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I have been burned By Fire, scorched By Light, and Remade in Love :)

I've always been someone that marches to a different beat (like so many of you!!) this, as you know, has always set me apart from 'regular' life, something I was neither particularly fond of, or ready to imitate. And yet when Destiny called out to me, as she is known to do, she pulled on my heart strings, and I could not but follow to what would become the end of my life as the person I knew... I experienced for 5 long years, what it meant to truly live in fear, in oppression and in despair. Haunted by what I had seen, done and touched, in a world devoid of laws, humanity and self, I was lost for a time, in this back country world... and yet somehow, someway, light slipped through a crack, that became a beam, that became the sun as it filled me whole again. I came to life again, on Sept 21, 2012 of this year, after dieing in a far away land, all those years ago....

So i write now, because life lives in me again... my pain turned to joy, my suffering to understanding and my judgements to compassion. In the face of the greatest evil i have ever known, when I had nothing left for them to take from me, it was in that moment that I gave myself up to something greater than what I am... that something, that force that connects and binds us to all of life, brought me to my knees that day in September... a feeling of perfect peace, love and joy, transformed me, and today I laugh, I smile and I LIVE AGAIN!

If my writing or comments can show or say anything, let it be that we may always remember, that even in our darkest times, there is always a light peeking through. You have more Love and Support surrounding you than you know, or can even SEE! ;-) Yes, those Guardian Angels are REAL and they are with you too!


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still here, and still sparkling :)

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After spending 5 years in a dark room, there's nothing I LOVE more then waking up, greeting the day and doing my Yoga. It's invigorating and definitely part of what helped to save my sanity :) I love to meditate, go jogging or walking in nature, listening to music again "Welcome to Wherever you Are" sung by Bon Jovi is FANTASTIC! and a new passion i've picked up over the last year or so, MAKING WIRE/GEMSTONE JEWELRY!! and CHAIN-MAILE Can you say, Addicted!?!?

Please excuse my delays in any replies, as I have limited access to email :o)

Remember, You ARE the miracle!

PeeCe & LuV


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