover with a sense of humor and a sense of what's right.

I want a lover with a mind of her own and a heart of gold.

Somebody who can help get me through any night.

She won't ask me to change but she'll push me to do better.

She won't tell me what to do but she'll point me in the right direction.

She won't force me to bend where I don't want to bend.

And when something's not right, she's not afraid to make a correction.

I want someone who fits into my life.

that's not afraid to be herself no matter who herself is.

I want someone who's caring, understanding, and brilliant.

Can anybody tell me where this girl is?

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