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Writing, Backyard Landscaping, Music, Poetry, n' other stuff...

I have written 12 young adult and middle-grade juvenile novels, all filled with suspense, mystery, drama, humor and yes... a bit of mild horror (Cry Of The Werewolf) thrown in. A chapter or synopsis of each can be viewed on my 2 websites, as follows: (1) and (2) All twelve novels have been published and are for sale on the site #1. On site #2 ( myadventurenovels ) are six original novels whioch were re-written with different character names and places and re-published by my own publishing company under different titles. I have been writing fiction and poetry for a long time. Although I have only 87 poems currently displayed on this PostPoems site, I have intentions of submitting many more. I think this PostPoems site is the best thing that ever came along for poets of all genders and ages... I wish to commend the owners/operators of this site and of their sister site (Art of Painting and Poetry) which displays not only the same poetry but which is made to come alive with the addition of beautifully created and maintained graphic arts. I am indeed grateful to the creators of both websites and it is my wish that they go on forever... Richard... ( aka Taleteller )

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I am an "Inney" and I maintain it in a very high state of cleaniness by vacuuming the lint out each and every morning...

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''Don't feel bad when you mess up... a single, amateur boatbuilder built The Ark while a large company and a humongous number of people built the Titanic...''


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