Moving On (A graduates thoughts)

Seems not long ago this year begain

We enteredschool with a plan

To party hard and meet new friends

Changing and growing with the trends

Moving up through the grades

Year by year the excitment fades

Through good times and bad

Happy times and sad

Hard to believe it's over already

I don't know if I'm truly ready

For the tears, graduations goodbyes

Unbelievable how time fly's

Scared to leave this place behind

Out in the "Real World" new life to find

Away from the sheltered life of high school

Back in the days thinking we're cool

The time is approaching, it's almost here

Filling with excitment, contradicting fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't get me wrong I can't wait to get out of this shit hole! but I'm going to miss my friends so much which makes me wish this year would never end. CLASS OF 2002 BABY we be chillin like villains!!! :P

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Reco Humphrey's picture

Congratulations!!! It's weird to know that the times we all spent in (the shit hole) turns out to be some of the best memories of our lives I never knew that wollowing in shit would bring years of fond memories of a least stressfull time. but anyway good luck with the future it's a crazy world out there

jenn's picture

yeah i yeah ya! its so weird to think that its practically all over, im gonna miss all u guys when i go!

Sherry Knee's picture

good poem Robin! Catherine little comment is quite funny! :) hehe!

Kitty^^'s picture

Never forget 2002
Great job Robin, I know we're all a little scared, but a little excited to be moving on
See you at the 10 year : p
If im not living on Hal's Island lol