Autumn Leaves

Love Poems

Feel, and become possessed, by ecstasy
Listen, and behold the truth, of reality
Strive, and reach the spires, of infinity
Struggle, and bleed out the pain, incessantly

Run with the horizon, let your heart beat, wildly
Through untold sacrifice, you will know, liberty
Tear obstacles apart, if that provides, tranquility
Dare yourself beyond, the illusions of, security

Through great suffering, you will grow, spiritually
Let fear run within you, put in you, uncertainty
For that is life, playing the strings of, chaotic harmony
Enflaming the passion, which calls for you, very fervently

Live your lives, breath in the breeze, of swaying serenity
Gaze and dive, into the details of, whimsical divinity
Imagine and dream, what seems to be, an impossibility
For it’s your purpose, to fully realize, your one identity

The dark may overcome, cast numbness, upon you mercilessly
It may consume, steer you astray from, the threads of sanity
Whereas a hope still shines, so brightly, eternally luminously
Cleansing all the senses, reviving awareness, so beautifully

You can't control where things fall, you’ll fail, miserably
It’s impossible to know where autumn leaves land, eventually
Only when you hit rock bottom, and your mind has space, to finally see
Will you let go of this cursed mask, and realize how freeing, light can be

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