I am no Pan, but follow me into the woods
just this once. I will protect you.


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Fable "hades and the Satyr"

Death of the Last Satyr


Death comes for everyone, as a messenger hades prepares every day.

Decided for the soul he waits well awared, waits the hour for his prey.

Hades the god of death, all time is in his power and none living soul escapes its due.

It is well said that all living and the unliving bend on before his throne,

even the must majestic and wise of them all, the satyr.

Hades sees no virtue, even youth, beauty and kindness plead in vain,

For once someone sees the light, he orders the eyes to shutdown.


The last satyr of them all, more than one hundred years old,

Saw on his eyes the road still to be walked.

When Hades finally arrived to pick his soul up,

He too suddenly sent him off.

But the messenger of death has made his mind up,

And with one unseen blow he was prepared to make the satyr his own.


The satyr, the most majestic and wise living thing in all of Greece, realized Hades plan.

“Postpone my death oh Master Hades,” the satyr prayed.

“I am the last of my species and as old as I am, I can still dance and amuse them all.”

The satyr cried, “Think of all the wisdom I can still leave behind,“

On his knees he now begged, “Forget about Zeus, Poseidon and the cruel Olympians,”

My teaching will leave nothing behind, but praises for the master of the underworld.


“Old Satyr,” said Hades, “despite all of your intellect you are blind;

This should be no surprise, more than one hundred springs you have danced.”

The satyr grabbed his robes and cried, “there is still so much I need to do.”

To which Hades replied, “Tell me, am I not the most benevolent of them all,
how many satyrs more is there for you to dance?”

To finish it all, the Master of Death, exclaimed

“I have been observing you for a while,

it is true you have many quests to still embark on, but ala, if you have not done them by now

you probably will never start on those tasks.”

As soon as the satyr realized how good Hades argued his side,

The old satyr accepted Hades stand, and on to the river Styx he set his path.


Observing this, the master of death thought to himself,

From all the millennia and should I have picked up never in my life have I seen such sorrow.

Many years this old goat-maned creature has lived,

And Ive never seen so many paths still to be walked.

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Oh trickster come down here
Climb from your high tree
Play your pranks tonight
Then run away with me


Oh trickster my great schemer
Why don't you torment me?
I want to feel alive
Come down and play with me


Oh trickster
Oh trickster
You will be the death of me


Oh trickster my childish dream
We lost our innocence
And I can't feel a thing
Why won't you mess with me?


Oh trickster help me feel
Bring me your chaotic dreams
Order will be the failure of man
Why can't you save me?


Oh trickster
Oh trickster
You will be the death of me


Oh trickster you’re too late
My life can't be yours to take
Up in my lonely high tree
I shall be the death of me


Oh trickster
Oh trickster
I will be the death of you

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Tales and Fables
They say that love is an action
Not a feeling
Then why did I feel that way
Like spiraling down Charybdis 
To the sound of your siren song
Your haunting melody embraced my mind
Teasing me, clutching my heart
Until I could do no more than listen
The pain in your voice evident
The struggle against your very nature
How I wish that I could have saved you
That I had borne you far away
But you knew my thoughts
You sensed my intentions
And saved me instead 
From the surf of your tsunami
So now I sit alone on the sand
And perhaps my greatest torture 
Is standing on the shore of your pain 
And crying out to the oceans that separate us 
To receive nothing but silence in return.
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Land so lost, 

that land so broken

When gazed upon 

mother earth sprouted there,

the opposite of Sir knowingly and wise

what brought such demise,

it seems fractured

not bombarded.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something to read.

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"Our Olympus Dream"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


I am now a man, a mere mortal

Studying sacred text from this electronic portal

Assessing the damage done to my broken idol

When every move she used to make was a recital

Choreographed for me; I realize now

I must have worshiped her upside down

For what was recognized previously as a frown

To her might be a smile

I want the trust returned to me,

But like an avalanche of uncertainty

My fears and insecurities

Cascade with her mythology

So she returns to the arena without me

And takes her bow without me

And curtseys cute without me

The lights go down

The curtain is drawn

Our audience leaves

There is no applause

But when we die

We become constellations in the sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Camille, 2009 

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I get on one knee

I get on one knee



and plant a seed


corn squash & bean

“marry me 

Spring and Autumn;

be mine

and I’m 


forever yours,”


just stop for a moment

just stop for a moment

and picture a place and time

way, way back there in the past

when greek and roman mythology

both reigned supreme

back when the world was still quite young

with lots of forests and woodlands

and covered over with pretty shades of green


then one special day

god reached down to earth

and came upon a young boy

who was really just half grown

happily swimming in the ocean

with a dolphin

long before the fear of humans

had ever been sown


anyways he was out there at sea

although he was all by himself

he was protected and safe

there with the dolphins

and somehow still very close to home


long before anyone had ever thought

to even giving him a name

or carve his statute in stone

for right now at least ---

he was still a young boy

happily swimming in the ocean

but really all alone


now think back to a time

long before people hungered

for the emptiness of fortune and fame

long before anyone had ever thought

to give the boy a name


but on that special day

god spoke and said

look ---

I know you’re just a young boy

swimming out here in the ocean

and having lots of fun

way out here at the sea

under a bright and warm summer sun


but if you didn’t act so dumb

and sometimes kind of stupid

you could almost be another angel

or even another cupid


because cupid would fly around

just all over the place

and touch each person’s heart

among every creed and race


the boy listened – but couldn’t speak

was this really god ?

and was he really this near ?

and was he really this close ?

the boy was totally stunned now

and overcome with anguish and fear


then god was gone

and the boy was alone again

with just his troubled thoughts

and mixed up hopes and dreams

and maybe even some silent

confused and muddled screams


but he thought to himself

over and over again in his mind

for at least a thousand times


( and you might as well know it right now !!! )


he was still looking for more proof

or at least a few more signs


anyways he thought to himself

those things that cupid spoke of

whether they’re real or not

or whether they came down from heaven

or from some distant galaxy

way way out there in outer-space


or were they just from

some crazy person’s wild imagination

whatever creed – whatever race


because --- if they really do make people happy

really, really happy

( for he too was kind of like cupid )

( sometimes kind of – sort of a little stupid )


for he simply couldn’t figure out

or understand why

if those things that cupid spoke of

if they make people – really, really happy





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Mortal so he comes,

Be it not for his immortal crowned head,

Thorned upon the throes of man and beast.

His eyes fall upon the soul of Hadies world, 

Formed against decapitated ring heads.


Maybe his past soul fell among the rubble of distant times,

Punished by Zeus to see all gaze into his octopian eyes.

Every man fears his stare,

poisoned among those iris hollowed strong,

Like the holes of Christian feet,

Bleeding for eternity among the sin

Of what once was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on the Greek Mythological creature the Hydra

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