Ice Princess

Pull me along, lead me astray

It was my choice, I chose not to stay

You lost what you had, all of my trust

Meaningless desire, driven by lust

Torn and tattered

Your heart you swore shattered

It's my fault you cry til your eyes are red

But nothing compared to the words you said

No room for lies, your sadistic facade

Assume not that I was played

For I stood strong inside, my heart bold

But to you unmoved my blood flows cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's easier just to walk away from someone who lies, cheats and just down right treats you bad, as a pose to putting up with the shit day after day after day, so why bother? Save your energy, and move on. It truly does pay. I decided enough was enough, and some how.. it's my fault. Funny how people tend not to take the blame them selves, rather they put it on someone else so they wont feel guilty go figure!

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Hey there,

Great poem once again. I totally understand what you've gone through. Been there, done that. I'm glad you're staying strong. Anywayz, keep writing cuz damn, you're so talented!

~ Hidden Illusion ~

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great peom shcmidtty! ppl should learn not to cheat, its pointless!

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as always, very cool. some really are not worth it, ur right, and with time we all learn to get away from those kind of people. awesome job, hun

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hmm....I could name one person from this : p
s'all gooder now robin, you have someone BETTER!!!!