Eating Lotus Flowers

Crocodiles eat butterflies like me for breakfast

You haunt me at the top 
Where I can see you outlined on wood 
Open your mouth to squawk at me 
Relentless as molasses 
An orchid that snapped wide shut 
Pellets on your brain 
Lettuce eats me for breakfast 
Guts wide open and skipping chest .
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No one to care about my feeling leads me to write my final note..

you left

im going to do it

the jerk i have been

how iv made your life misable

im sorry ... it wont happen again

your not willing to try for a second chance not at

a suiside not im writing to all

good bye my love... good bye family ... good bye everyone

im one less youll need on this plannet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ill do it .. if i wasnt soo scared :'(

suicidal thoughts....

The past few weeks had been hard on us

harder and harder

the bullying

the suffering


just the raw pain

the emotions going through my  head

caving in

im sorry ...

u wrote beutiful things always for me

loved me ...


Bam you ended us like that \

A stabb to the heart Shattering it to millions of peices

after everything... this

a bullet wound to me


i just want death

i deserve death, let me die, no one can help me now

no one...

moon light falls apon this earth

but i stay awake

im going to leave this world soon

i cant bare the pain of everything

the bullying this our break up its to much ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im sick of life ...


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Second chance no a new book

I wonder on why you did it

why u betray me

why u hurt my feeling for you

my heart shattered over the floor

my eyes balling for once teers of blood

You told him you liked him and held his hand

kept it secreat from me

I found out im in shock if anything

i will forgive
i find it hard i will forgive becasue your my one love
people make misakes tay

and you just made a silly one

im prepared to start a new book

throw the other one out forget the past

like nothing happened but it will be in my mind

you wont be talking to meny guys now

i cant let go of you im deeply in love

it may be stupid

but i am sure we can start a new page i cant not forgive you
i love you i really do
my passion every second of my life since i had you has been devoted to you

thinking of you

knowing you

caring and trusting you

i know its gonna be a long journy

a long one for us

but we will make it

make it for us no one else but us

i have nothing to hide noor dose you

this is it

a new book

fuck off the old and in with the new

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For I watch as she says things
things about herself
like shes not good enough
ugly, bad, a pain
she thinks this
it makes me worry
am i doing the right thing ?
am i there for her enough
i try to be
she gets soo upset
it brings her down
i worry
i worry
I Listen to her crys
I help her through the night
Theres nothing wrong with her
nothing at all
the things she says
is not true
but lies of inner thoughts
but they live in her
i worry
i worry
what if they take hold of her
bring her to a point of no return
a point of unforgivness
and she takes her life
ill try my best to stop it
ill try my best
i love her
i worry
i worry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sadness for this girl i love she brings herself down

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The only one for me

I hold her
gently not to tight
i love her touch
her love
shes my addiction
my connection to my soul,
my life is lives on becasue of her
she saved me
saved me from death
and brought my world from darkness
to the light, I cant stand to be away from you
its like a drought with no rain
longing to feel the sweet rain apon the dusty ground
For since i met her years ago
my heart has wanted her on the inside
now we stand together
standing forever
standing for the momories that will be created
all i know at the pressent moment is that
my mind cant stop thinking about her
all day , all night
no mater what
i love her
no mater what

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For tay <3

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Get out
I dont want You
I dont need you
Youve messed my head
one to meny times
Over and over You break my trust
and you you have done the worst
best friend lost
i want you gone
out of my life forever
youve interfered with my realationship
drove me to a point of no return
your evil soul should banish to hell
ur heart should sink
ur body shall crumble
you dont deserve ur place in my life
you dont even deserve her
thats right you dont deserve
deserve nothing
not even your life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My bestfriend no more