Monthly Archive for December 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Transplanted Pine Poem Sivus love Dec 1st
Even My Facade Poem elise26 Dec 1st
Chipping at the brick on my shoulders Poem SSmoothie 1 Dec 1st
Don't be scared Poem lillycheer12345 1 Dec 1st
Luv back Poem jade123 2 Dec 1st
Power Poem Spreadlove_blac... 1 Dec 1st
Happy December Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
There's a PPlace I go... Poem SSmoothie 3 Dec 1st
Snow Falls Poem RudyPoetryColle... Dec 1st
a good shot in the pride spot Poem redpyramid9000 1 Dec 1st
Why Hate? Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
her Poem areyoufeelingthis Dec 1st
Random Acts Of Kindness Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 1st
These Good Times Poem workm Dec 1st
Life Is A Journey Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Dec 1st
নিকৃষ্ট আত্মযজ্ঞ Poem shawon1982 Dec 1st
Together Poem xX-RAZOR-Xx -Love Dec 1st
Found Poem xX-RAZOR-Xx forever love, found, last days, lost Dec 1st
Full of hate Poem lillycheer12345 2 Dec 1st
The betwixtment Poem SSmoothie 3 Dec 1st
The while Poem SSmoothie Dec 1st
None existing land Poem ThePoetItSelf 2 angel Courage Darkness death demon Devil faces Fear fighting heart hypocrite innocence instinct Life light mask struggle Dec 1st
Romeo's Amor Poem Ernestoocho Dec 1st
Cobwebs Poem Beavis 17 Dec 1st
Logic Poem anexod 1 Dec 1st
DEWDROPS Poem danny1953 for children Dec 1st
Sacrophilia Poem b4i8islept 2 alone schizophrenia death suicide Dec 1st
A Mindful Dream Poem cevance 2 dream, Peace, War Dec 1st
BE MINE Poem heatherburns35 be mine Dec 1st
Love As Pain Poem allets 4 Dec 1st
IS HE MINE TO CLAIM? Poem Desiree 1 Dec 1st
ALL OF THIS FOR YOU? Poem Desiree 2 Dec 1st
A continuation of a conversation that never been made Poem humanpulse 1 Dec 1st
The Pain of Hollowness Poem darkplaces06 Dec 1st
appreciate what you have Poem hurtandlost Dec 1st
Cruel World Poem Garret Dec 1st
Who Poem Garret Dec 1st
Mammal Poem MyinsecureSelf Dec 1st
Tuesday Poem jade123 1 Dec 1st
Ghost lover Poem Morningglory Dec 2nd
forever Poem charlee.evans 1 Dec 2nd
My Mirror Poem JustMeAgain 1 love, Mirror Dec 2nd
You're Still There Poem JustMeAgain love, Nothing, shadow Dec 2nd
Mom Poem Missy18 1 -Love and good Dec 2nd
Golden Fleece Poem JustMeAgain 1 colour, gold, love, snow, stone Dec 2nd
A Work Of Art (pt. 3) Poem Wo_ozz art, beautiful, falling, love, woman Dec 2nd
Specter of Change Poem Sivus change, Life, Sonnet Dec 2nd
No Child Of Mine Poem Envy Dec 2nd
Follow Me Home Poem cassyjerrett 2 Dec 2nd
Majestic Poison Poem MajesticPoison Dec 2nd
Projected Thought Poem MajesticPoison Dec 2nd
I Paint Poem dbussey31390 Dec 2nd
Rage Poem xX-RAZOR-Xx Rage anger emotions jelousy mean like lost death isolated Dec 2nd
Newology Poem strangelittleboy Dec 2nd
Late To Bed Poem strangelittleboy Dec 2nd
Alone and Wishing Poem WindyLynn Dec 2nd
Confusions Poem rjnmhrjn 1 questions life confused sad Dec 2nd
We Need To Learn (To Treat Each Other Right) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 2nd
Why Can't We Be Free (Of Hate and Intolerance) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 2nd
Please Tell Me, What Do You Say Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 2nd
My Sun Setting Secret Poem A_Pony_Poet Betrayal, Darkness, friendship is magic, hatred, love, luna, Moon, my little pony, night, Pony, Princess Celetia, sisters, sun Dec 2nd
Sylvan Tryst Poem darkpool Dec 2nd
…and I wonder why Poem LadyRaine Dec 2nd
Bad girl poetry slap Poem SSmoothie 6 Dec 2nd
Questions after Poem maxkat 1 death, forever more, Forgotten, love, questions after, relationships, Remember, secrets, under the willow Dec 2nd
Picture Of Michelle (Love Poem) Poem Spartacus2013 A Beginning in love Dec 2nd
Hum Poem bedroom_galaxy Dec 2nd
Diatom of Dew Poem allets 4 Dec 2nd
Change Poem love2express -LovePoem- relationships, love Dec 2nd
Caution to the Wind Poem RoC Dec 2nd
The Lie Inside Poem pinkdot7 1 Dec 3rd
Drain The Sane Poem pinkdot7 Dec 3rd
Glance Over Poem pinkdot7 Dec 3rd
Untamed Beast Poem darkpool 1 Dec 3rd
I am the one Poem darkpool 2 Dec 3rd
Eyes Not Mine Poem pinkdot7 Dec 3rd
Summer Romance Poem Agapame #Italy, love, relationships Dec 3rd
Absolutely, Undoubtedly, Assuredly Poem Agapame #Italy, love, relationships Dec 3rd
In Love We Dwell Poem Agapame 1 #Italy, love, relationships Dec 3rd
Younger Poem ADAPT Dec 3rd
The World's Wettest Kiss Poem Agapame 9 love Dec 3rd
Fracture Poem Agapame #Fracture Dec 3rd
The One Poem xX-RAZOR-Xx love people secreats people her the one Dec 3rd
Funeral of a Dead Tongue Poem bluebird_ 1 Dec 3rd
Drunk Fuzzy Time Capsule Poem Sivus Dec 3rd
Goodbye Poem writinggirl93 Dec 3rd
Why Do They Say Poem babygirl Dec 3rd
You Take my breathe away Poem babygirl Dec 3rd
As I Sit Here Poem babygirl Dec 3rd
My Heart Aches Poem babygirl Dec 3rd
my farther Poem amazingdizzy Dad, farther Dec 3rd
Gauntlet Poem dhicks01 Dec 3rd
the blade, the bullet, the pill Poem breaking_the_cycle Dec 3rd
Only A Man. Poem PenMaster love, STRONG Dec 3rd
three broads & a sailor Poem Spinoza 3 Dec 3rd
Left Out Poem Madhatter007 Dec 3rd
Alcohol Poem Madhatter007 Dec 3rd
Bit Poem Sivus cat, love, pet Dec 3rd
Hide Away Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 3rd
Untitled Poem afool2bfooled Dec 3rd
Pay It Forward Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 3rd
I Tell You Poem DeviantAngel 2 Dec 3rd
Its Been So Long Poem HisWithNoDoubt 1 Dec 3rd
Folded Talisman Poem Sivus Dec 3rd
Forever yours Poem afool2bfooled Dec 3rd
Last kiss Poem afool2bfooled 2 Dec 3rd
Un Cage Yourself And Be Free Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 3rd
Out There Poem CountryMansHeart 1 -Love Dec 3rd
Look In The Mirror Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 3rd
The Quest For Justice Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 3rd
My Cat Poem Spartacus2013 nature Dec 3rd
The One I Love Poem Jazzy829 Dec 3rd
Love is Poem Jazzy829 Dec 3rd
The One Poem Jazzy829 Dec 3rd
The Rocket Science of Love Poem Spinoza 3 Dec 3rd
bohemian toe polish Poem Spinoza 9 Dec 3rd
Broken Poem Jazzy829 1 Dec 3rd
Striped Hoodie Poem TheSkysMyWitness 2 budding love, curiosity Dec 3rd
SWEEPING WINDS Poem heatherburns35 sweeping winds Dec 3rd
A NEW DAY Poem heatherburns35 a new day Dec 3rd
SPINNING THE WHEELS Poem heatherburns35 spinning the wheels Dec 3rd
pearl among men Poem Spinoza 3 Dec 3rd
Fall Poem Desperado 2 the edge of a cliff Dec 4th
Listening with no Music Poem Cleo Dec 4th
How do you like em APPLE'S!!! Poem Cleo broken heart girls Dec 4th
Regrets Poem Agapame Disappointment, Heartache, regret Dec 4th
Michelangelo Poem Agapame 2 #Yum, art, love Dec 4th
Just A Smile Poem allets 4 Dec 4th
Living Words Poem Author_Lindsy_B 2 Inspirational Dec 4th
Shamed Communication Poem TheSkysMyWitness Dec 4th
An Eye For An Eye Poem humanpulse Dec 4th
MY BOUQUET OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 1 my bouquet of life Dec 4th
ASTRAL PROJECTION (AN ASTRAL JOURNEY) Poem heatherburns35 3 astral projetion Dec 4th
KNOWING YOU Poem heatherburns35 knowing you Dec 4th
HEATHERS SYMPHONY Poem heatherburns35 heathers symphony Dec 4th
OH THOSE THREADS Poem heatherburns35 ph those threads Dec 4th
RIDING THE WIND TOGETHER Poem heatherburns35 riding the wind together Dec 4th
WILL I FORGET YOU? Poem heatherburns35 will forget you Dec 4th
The Kingdom that was once upon an Instance mine Poem humanpulse Dec 4th
Hold you close Poem tjmonk15 enduring, love Dec 4th
Title field is required. Poem ADAPT 1 Dec 4th
wickets and wockets. Poem ADAPT Dec 4th
GET OUT Poem xX-RAZOR-Xx alone, break ups, cheets, death, dogs, feer, friends, hiding, Life, love gone, realationships, sad Dec 4th
i just dont know Poem amazingdizzy Dad Dec 4th
unconditional love Poem xX-RAZOR-Xx Dec 4th
Space Odyssey for two Poem SSmoothie 10 Love universe Dec 4th
The Wrong Claimant Poem truedreams Dark Dec 4th
Indecision Poem lillycheer12345 1 Dec 4th
CAN I FORGET YOU? Poem heatherburns35 can I forget you Dec 4th
Fallen Poem life_used_to_be... 2 Dec 4th
Ocean Grey Poem life_used_to_be... Dec 4th
Lost love. Poem lillycheer12345 Dec 4th
You Lose, Andrew Poem Gordon destruction, disaster, Hurricanes, storms, stormy weather, wind Dec 4th
The Alternative Poem forsakenkalika 4 Dec 4th
The Pain I Hide Poem Cleo 2 Dec 4th
Baby Lullaby Poem Cleo love Dec 4th
The Joke, was on Remy, and on Altair Poem sale7rad * Demons * dimension * Gods * realms * Ritual * Sacrifice * Space * stars, religion Dec 4th
All it took Poem wiccanwhite Dec 4th
The note, of a Sufi Poem sale7rad * Demons * dimension * Gods * realms * Ritual * Sacrifice * Space * stars, religion Dec 4th
Autumn Leaves Poem sale7rad desire, freedom, Hope, love Dec 4th
Cheap Whiskey in Bed Poem ashaumyan black coffee in bed, conman, drones, obama, Squeeze Dec 4th
Luna's Lunatic Poem Sanctified-Beast 1 conflict, Mania, Rage, Rubiyat Dec 4th
St.Nicolas and Krampus Poem blumentopf Dec 4th
Rumbling Menace Poem DoloRival Dec 4th
Wasted Time Poem wreckingball86 Life Dec 4th
Funny Times Poem DoloRival 1 Dec 4th
I Am Poem DoloRival Dec 4th
New State of Mind Poem DoloRival 1 Dec 4th
My Vision Poem DoloRival Dec 4th
your music Poem thevisibilitycloak Happiness, love, Music Dec 4th
I'm Supposed To Love You Poem ramonathompsont Dec 4th
A D.R.E.A.M Poem CaspertheUnfriendly bleh. Dec 4th
Prisoner of my Flesh Poem metaphorist 1 Dec 4th
Diagnosis: Enabler Poem battlepink 4 Dec 4th
Unwanted Speech Poem MajesticPoison Dec 4th
"goodbye" Poem AirAm Dec 4th
As lonq as u luv me Poem AirAm Dec 4th
homey*lover*frien Poem AirAm Dec 4th
love until the end Prose Roxy #tragedy #love #relationships #true love #romantic #romance #marrige Dec 4th
A NEW HORIZON Poem heatherburns35 a new horizon Dec 5th
Touch Poem RoC 2 Dec 5th
Conditions Poem wendysdownbythebay Dec 5th
Ex Is Tence Poem wlauren 2 #Injustice #me #you Dec 5th free. Poem dondont Dec 5th free. Poem dondont Dec 5th
Happiness Poem gummifroggie general unhappiness Dec 5th
sis Poem amazingdizzy big sister Dec 5th
Remember why Poem maxkat annoyingly long poem, flaws, look, love, Remember Dec 5th
Nebula Poem Sivus 1 love Dec 5th
Elevator Poem writinggirl93 Dec 5th
If Only You Could Say It Poem Silver__lining Dec 5th
I Fall With No One Around To Hear Poem Silver__lining Dec 5th
I'll Never Recover Poem Silver__lining Dec 5th
If I Ran My Course Poem Silver__lining Dec 5th
Never Neglect Your Passion Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Dec 5th
On the Other End Poem wlauren #Love #Him #Her #Together #Apart Dec 5th
UNDESTINED SOULMATE Poem yellowcabs Dec 5th
Clarity Poem Irockpoker Dec 5th
The limit Poem SSmoothie 3 Dec 5th
Lonely but not alone. Poem blackcat2 Lonely Dec 5th
Its Over Poem Cateyemania Dec 5th
On a Broken Road Poem Cateyemania Dec 5th
No Limit Poem Cateyemania Dec 5th
Lost and Found Poem RaveDave Dec 5th
Got a Problem Poem Cateyemania Dec 5th
Keep Fighting Poem Cateyemania Dec 5th
First Sight Poem Cateyemania Dec 5th
Lost Soul Poem xkellyxannx 1 lost alone forgotten Dec 5th
from protectors to parasites Poem oneinthegrave 2 Dec 5th
how can i trust you Poem zookies 2 Dec 5th
Don't Go Poem LDP76 Dec 5th
Do you remember Poem zookies Dec 5th
The pain i feel Poem zookies Dec 5th
Past Love Poem carlielepera 1 Dec 5th
Road Rage in The Burbs Poem battlepink 2 Dec 5th
Finding stillness Poem jade123 3 Dec 5th
Nightmare Poem Dark_Scorpion 2 Dark, imagination Dec 5th
At Rest In Death Valley Poem Sivus Dec 5th
Queen Nothing Poem ramonathompsont Dec 5th
Ingenuity Poem kiryuzero Human, insperational, science and truth Dec 5th
apology Poem zookies 1 Dec 5th
Fear Poem zookies Dec 5th
Whispers upon a morning breeze. Poem moog love, Passion, romance Dec 5th
VICTORIAN POVERTY CRIME AND SQUALOR. Poem moog CRIME, hardship, poverty, squalor Dec 5th
Naughty Queen Victoria. Poem moog 7 Dec 5th
Sinful Thought Poem Cleo 1 Dec 5th
Regretful Moments Poem Cleo 2 Dec 5th
DEUS reinventar = Poem SoulKritiC an atheists perspective Dec 5th
Bear and the Lady. (Part 1) Prose JEP-BEAR Dec 5th
THE ARTIST Poem IamWhoIam Dec 6th
TIME Poem IamWhoIam Dec 6th
BEAUTY IS IN THE DEEP Poem IamWhoIam Dec 6th
glimpse of sunshine Poem charlee.evans Dec 6th
'Til Love's End Poem Fallen_Cloud Sonnet Dec 6th
Technology Poem Fallen_Cloud Albert Einstein Dec 6th
Redemption In God’s Time Poem trumpet7 Dec 6th
Epigram On My Very First Poem Poem S74rw4rd Dec 6th
BEING ME Poem IamWhoIam Dec 6th
MOM Poem IamWhoIam 2 Dec 6th
No one knows? Poem AirAm Dec 6th
Blue Dream Poem AirAm Dec 6th
the Brink Poem bellafyre 7 dreams, love, melancholy, sacrafice Dec 6th
Nirvana Poem CaspertheUnfriendly Dec 6th
can not. will I Poem dondont sleep time can't Dec 6th
Poem #1 in memory of Dustin Poem writinggirl93 Dec 6th
December begin Poem nighthawk21 Dec 6th